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Innovative Industrial-Style Apartment Designed by SuperLimão

This renovated 1961 apartment brilliantly combines a retro 50s look with an industrial style in a project designed by SuperLimão Studio. It’s a stunning testament to their mission to break the pre-existing molds in design for a complete and immersive experience.

Capturing the Era

The designers did an excellent job of capturing the feel and style of the era with granite floors and concrete walls. But the space doesn’t feel cold or uninviting. Rather it sparks interest with exposed steel pipes, beams, and electrical installations. You feel like a part of the creative process.

The granite floors give the apartment a welcome natural feeling juxtaposed against the material look of the concrete and steel.

SuperLimão Studio paid close attention to the smaller details that have a big impact such as the placement of vintage radios and retro rotary dial phones in the apartment. It has a 50s feel without feeling dated or out of place. Everything works where it is placed.

Exploring the Rooms

The entire apartment includes several unexpected but attractive features including:

  • Exposed electrical and telephone installations
  • Minimalist design
  • Steel pipes to cover cables and electrical cords
  • Complementary color scheme

The bedroom has a classy feel with its palette of neutral colors. The use of grays and blues in the bedding, lighting, and window treatments ties the whole design together. The exposed pipes are just at home in the room as any other design element.

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The kitchen is sure to capture your attention with its open cabinets in colors reminiscent of Fiestaware dishes from the 1950s. The mix of striking teal with lime green and tangerine is a visual treat. Even the placement of the cubes in an asymmetric pattern adds interest.

The black countertop acts as a focal point in the room. Stainless steel appliances and the exhaust fan above the stove fit in perfectly with the burst of colors and provide an excellent complement. Window treatments consist of white screens that provide just enough light.

The bright colors also make their way into the laundry room with green cabinets alongside stainless steel appliances like the kitchen.

The living room features concrete walls offset by white-painted ones opposite them. Exposed overhead beams give the room an open feel that adds warmth and spaciousness to the design. Steel pipes line the perimeter of the room near the ceiling with regularly spaced vertical counterparts.

The library, like other rooms in the apartment, has white walls that make the room feel larger. Steel bookcases match the industrial look of other elements in the room.

Some of the exposed steel pipes and electrical installations throughout the space are not perfectly straight. It gives the apartment a fun, quirky feel.

Despite its ultra modern design, this apartment has a welcoming feel about it that draws you into the space. The exposed pipes don’t detract from it at all, but add interest in an innovative way that is the hallmark of SuperLimão Studio.

Design by SuperLimão Studio

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