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Lori Loughlin Lists Beautifully Renovated Bel Air Mansion for $35 Million (20 Photos)

I love U and L-shaped homes. Especially larger homes. Why?

I like the resulting courtyard with requisite pool of course.

Lori Loughlin’s Bel Air mansion is a beautifully renovated 12,000 square foot in large L-shape (possibly U-shape but it appears it’s a separate building). Regardless, it has a great courtyard pool and gardens.

Set on a golf course, this white walled, red Spanish tile roof home was completely renovated by Lori over the past 2 years. Check out the photos below and you’ll see she did a great job. You can tell the home has been around for a while yet the interior is a contemporary design. I really like it.

My favorite photo in this gallery is the aerial shot above (also displayed at bottom of the gallery below). In fact, I love aerial shots of estates because it’s neat to see how the home is configured and set in the grounds. This “compound” is definitely looking good from the air.

Big Profit?

Apparently, Lori purchased this home just 2 short years ago for approximately $14 million. She then did a pile of renovations. How much she spent on renovations is unknown, but while the interior and grounds are stunning, it’s likely she stands to earn an excellent profit on this purchase.

In fact, and I’m speculating here, she could very well earn more from this “flip” than she has acting (she starred in the Full House TV show, Fuller House and several TV movies). With a reported net worth of $6 million, that will likely increase significantly upon the sale of this home, assuming she gets close to ask.

What do I like about this home?

While more photos would help and unfortunately I never got the opportunity to tour this house, there’s plenty I like.

First, I love the courtyard with pool and gardens offering privacy, yet it’s clearly spacious.

Second, I like the minimalist, yet warm interior design throughout. Lori did a bang up job renovating this home.

Third, I love all the light throughout the home. It’s super bright and there are plenty of exit spots leading into the gorgeous grounds.

Finally, my favorite room is the living room. It’s clearly a formal living room, but looks super comfortable and casual.

Scroll down and enjoy this home. It’s not a gaudy, ostentatious home at all. It’s tastefully designed and is definitely an inspiration for any home seeking a contemporary interior.

Image source: Trulia

Image source: Trulia