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Cedar Wood vs. Walnut Wood (Furniture, Flooring, and Cabinets)

Wooden desk topped with wood working tools and wood shavings.

All wood projects are different, and all projects require different characteristics from the wood used.  Whether it is furniture, flooring, or cabinets, each one requires a special kind of wood, depending on the need of the person using it.  We will be looking at Cedarwood and Walnut wood. 

Cedarwood is one of the most durable woods, withstanding the harshest condition in an almost unnatural way.  Cedarwood can last for decades and does not require much maintenance.  Walnut wood comes in different types; they are hardwood, but they require treatment to withstand deterioration.  

Considering all the characteristics of Cedarwood and Maple wood, we will be looking at their uses in specifically furniture, flooring, and cabinets.  We will be comparing the two kinds of wood and their uses in the different projects. 

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Can Cedar Wood Be Used for Furniture? 

A couple of cedar wood armchairs and a coffee table on the lush lawn.

Cedarwood is considered softwood, and this means that it dents easily.  It is not considered a good wood for indoor furniture, but it is surprisingly good for outdoor furniture. Cedarwood has a natural characteristic that gives it its unique smell and helps it withstand the elements when it is outside. 

Although it is not considered the best wood for indoor furniture, Cedarwood can be used for furniture that does not have high-traffic use, for instance, a table for ornaments. It is not the perfect pick for indoor high-traffic use because it dents so quickly when used often, giving it a worn-down and used look. 

Cedarwood is perfect for outdoor furniture thanks to its natural resistance to outside forces due to its natural compound also giving it its distinct smell.  This natural resistance can help the wood last for a long time despite the elements.  It also gives furniture a more traditional look thanks to the roughness it has when it is finished. 

Can Walnut Wood be Used for Furniture? 

Close-up look at a wooden table made from walnut wood.

Walnut wood is often chosen for office furniture and formal furniture because of the hardness of the wood and the executive appearance of the wood.  Walnut wood has a smooth finish, and it is often stained a little darker or natural to compliment the natural dark color of the wood. 

The wood is complex, but it is also bendy, making it easy to work with.  The hardness of the wood also allows for constant use of the furniture, and with the proper treatment of the wood, furniture pieces will last a long time.  Because the wood is hard, it will readily take to any treatment and will not need a lot of maintenance. 

The Walnut wood color will get lighter over time, especially when it is exposed to indirect sunlight, highlighting the furniture and giving it a softer look. 

While both Cedar and Walnut wood can be used for furniture, it is clear that Cedar is the overall best choice for outside furniture, while Walnut wood will be best suited for inside.  Cedarwood will give the furniture a rustic look and can be used for indoor furniture with low-traffic pieces. 

Can Cedar Wood be Used for Flooring? 

Close-up look at a cedar wood plank flooring.

Cedar Wood is softwood and is not recommended as flooring with heavy activity; however, it can be used in rooms like cellars or spare bedrooms.   Because of the smell the wood emits, many people enjoy using it as the flooring for their bedrooms, though it can also affect people with allergies. 

Cedarwood has a beautiful color that will give the flooring a rustic and traditional look. 

Cedarwood is easy to install, thanks to its softness.  It can also be repaired when scratched or dented by sanding it down, making the maintenance process easy. 

Can Walnut Wood be Used for Flooring? 

Walnut wood plank flooring with natural grains.

Most Walnut species of wood offer a dark color, and it is a tough wood.  The hardness of the wood will be perfect for flooring with high traffic, but at the same time, hardwood like Walnut wood is challenging to work with. 

The hardness of the wood makes it difficult to saw and sand.  Due to this reason, the price for installing Walnut floors will be significantly higher.  The price will be worth it in the long run as the floors will last for years and will not dent or scratch easily. 

The Walnut wood color will give the room a more modern and clean-finish look that will provide sophistication and class to the room.  The graining of the wood is beautiful and will complement any room. 

Cedar and Walnut wood can both be used for flooring.  Cedarwood is easy to install and treat, but it will not last long in rooms with heavy foot traffic.  Walnut wood is more challenging to install but will last a long time and can be seen as an investment in flooring. 

Can Cedar Wood be Used for Cabinets? 

Close-up of cedar wood cabinet with wrought iron handles.

There are many characteristics of Cedarwood that make it perfect for cabinet use.  Because the wood is soft, it is easy to work with, easy to maintain and restore, and easy to treat.  It takes well to paint and treatment and can be susceptible to delicate carving.

Another characteristic that makes this wood perfect is the rustic finish it has.  If a traditional kitchen or bathroom is your style, this wood will compliment your theme.  The roughness of the wood will also make it perfect for outdoor cabinets. 

Can Walnut Wood be Used for Cabinets? 

Spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a breakfast bar, and dark walnut wood cabinetry.

Walnut wood has a rich dark color and a specific hardness that makes it perfect for cabinets.  It is durable and does not dent easily.  The cabinets will last an extremely long time and are shock-resistant. 

It gives the cabinet a more modern look and will work perfectly for the kitchen, bathroom, or even office.  The wood can carry heavyweights that will assist in heavy traffic places like the kitchen of a restaurant. 

For cabinets, both Walnut and Cedarwood are a good choice depending on the style and look.  Cedarwood is the best choice for a more rustic look, while Walnut wood will give the room a soft and elegant finish.  It should also be noted that Walnut wood will withstand the test of time, and Cedarwood can be easily sanded down when it is damaged. 


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