60 Living Rooms with a TV (Pictures)

Check out these 60 awesome formal living rooms with a TV. Most have wall-mounted televisions. They look great even though a living room. We have both a formal living room and family room.  We have a television in both; a 65" inch flat screen in our living room and a 32" flat screen in the family room.  
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Contemporary living room with wall-mounted TV and gas fireplace

We have both a formal living room and family room.  We have a television in both; a 65″ inch flat screen in our living room and a 32″ flat screen in the family room.

Traditionally, formal living rooms don’t have a TV.  The TV is reserved for  a more casual room such as family room or media room. However, these days with the growth of open concept living, the living room also serves as family room and so it’s more and more common to see a TV in the living room.

Moreover, another reason for the growth in popularity of putting a television in the living room is the current TV design which is flat and can be wall mounted.  This makes it much less prominent in the room and so it doesn’t detract from any formality you wish to create in the living space for company.

As you’ll see below, our gallery showcasing living rooms with televisions are gorgeous room designs that are indeed living rooms in the formal sense, yet they have a television (most are wall-mounted flat screens).

Photo Gallery

Designed by: Hacin + Associates

Source: Zillow

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Living room TV data chart

We analyzed 154,000 living rooms for TV data and discovered that 44% do not have a TV which means 56% do have a TV.  Here’s the breakdown:

Living room TV data chartPoll: Do you have a TV in your living room?

How big should your living room TV be?

I love big TV’s and when wall mounted, they’re out of the way so go big… 65″ plus.  Why not, right?  It may seem gargantuan at first, but trust me, you’ll love it in short order.

When our 65″ TV arrived, my wife and I thought it was ridiculously big; too big for the room.  However, within a week we now wonder how we ever watched the 32″ TV.

Wall-mounted vs. TV stand

We have our TV’s on stands and frankly it’s not idea.  It takes up space is really noticeable.  My wife and I would definitely prefer our living room TV be wall-mounted but we haven’t gotten around to it.

I strongly recommend mounting it on a wall unless you have a built-in cabinet system.

More than a TV

Today’s smart televisions are not only televisions, but they’re music centers and you can even surf the web on them. They can be your entertainment hub.  We often play music channels on it which pumps the sound through the connected Bose speaker system (sounds awesome).

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