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35 Bathroom Layout Ideas (Floor Plans to Get the Most Out of the Space)

Photo collage bathroom ideas with layouts.
Creating the right bathroom is challenging. You are often working with limited space, and you must take into account all plumbing concerns – but having the right bathroom is essential. If you buy a house that is great in every way except for the bathroom, that leaves a significant loose end.
Every morning you’ll begin your day stepping into a shower you feel just isn’t quite right, or you’ll find yourself fighting over sink and counter space with your spouse. Make sure you have a bathroom that works for you and meets your needs.

Corner Hexagon

Corner hexagon bathroom layout ideas.

This corner, hexagon-style, layout provides for tremendous efficiency in how it uses space. The door opens to an open plan allowing for a nice flow within a smaller space. The design includes a standup shower off to the right.

The sink is in the center of the room and aligns with the door. The plan provides plenty of counter space. The toilet is off to the left in this design separated from the shower area.

Classic Primary Bathroom

Classic primary bathroom layout ideas.

This layout is a perfect option for a primary bedroom design. Square shaped, this plan is ideal for couples sharing a bathroom. It includes dual sinks allowing for plenty of counter space in the morning. A stand-alone shower is to the right.

The bathtub and toilet are located along the left side of the plan, separated from the sinks and shower, providing some level of privacy.

Shared Bathroom Design

Shared bathroom design layout ideas.

With two entryways, this bathroom design provides numerous options for those looking for a shared bathroom plan. For example, it’s a great option for a hallway location that also connects to a bedroom. Another option is for a bathroom location that connects to two bedrooms.

The layout includes two sinks, which are perfect for a shared bathroom. A sliding door leads to the toilet and bathtub, allowing for a degree of privacy.

Quaint Bathroom for Couples

Quaint bathroom for couples design layout ideas.

This design layout delivers a bit of luxury among its amenities. The plan includes a large shower for two. Another great feature in this layout is the inclusion of a bidet next to the toilet.

A wall and sliding glass door separates the sink and entryway portion of the bathroom, which also includes the bathtub.

A Touch of Luxury

A touch of luxury bathroom design layout ideas.

This bathroom plan begins with an entryway in the center of the room, creating a spacious feeling. It leads right into a large, raised jacuzzi style tub. To the left of the jacuzzi tub is a two-person standup shower space.

To the right of the entryway is an enclosed area for the toilet. The floor plan includes two sinks and plenty of counter space – great for couples looking for a little extra room.

Perfect Primary Bathroom

Perfect primary bathroom design layout ideas.

This floor plan is a perfect option for a bathroom that connects to the primary bedroom. The entryway area includes two sinks and the toilet separated from the rest of the bathroom by a sliding door. The open floor plan creates a nice flow, with the amenities located along the walls.

It provides plenty of space for a shared bathroom and also plenty of privacy. On the other side of the sliding glass door are a two-person shower and large bathtub.

Corner Design Provides Plenty of Space

Corner design bathroom layout ideas.

A great corner design, this sweeping plan uniquely provides plenty of privacy and amenities. A sliding door separates the toilet from the rest of the room and the entryway. Although this plan includes two sinks, the sinks are apart – separated by a standup shower.

This design provides a bit more privacy for each person sharing the bathroom, and the ability for each to truly have their own space. Capping things off is an elevated tub located to the left of the entrance.

Dual Walk-in Closets Create Space

Dual walk-in closets bathroom layout ideas.

This bathroom design is somewhat unique. The floor plan creates plenty of peripheral space and includes two walk-in closets. The main amenities are located near the center of the room, creating a circular traffic flow to the layout.

The dual sinks back up to the standup shower and a bathtub. The toilet is nestled in a corner around the right wall from the entryway. The design provides some exciting options to a couple looking for some additional closet space.

Spacious Design

Spacious design bathroom layout ideas.

This layout is somewhat rectangular and provides an interesting layout. It is a spacious bathroom design that begins with a centrally placed entryway. To the left is a separate room that includes the toilet as well as a bidet.

