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Shane Smith Rents Out $3.8M Pacific Palisades Home For $17.5K A Month

VICE magazine co-founder, Shane Smith, rents out his $3.8M Pacific Palisades home for $17.5K a month. A luxurious modern piece of art right at the warm and sunny state of California.

Known as VICE magazine creator and journalist, Shane Smith has taken the news platform entertainment group to new heights as the magazine company is now valued at more than $2.5 billion.

Even though VICE has already become a billion dollar company, it is still foreseen to experience a large growth especially since Shane Smith aims for the magazine to become “the next MTV, ESPN and CNN rolled into one.”

Today, VICE has become a global company that operates at 30 different countries. This is why it is no question Shane Smith is more and more able to enjoy the lux life. In fact, aside from his luxurious Pacific Palisades home, he also has an apartment in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood.

Details about the Rental

Smith bought his Pacific Palisades home back in 2016 for exactly $3.825M. It is a luxurious home with a contemporary design, and you can experience every bit of it for $17.5K per month.

He has a modern ranch style home that also has a bit of a rustic touch to it. The house itself is made with entirely natural and organic materials that give it a comfortable and luxurious feel.

Its interiors are filled with large windows that can let it just enough natural light. The house is even made with hardwood floors accompanied with white and earthy tones that brings out the house’s natural feel.

Smith’s home is proven to be quite spacious and balanced. It lies in an extremely private estate that reaches up to 2615 square feet. It was originally built to have 3 bedrooms, but has been transformed to become highly accommodating of families with its current 5-bedroom, 4-bath capacity.

The house also boasts a potential guest room that can either be converted into a home gym or a home office. Smith even has his own “tree top” primary suite at the second level of his house. In that suite you will find scenic views of the canyons as well as Pacific Palisade’s stunning luxurious environment.

What I Love About This House

  • The interior’s light and earthy color tones bring out a calming and balanced vibe.
  • The backyard has the perfect level of rusticness and modernism.
  • The living area has large windows and retractable glass doors that let in the perfect amount of natural light.
  • The potential guest room can be used as a personal gym or a spacious home office.
  • The kitchen is filled with natural elements like wooden floors, cabinets, counters and windows, all of which have metal handles, and light-colored stone countertops.
  • The view from the “tree top” primary suite shows the luscious green scenery that Pacific Palisades is known for.

Below is the full photo gallery of Shane Smith’s home.

Image source: Trulia.

 Image source: Trulia.

Map of Neighborhood

Here’s a map of the neighborhood in Pacific Palisades, California :

Image source: Google Maps

Net Worth

With VICE being valued at around $5.7B today, co-founder, Shane Smith is now estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.3B.