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The Creative Courtyard House by De Rosee Sa

The creative designers at De Rosee Sa replaced a garage with a bright and beautiful Courtyard House. A perfect home with a modern feel.

The creative designers at De Rosee Sa replaced a garage with a bright and beautiful Courtyard House.

The location for this intuitive project is located West London, England. It’s an award winning design. The Courtyard House won the New London Awards – Built Home Winner 2017 award.

Before this location was a home, it was simply a garage in a narrow space. On one side of the garage is a terraced garden and on the other side, there is a row of 16 other garages. Due to planning restrictions, the architects could only have one story above the ground for this project. To combat this, they built a basement to add extra room to the narrow space.

Utilizing Natural Light

If it were not for the basement, it would have been too difficult to have a spacious two-bedroom home. The only problem with the basement is that there was no room for any windows. Furthermore, they couldn’t put windows on the boundary wall of the main level either.

The design team came up with a solution for this problem. They installed two atriums that bring light into the courtyard space. Natural light comes in and beautifully illuminates the entire residence.

They used steel and glass for the atrium and courtyard doors. The doors are Crittall style, which works perfectly for the overall theme and feel of the home.

The Perfect Home

Now that the architects came up with a solution for lighting the space, the residents have everything they need in their unique West London home.

As they pass through the courtyard, they have access to their small and functional rooms. There is a cloakroom, office, and utility closet.

They have a bright and spacious kitchen and dining area, which is ideal for family dinners and hosting guests. With tall ceilings and white paint surrounding the walls of the home, it has a beautiful modern feel.

It’s a creative way to live in a narrow space located in a beautiful city neighborhood. The layout and location of the home are also extremely private. The only way to gain access to the home is on the front, which is protected by a garage door.

The wood used on the garage door is also used on the front end of the house. It’s a subtle touch that represents what the location once was.

Overall, the West London Courtyard House is a bright, beautiful, and creative living space for its residents.

Design by De Rosee Sa

Design by De Rosee Sa