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10 Living Rooms with Concrete Walls that Actually Look Amazing

Bare concrete as a living room isn’t on most people’s minds when choosing wall materials. It really isn’t but as you’ll see here, bare concrete can look really good in an array of living room styles.  

IMO, in order for concrete to work as a living room wall it really needs other warmer materials in the space such as wood. The above example by Obra Arquitetos showcases that perfectly.

In some cases, concrete is used as an accent wall, which can work very nicely; either on its own or as a backdrop for art.

If you’re considering bare concrete for your living room walls, check out the examples below.

1. The Concrete Accent Wall

Our first example is a concrete wall serving as a backdrop for a Stuv America wood-burning stove.  This is a terrific example of a concrete wall serving as an accent wall in an interesting rustic/industrial combo interior.  The porous concrete wall offers an interesting textured wall behind the state-of-the-art wood-burning stove.

2. Concrete Wall Among a Sea of Wood

Next is a vast home that incorporates concrete interiors by Obra Arquitetos in their incredible CR House.  The massive ceiling si a warm wood that contrasts nicely with the cool concrete wall serving as the main living room wall in an otherwise massive open concept indoor/outdoor home.

3. Soaring Bare Concrete Wall

Our third example is also by famed Obra Arquitetos in their LLM House which is also a massive open-concept home incorporating a perfect mix of concrete and wood interiors. Once again, the concrete living room wall serves as one large wall offset by the warm wood flooring and furniture.  Interestingly, the concrete wall is “rough” with seams and holes exposed creating a more textured concrete wall (already a textured material).

4. Concrete in a Modern Chalet Style Home

The next example is the use of concrete in a modern chalet style house.  The bare concrete runs the length of an entire wall for the great room space.  A brilliant touch in this interior is the bright red sofa which adds the much needed splash of color among concrete and dark grey furniture and cabinets. This home was designed by atelier SAD.

5. Concrete and Glass Wall in Spacious Living Room

Here’s Obra Arquitetos again with concrete interiors throughout including the flooring and the wall.  This time it’s balanced with glossy white materials and glass which is a very interesting, but effective combination with the concrete.

6. Borderline Brutalist Living Room with Concrete Walls and Ceilings

Next up is a concrete living room by one of my favorite architects, SAOTA.  This one room in this expansive house is mostly concrete. I encourage you to check out the rest of the house which is more moderate in its use of concrete but without question, concrete is a common material throughout.

7. Concrete Art Display Wall in Massive Living Room Surrounded by Glass

Another example of a concrete wall serving as an accent wall but this time it’s the background for a large artwork. It’s a stunning effect especially with the massive windows and extensive use of wood.  I absolutely love this interior design by Alexis Dornier in the iconic River House.

8. Mostly Concrete Interior Home

This largely concrete interior house is by none other than Obra Arquitetos,  Not only is the living room wall concrete the kitchen island is all concrete (very interesting and I actually like the look of it). Notice the ceiling is also made up of concrete slabs.  This example offers the most extensive use of concrete as an interior material showcased in this article.

9. Concrete Living Room Wall Adjacent to Warm Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Kitchen Cabinetry in Open Concept Space

You hardly notice the concrete wall in this design but you can see it behind the matching concrete color sectional sofa which is nicely offset with a warm brown area rug and light wood furniture.  This interior by FGR Architects in their project titled “The Courtyard Residence” did a terrific job balancing extensive use of concrete with a warm wood.  

10. Industrial-Style Living Room with Concrete, Metal and Wood

This example is also by Obra Arquitetos in their JJ House project which is an industrial interior combining concrete (one massive concrete wall, ceiling and concrete steps leading into the living room), wood (floor) and metal (railings).  It’s a fabulous combination of very different materials that make for an effective industrial bunker-style room.