Britney Spears Sells Her Gorgeous Southern California Mansion for $7 Million (31 Photos)

There’s a lot to like about Britney Spears’ former home in Thousand Oacks, California  (she just sold it for $7 million in February 2017).

I think it’s safe to say she didn’t sell this house because she needs the money given she’s earning an insane $475,000 PER SHOW ($1,000 per show less than Celine Dion) in Las Vegas where she’s performing her very popular “Britney: Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood. now estimates her net worth at $200 million.  Despite challenges in the past, at least she hasn’t blown all her money.  In fact, it appears she’s fairly savvy when it comes to monetizing her brand and her ability to perform.  Not only does she earn a lot of money from performing, but like other A-list celebs, she banks millions attaching her name to merchandise.

While she spends quite a bit of time in Las Vegas performing, she still maintains a home in Southern California. This home is the one she recently sold, but she bought a much bigger home in 2015.

About this home

Britney purchased this home for $6.744 million in 2012, she sold it recently for $7 million.  She didn’t make any money from the sale, but I don’t think that bothers her too much.  The home sits on 1.5 acres and is 8,456 square feet which is big, but nothing like her new 13,200 square foot palace in Thousand Oaks (same neck of the woods).

While I agree the exterior design is one that you either like or don’t like (I like it in hot climates where it makes sense), I think you’ll agree the interior is really nice.

Here’s what I like about this home (it’s a long list):

  • Kitchen:  A tad ornate for me, but overall, a real beauty.  I love that crisp white color scheme.
  • Living rooms: Notice I used plural.  Okay, one is arguably a family room, but both “living rooms” are fabulous. They’re huge and comfortable.  Both have tall ceilings with magnificent wood beams.
  • Offices:  Plural again, as in 2 nicely appointed home offices.  It’s interesting how different they look.  It’s definitely an effort to his and hers offices.
  • Patio and pool area:  The outdoor space is large; the patio goes on forever meandering around the pool with dazzling views of the mountains.
  • Media room:  I’m not a big media room guy, but the one in here, while too white, is a nice design.  It’s cozy but offers plenty of comfortable seating.
  • Master bedroom:  It’s large and nicely furnished.  It has a contemporary design, which I like. In fact, most of the home has a nice contemporary design.

The only space I’m not wild about is the foyer.  It’s too big and empty.  I think that space could have been put to better use.

Enough of my opinion.  Check out this estate below.

Image source: Trulia

Photo Gallery

Overall, what do you think?  Too big?  Too much of a Southern California cliche house (white with red Spanish tile roof)?  Too ornate?

Interestingly, I’ve seen photos of her new house and I think I prefer this one more.

Image source: Trulia

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