The center of this layout includes tons of counter space. To the right of the entryway is the bathtub and a spacious two-person shower. If you are looking for a bathroom that avoids any feeling that things are cramped, this is a terrific choice.

L-Shaped Plan

L-shaped plan bathroom layout ideas.

This L-Shaped bathroom floor plan provides some great options for counter and closet space. This spacious plan separates the typical bathroom amenities, creating the feeling of two rooms rather than one. The sink, toilet, and bathtub are all separated from the entryway section of this floor plan creating a pleasant sense of privacy.

Great Bathroom in a Tight Space

Great bathroom in a tight space design layout ideas.

This bathroom design features an entry room with two walk-in closets. A sliding door leads to the main bathroom with a toilet, sink, and bathtub. This layout is a terrific way to add in some closet space to a home and makes very efficient use of space in tighter quarters.

It also allows for some variety in flooring for the walk-in closet section.

A Step Above Standard

A step above standard bathroom layout ideas.

A rectangle floor plan that includes a walk-in closet area; this layout is a step above the standard bathroom floor plan. In the main bathroom area, there are two separate private sink areas. The advantages of this allow two people sharing the bathroom to have an individual sink.

Across from one sink is the bathtub. The other sink is adjacent to the toilet and a shower.

Great Choice for a Hallway Bathroom

Hallway bathroom design layout ideas.

The entryway leads directly to a large walk-in closet, a nice feature in a bathroom design that can add overall closet space if needed. The layout also features a bathtub and shower, toilet, and sink – an excellent option for a hallway bathroom or a shared bathroom. The walk-in closet is perfect for linens or towels.

Practical Plan

Practical plan bathroom layout ideas.

This simple, straightforward layout provides a wonderful use of space. It packs a full bathroom into a confined area, and the design is a good option for a hallway or a shared bathroom. The plan includes space for storage – towels and linens.

It also includes standard bathroom amenities, including a sink, toilet, and a bathtub and shower.

A Cozy Layout

A cozy layout bathroom design ideas.

This cozy layout packs a lot into a small area but still offers an element of privacy. The entryway opens to a bathroom sink, and located to the left along the wall is the bathtub. To the right is a doorway leading to a second room that includes the toilet, a bidet, and a walk-in linen closet.

There are a variety of flooring options beyond typical bathroom tile because the toilet area is separated from the rest of the bathroom.

Perfect for Kids

Perfect for kids bathroom layout ideas.

This layout is a great option for a hallway or a children’s bathroom. It is a straightforward design that makes excellent use of space. The entryway area includes a walk-in, convenient linen closet, and a sink.

When you are giving the kids a bath you want to have quick access to towels and other items you might need. This layout provides that quick access. The main bathroom area has a toilet and a shower and a bathtub.

Style in a Tight Space

Style in a tight space bathroom layout ideas.

This compact bathroom design provides some style in tight space. The centerpiece of this layout is the free-standing tub, a spectacular option that can spruce up any bathroom. The tub is sectioned off from the rest of the bathroom, which includes a sink and toilet.

The entryway also includes space for storage or a closet. A great bathroom design that provides for some nice amenities in a fairly small, typical space.

Layout Provides Privacy and Amenities

Layout provides privacy and amenities.

A great design for a smaller space, this square layout provides some nice amenities in a tight area. The toilet is located off to the side in one corner behind a privacy door. Across from it is the walk-in shower.

Next to the shower are two sinks. The far wall includes the bathtub. This plan has everything you want in a bathroom packed into fairly tight quarters but with a layout that flows and works.

Terrific Bathroom for Couples

Terrific bathroom for couples design ideas.

A terrific bathroom for couples, this layout begins with two large walk-in closets. A door leads to the main bathroom area. The layout has two separate sinks along different walls, allowing each person to have their space for toiletries.

Beyond one sink is a bathtub with a shower. Across directly from the door leading to the bathroom is a jacuzzi bathtub. And next to the other sink is the toilet in its own, separate nook.

Spectacular Walk-in Shower Design

Spectacular walk-in shower design ideas.

