Burl Ives’ House in Montecito, CA (Listed for $16.98 Million)

World-renowned balladeer Burl Ives' Southern California home is now on the market for $16.98 million. The Montecito estate features a number of amenities, including a pool and a stable, and is surrounded by lush landscaping. The upstairs balcony boasts a beautiful view sweeping from the property to the Pacific.

This is a nighttime view of the house with multiple glowing windows and balconies from the interior lights. These are then complemented by the surrounding landscape of tall tropical trees and grass lawn. Image courtesy of

Burl Ives was a well-known balladeer from the 1950s and was known to have mastered a memorized well over 3,000 traditional ballads in his lifetime. His Southern California home, which was built in 1917 and purchased by Ives and his wife in 1974, is now on the market for $16.98 million.

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The main house alone comes in at 8,500 square feet, with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Surrounded by lush landscaping, the house is comfortable and inviting. Inside, light colors and myriad windows bring in lots of light and lend a soft, spacious feel. Each room is slightly different, but they all come together cohesively to make up an overall calming place to stop and rest.

Though from humble beginnings in rural Illinois, Burl Ives went on to release multiple hit recordings and appear numerous times on television. He was also featured in Broadway shows and in movies, eventually reining in an Oscar win.

In his early life, he would sing at local gatherings. After walking out on a teaching path, he hit the road hitchhiking, singing, and playing the banjo wherever he could along the way to earn food and a place to sleep. Over time, he began to build the folk music repertoire that eventually launched him into the mainstream of music. He later appeared with other popular singers, had moments on Broadway, and was featured in dozens of films and television shows apart from his independent career that resulted in many hit recordings.

His estate in Montecito sits on 4.5 acres of lush Southern California landscaping, fresh with private gardens. The main house is 8,500 square feet and features all of the formal rooms on the property, as well as five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a conservatory, and a den. The second level boasts a large balcony with stunning views the stretch from the well-kept grounds out to the Pacific Ocean. The primary suite features beautiful French doors that open the suite up to the light, a fireplace, a large bathroom, and two walk-in closets.

The kitchen — a large chef’s kitchen — also features broad windows and is just steps away from several terraces. These spaces are perfect for both intimate and large-scale entertaining, as they are shaded by several beautiful oaks on the property.

Much of the house has muted hardwood floors and light-colored walls, letting light flow freely. The main exception is the chef’s kitchen, where beautiful stone flooring gives a more rustic feel and makes for easy entertaining inside the house, outside on the terrace, or a mix of both.

Beyond the main house, the estate is also home to a 2,500-square-foot private guest house. Farther out on the property is a beautiful 80-foot pool that features its own gorgeous dolphin statue, an outdoor spa sheltered by a gazebo, a private putting green, and a four-car garage. One of the more unique features is stable, which opens to riding trails laced through the property.

The estate sits in a coveted neighborhood in beautiful Montecito, California, and is now on the market for $16.98 million.