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Does a Kitchen Island that Matches the Floor Look Bad?

Kitchen with wooden island and a matching hardwood floor.

After retiring from the classroom as an elementary teacher, I became a full-time homemaker with the focal point of my home being the kitchen.  I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning.  I enjoy the contrasting colors of the cabinets and the center island with the wood kitchen floor

For my taste, the matching island and wood kitchen floor does look bad.  I feel that a center island that does not match the kitchen floor has a certain amount of visual appeal.   My personal opinion is that an island that matches the kitchen floor looks dull and boring. 

Kitchen with black subway tile backsplash, white cabinetry, and a wooden island.

In an article published in Designing Idea, it stated that “Matching the kitchen island with wood flooring… creates continuity and a smooth transition between the finishes.” I am not in support of this statement. The kitchen will not have the appearance of being cozy and warm.  

A dark wood floor and a dark wood center island can be drab even with countertops that are either solid or multi-colored. Coordinating the floor and cabinetry will create a space that is cohesive and attractive.  Blending the colors of the floor and the island allows for a variety of choices for a color scheme. 

The choice can be two dominant colors to compliment the floor and the island, and one color as an accent color.

Kitchen with dark wood cabinetry that contrasts the light hardwood flooring.

This shows a color-coordinated kitchen island in dark wood and a light-colored floor with corresponding accent colors that make the island stand out. The rich dark color of the island would not be the color of the floor I would want in my kitchen.  It should be a perfect contrast that gives the opportunity to change accent colors in the kitchen when preferable. 

A lighter-colored island would go well with a light-colored wood floor that is not exactly the same color.  This, along with some additional contrast between the two colors, would greatly enhance the decor of the kitchen.  

Kitchen with white island over the light wood flooring.

The picture above shows a white island with a very, almost white, light-colored floor.  There is not enough contrast between the two, almost matching finishes, but there is some contrast.  While pondering whether the kitchen floor and the center island should match, I searched for some suggestions online. 

In my research, I came across an article with the following phrase,  “…many of us struggle with this problem when renovating or remodeling a space.  So, this being said, should these two match or not?  The answer to this question is something you have to come up with on your own. 

It’s simply a matter of preference and style.” Now, this statement makes perfect sense to me.  I can totally agree that whether or not the kitchen floor and the island should match is entirely my preference and that of anyone faced with that decision. 

Kitchen with beamed ceiling, a natural wood island, and wide plank flooring.

A lot can be done with different colors in the kitchen.  Wood floors in the kitchen are becoming very popular, but I do not want a hardwood kitchen floor even if I had the center island made of hardwood material.  I want to have several options when it comes to decorating the kitchen. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to have two dominant colors, and one accent, although that can be done with matching floor and island also.

Kitchen with white cabinets and multicolored island.

If I were building a home, renovating a home, or remodeling a home, my choice for the kitchen would be colorful from flooring to cabinets, and they would not match the floor.  Of course, I can see a light hardwood floor in the kitchen as seen on television, but these floors, most often, do not always have islands the same color. 

The room has decorative colors that bring the floor and the island together.  Matching the floor and the island does not necessarily mean having them the same color. 

I would match the wood floor with an island in a color that could also bring continuity to the room.  Dark wood or light wood, I want the island to blend in, and not fade in as it would if it was the same color to match the floor, which would look bad to me.  Whatever the color of the floor might be, I would have the island either darker or lighter so that it would give the best blend before adding contrasting colors. 

I want to create an awesome focal point in my kitchen.  When I walk into the room, I do not want to see a blur of one color, I want to see spectacular, eye-catching beauty characterized by the excellence in which things are proportioned and colorized in the kitchen.  This means that the matching color of the floor and island is a bad look for me. 

Kitchen with contrasting black and white cabinets, an island, and light hardwood flooring.

I want my colors to match by the way they complement and are a composite mix of each other.  To me, the idea of a hardwood floor, in any of a variety of colors and stains, and a center island in the kitchen is the same is not a good style.  There has to be some variance between the two. 

In researching the websites of many home decor stores, I have yet to see a dark wood kitchen floor matched with a dark wood center island.  So, as my opinion may not be that of the overwhelming majority, it has to be among the top percentage of people who spend most of their time in the kitchen.