This layout is a bit of a step up from the typical bathroom. The centerpiece of this bathroom is the lovely walk-in shower. The layout also includes a stand-alone bathtub and two sinks.

A great option for couples who want to upgrade their bathroom, but don’t have a ton of space with which to work. This plan can provide an upgrade to a typical bathroom, but it keeps it practical in its use of space.

Practical Layout

Practical layout bathroom layout ideas.

This compact, corner design provides a large walk-in area with plenty of storage for linens, towels, and other household items. This practical layout can work well in a shared bathroom situation and is a great option for a family looking for the right layout for their second or third bathroom. It includes standard amenities, including a bathtub, sink, and toilet.

Great Option for a Shared Bathroom

A great design ideas for shared bathroom.

Another design that makes use of tight space, this layout opens directly into the main bathroom area with a sink and the toilet. There is a linen closet, separated from the main bathroom by a door. The layout includes a tub and also a half-oval standup shower- a nice design for a hall bathroom or a children’s bathroom.

Luxury in a Smaller Space

A bathroom design for a smaller space.

This unique layout includes two separate entryways. One leads directly to a toilet and bidet. To the right of this room is a door leading to a linen closet.

The second entryway opens to a beautiful stand-alone tub. Around a partial wall is a walk-in shower. This bathroom plan does not take a lot of space, but it packs in quite a few amenities.

The separate entryways allow for significant privacy – someone can be taking a shower or a bath while someone else uses the facilities one door over.

Dual Entryway Design

Dual entryway bathroom design ideas.

This layout includes two separate entryways. One leads to a bathtub that includes a shower, a sink, and then a full, stand-alone bathtub. The second entryway leads to the toilet and another sink.

Practical Plan with Upgrades

Practical bathroom layout plan with upgrades.

This is a compact and straightforward design that includes a few upgrades from the typical bathroom layout. The main entryway includes a toilet but also a bidet. The defining feature of this layout is the beautiful walk-in shower.

Small Bathroom Layouts

Is it a bathroom? A half bath? A washroom?

A restroom? Who knows! We call them powder rooms when they’re small, even if they have a full sink, tub, and toilet.

However, a powder room can pack in a lot of functionality, a lot of personality, and a whole lot of style when it tries, just like so many of us. Here is a look at few powder room layouts and the possibilities – or lack thereof – they can present.

A Little Cozy, But Potentially a Personal Space to Relax

A Little Cozy, But Potentially a Personal Space to Relax

This design does a good job of capturing most of what makes a bathroom, a bathroom, but as a powder room instead. Did that make sense? The door opens to a space that allows room to use the sink or the toilet somewhat comfortably.

For some, the closeness between the three fixtures may not seem ideal, but for a powder room, this is typical. The walls look to have windows as well on either side of this space, which begs the question of exactly where in the home this powder room is located. In any case, this space can serve well as a powder room or guest bathroom.

You can fit a vanity with a basin or use the space as a small retreat so you can soak in the tub in peace.

Make the Floorplan Your Own, and the Rest of This Space as Well

Make the Floorplan Your Own, and the Rest of This Space as Well

One of the fun aspects of having a powder room is you can play dress-up with it and transform it into whatever kind of space you desire. Take this layout for example. There’s an area for a full basin, artisanal washbasin, or whatever you fancy.

The toilet sits next to the windows, so you can wave to the neighbors while you do your business. Seriously, this allows you to dress the space up with curtains and other accouterments. The layout also features a tub that’s as far from the other fixtures as it can get, which might work well for your sensibilities.

It does for mine.

Feel Free to Take A Quick Shower in Your Powder Room Before Heading Out

Feel Free to Take A Quick Shower in Your Powder Room Before Heading Out

Now we’re talking. Baths are fine for some, but I prefer having the ability to take a quick shower to refresh myself. Because this no-nonsense powder room only contains the three main fixtures, I know I can get in and out without dawdling as I would in the main bathroom. Space does appear a little cramped, but you may want it that way to promote that quick in and out momentum.

Double windows can let in the light when you want, and there’s a long wall space where you can place a rack with towels. You also have sink space, which means you don’t have to sacrifice bringing your favorite bathroom items in with you, whatever they may be.

