100+ Home Offices with Hardwood Floors (Photos)

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Home office with wood flooring

If you follow our website, you’ve probably realized we like to cover home offices.  We have our massive gallery as well as our informative article setting out the types of home offices.

We also feature galleries and furniture options as well.

What is the most popular home office floor type?

Hardwood flooring is the most popular home office flooring.  Based on our analysis of 34,930 home offices, 68.7% of home offices have hardwood flooring.  That said, a good number of those home offices have a rug.

Carpet is a distant second with 20.5% of home offices having carpet flooring.

Hardwood for many rooms of the home such as kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and home offices is the most popular floor choice.  We set out the benefits here.

Below is our photo gallery which features many styles, sizes, colors and furniture (i.e. desks, chairs and storage) all having hardwood floor.

Photo Gallery

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The home office features green walls and seats along with a hardwood flooring and a stylish rug.

The home office is located on the rooftop of the house featuring hardwood built and glass windows.

The property also has a simple office space with elegant window curtains. Photo by Adam Letch / Architecture by Rys Architects / Interior design by ARRCC and Rys Architects / Lighting design by Lux Populi / Landscaping by Cracknell

Photo Credit: Adam Letch

Designed by: SAOTA

Floor Options by Percentage?

Here’s a chart setting out the types of flooring used in home offices by percentage (based on 34,930 home offices):

Here are the exact percentages:

Rug or No Rug?

My home office has carpet, so this question doesn’t pertain to me.  Personally, if I had hardwood in my office, I’d look into a large rug to place under the desk which extends in front of the desk.  The reason for this is I like to work in bare feet and the cold hardwood floor isn’t so comfortable.  I also think a rug adds a nice design touch.

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