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What is a Flush Mount Sink? Benefits? Worth It?

Collage photo of a flush mount sink.

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’re looking for the most stylish version possible for your sink updates! In a previous article, we discussed the under mount sink, and here we’re going to further explore this incredibly coveted style. You’ll most likely find this gorgeous specimen in a professional kitchen or in your mother in law’s guest bathroom. (This sink will enhance your clout, guaranteed.)

Flush Mount Sink

How it’s Made

The flush mount sink is also known as the integrated sink, which helps clarify how they’re actually made. This style of sink is when the countertop and sink are made from the same material, and with a seamless edge (as if God floated down and decided that sir, today you are getting the classiest kitchen sink known to man).

Contrary to popular belief, the countertop and sink are manufactured separately, then seamlessly welded together. The most affordable option is stainless steel, and this is what is found in professional kitchens, but the real classy folks get them made with anything; from marble to quartz to granite. 

A bright kitchen with a white kitchen island that houses the flush mount sink.


This is a sink that cannot be installed by yourself unless you’re already a welder or plumber or renovator! These are completely custom made and cannot be found at your regular home and hardware store.

A professional will need to come to your home and take measurements, where you will also pick your desired countertop and sink material. (Check out some other lovely bathroom sink types here.) Reparations should also be completed by a professional, or the original designer if possible.


The flush mount sink is simply gorgeous. The seamless and uniform flow from countertop to sink basin is completely unbeatable, and on top of that makes for the easiest cleanup. If you have an area where there is a slight dip in the countertop before the sink basin, you can use your pull-out-spray nozzle and spray the mess away.

There’s absolutely no chance of mold build up under your sink due to no sneak nooks and crannies. The flush mount sink is ergonomic and saves a ton of space, and there are endless options as to where to place your faucets.

A dark flush mount sink on a dark countertop.


A couple of cons to the flush mount sink are that there are only specific materials that can be used to make one. They also cannot be bought off the shelf and are only made for a custom order, making them more expensive. If the sink is ever damaged, the repairs can also be complicated, resulting in you being unable to use your entire counter and sink for the time needed for reparations.

The costs of this will also be significant.


As previously mentioned, this is going to be the most expensive style of the sink on the market. You can be very deliberate with who you decide to hire to design your new sink, and it’s a great opportunity for creativity! Check out your local area to find and support a designer in your town!

This is a look at the black flush mount kitchen sink that stands out on the white countertop.


What does flush mount sink mean?

This isn’t a super obvious title, so don’t worry about not getting it! The term “flush” is in reference to the material of the countertop and sink. It is one seamless flush of material where the is no variance in material or visible edge from the countertop to the water basin.

How do I install a flush mount sink?

It is recommended to have this done by a professional,  as it’s the most complicated option of the sink. The countertop and sink all end up being one giant unit, which is a task that will prove to be exceedingly difficult for an amateur renovator.

Are flush mount sinks expensive?

Yes, they are the most expensive option as they can only be custom ordered.

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