Make Use of All the Space in Your Powder Room

Make Use of All the Space in Your Powder Room

This is a crowded powder room for sure. This powder room layout still comes with a lot of good things. Even with the tub and other fixtures dominating one side of the powder room, the design still managed to fit a full vanity with the basin and even a window.

While space looks a little cramped, it allows for some room to get around. The wall separation means more than one person can make use of certain parts of the space and still maintain a modicum of privacy. That’s good design and shows that you can still pack in what you want even if you’re dealing with what’s traditionally the smaller space of a powder room.

Step Inside to Find Everything a Powder Room Needs, Plus a Shower

Step Inside to Find Everything a Powder Room Needs, Plus a Shower

This layout fills the space with a tub and shower that takes up a full side of the powder room. For those who need a little room when they’re in the shower, this layout can offer you everything you desire. I’m especially fond of the twin bowl sink.

This all seems like the powder room will represent an active one and not just a place that gets occasional use. No windows adorn the walls of this layout, but if you were to use it for your powder room ideas, you might just have a window at your own home that will shine some light. Although, windowless powder rooms come to life with a little statement lighting and a mirror.

And, you’d be in luck as that large vanity can certainly accommodate one.

A Powder Room That’s More Like What You Would Expect from One

A Powder Room That's More Like What You Would Expect from One

The layout here is sparse but serviceable. Traditionally, a powder room would only accommodate a quick bathroom break, hand wash, or makeup check. This layout offers all that and lets you know too by having a full wall dedicated to the double basins.

You may find the lack of anything extra a bit more comforting when you realize how much clearance you will have between the toilet and the sinks. Whether sitting or standing, you won’t feel closed in. This layout will also work well for keeping the line moving. Guests can get in and get out, which may delight the sensibilities of some folks.

It certainly appeals to me.

When Space is a Premium, You Still Have Powder Room Options

When Space is a Premium, You Still Have Powder Room Options

You may look at this layout and potentially see something sad and pitiful. However, you need to look a little closer. This powder room serves its purpose and does it without any extra bells and whistles.

This single toilet and sink setup can accommodate various circumstances. You can transform a tiny space into something that can help keep the kids at the birthday party from running in and out to the main bathroom. This layout can fit under a staircase to add a little extra value to a home without much effort.

You can still take steps to beautify the space is well, if you want. Think of all the possibilities.

Some People Don’t Want a Tub in Their Powder Room

Some People Don't Want a Tub in Their Powder Room

I’m not a fan of tubs in powder rooms. The powder room is supposed to be small, maybe elegant if you can get it there. These spaces are meant for quick breaks and rest.

That’s why I like this layout so much. By foregoing a tub and choosing a standalone shower instead, the powder now has some extra breathing room as well as fixtures that help serve the purposes of getting your bathroom time done quickly and efficiently. Pop in for a shower, or splash some water on your face at the double sink.

You Can Find Ways to Fit a Powder Room into Nearly Any Space

You Can Find Ways to Fit a Powder Room into Nearly Any Space

This layout shows the versatility of a simple powder room. Even an oddly shaped area can fit the powder room basics. If you didn’t know by now, the traditional powder room typically consisted of just a sink and toilet.

Everything beyond that is luxury. When you think about it, you can probably fit a single sink and toilet just about anywhere. Here there’s a corner vanity that stretches in such a way that you’re probably already thinking the sheer number of things you can litter that long counter with.

Maybe that’s just me.

Powder Rooms Can Still Offer Some Space to Move Around

Powder Rooms Can Still Offer Some Space to Move Around

This layout gives you a nice big space to walk through. The larger fixture dominating the far wall is meant to stand out and draw your eye when you step into the door. It will pretty much invite you to climb in, and you should listen to it.

You can do a lot with a powder room and space like this. Look at any home decor website and you’ll that you have no limits in how elegant and beautiful this powder room can become with just a little effort. Or, maybe you want your powder room cold and unyielding.

There’s nothing wrong with that.