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The 13 Best Bathroom Basin Brands (With Help from Experts!)

Beautiful sunny bathroom with focus on sink and counter

Introducing the Very Best Bathroom Basin Brands 

Have you ever tried to wash your face in an awkwardly tiny bathroom sink where it’s way too shallow and the faucet keeps hitting your forehead and water is just splashing all over the place without a care in the world? Well, luckily this type of situation is totally avoidable. 

I have a belief when it comes to your home’s infrastructure, that when something works well, you don’t notice it. When someone doesn’t work well, you absolutely notice it. This is especially true when it comes to rooms that you use every single day, like a kitchen or a bathroom. 

Having an ergonomic and well running household is extremely valuable. It’s a tough and annoying world out there a lot of the time, so when you get home, you want to just be able to be in a sanctuary and not face any further annoyances.

That may seem dramatic, but if you’re a person who spends a decent amount of time in the bathroom, you’re going to want it to work well! If you’ve already started shopping for a new bathroom basin, chances are that you’re already well aware of the massive amount of available options out there. It can be very overwhelming.

To help you along with this bathroom basin search, we’ve brought in the big guns. We’ve been working closely with a tremendous group of interior designers who know all of the ins and outs of what the best brands are, and they’re willing to share that information with us! They’ve given us the intel on what brands you should consider when buying a new bathroom basin.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect faucet, too? We’ve got you covered with The Best Faucet Brands where the same professionals give us their preferred brands! 

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink 

It  may seem like picking a bathroom sink is as simple as anything, but there are far more things that should factor into your decision than you may think – that is, if you want to achieve a cohesive style in your home while also choosing something that is functional.

Before you go buying a sink online without thinking or measuring, ask yourself these questions first to help narrow down the decision.

Gorgeous tiled bathroom with small mounted white sink and plants

  1. What does the rest of your house look like? – Aesthetics are really important to some people (me) and that aesthetic should extend to your bathroom as well. Is your house more rustic? Modern? Farmhouse? Minimal? Maintaining a certain look throughout your house will help with choosing the right looking sink.
  2. How will this sink be used? – How the sink is used will greatly determine what size and shape it should be. If it is the master sink that you’ll be using first thing in the morning, it will surely be different than your downstairs bathroom sink that you use to wash your dogs feet after a muddy walk, y’know?
  3. How much are you willing to spend? – We’ll just prepare you right know: a bathroom sink is not something that you really want to skimp on. Though there are absolutely some great-priced sinks out there, be prepared to dish out a bit. This is a piece of hardware that you definitely want to be good quality, but it’s also something you’ll likely only have to buy once.
  4. What material are you attracted to? – You will very quickly realize there are so many different material options, and all of them have their pros and cons. Ceramic is cheaper but more prone to cracking, bronze is gorgeous and tough but quite pricey, and everything else in between. 

And on top of all that, there are also different types of bathroom sinks that you can choose from. Choosing different types will go in accordance with how much space you have, how much storage you’d like, and the overall look in general. 

Under-Mount Sink – an under-mount sink is installed from underneath, which ends up leaving an attractive overhanging lip. This design makes it very easy to keep things clean, and the plumbing is hidden underneath the vanity

Drop-In Sink – a drop-in sink is installed from above, which means that there is a bit of an edge on the sink surface. These are usually the easiest to install and usually come in at very reasonable prices. 

Wall-Mounted Sink – all of the different sink styles are so nicely self explanatory! The wall-mounted sink mounts right against the wall. This is a really useful option when you don’t have much space in your bathroom, and they’re also very affordable. A downside is that they don’t have a vanity or countertop, but you do have the option of have plumbing visible or concealed.

Vessel Sink – this is a very lovely and contemporary style of sink where the sink itself is a bowl and it is sitting right on top of the countertop. This type can come in nearly any material and finish you can imagine and has a very elegant appeal.
Pedestal Sink – this is a really great style option for several reasons. It has a traditional look while still being elegant, and it’s space saving. The pedestal sink attaches to the wall and the sink is conceal within the pedestal. 

Farmhouse Sink – this is a favorite among many. These types of sinks are large, elongated, and usually have a cut out in the front. They’re a great choice is space really isn’t an issue for you. A farmhouse sink is beautiful and makes a statement, and is usually one of the more pricey options. 

The Best Bathroom Basin Brands (According to Budget) 

Doing big remodels can end up being insanely pricey. Budgeting can be hard when there’s always unforeseen circumstances that pop and things don’t work out. These things can be stressful when it comes to home projects, so that’s why we’ve organized the following section according to different budgets! 

This way, everyone can head straight to their preferred budget type (lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets) and hopefully find their perfect sink. Shopping can be easy, I swear! 

All of the information in the following section has been very graciously provided to us by that fantastic group of professional interior designers that I mentioned earlier. If you want help with your project and are interested in learning about them and their services, just click on the links on their names! 

The Best Low Budget Bathroom Sink Brands

1. Kichae 

Aerial view of white square sink and lovely countertop made by Kichae bathroom appliances

I imagine that Kichae may be a play on the word kitschy, because this bathroom and kitchen appliance company does a wonderful job at providing interesting and functional sinks while at the same time coming in a totally reasonable price point.

Beautiful things should be accessible to people who are operating within lower budgetary restrictions, and that is exactly what Kichae is doing. This is one of the brands to remember if you are intent on creating a certain look, but you don’t want to break the bank doing so! 

We’ve been very fortunate to be working with Samuel Grout who is always so spot on when he provides us with recommendations for furniture and appliances. He never sacrifices style for pricing, and that’s why he chose Kichae for this particular category. Here is what Samuel has to say about Kichae: 

“Kichae has an eye for style. They also clearly have an eye for engineering, considering that they’ve got some seriously competitive price points for a vast array of products. Ranging from traditional to modern contemporary, their products are also intended to last a good while, being very durable.

They offer many drop-in options for basins as well as a couple under-mount models. And, with all of their products and styles, it will be difficult to find an option that will fit seamlessly into your space.”

2. Lottare

Gorgeous round copper bathroom basin on white background made by Lottare

Lottare is one of those companies that is really hard to beat. If you check out their website you’ll find that they have nothing but rave reviews, and rightly so. They have really high quality appliances that bring efficiency and sleekness to your bathroom. 

Lottare is a company that has been in practice for over 3 decades, so they have a ton of experience and trial and error to back up their products. They have gorgeous and ornate designs available as well as more minima and simplistic designs.

Ahmet Can Ozkara does a really good job of recommending companies to us who are thinking outside the box and providing products that bring longevity to your home. This is a piece that you will buy once and be happy with forever. Here is what Ahmet has to say about Lottare’s products: 

“Lottare is a great brand that is dedicated to using really quality materials for their products, and many of them consist of stainless steel and nickel. The brushed nickel finish contributes to the high level of craftsmanship.

Lottare’s stainless steel design makes this kitchen tool very durable while at the same time being stylish. Many of their sinks are made of recyclable materials and have a bottom-mounted design that gives it an innovative and sophisticated look.”

3. Vigo 

Sleek and elegant white bathroom basin and black countertop made by Vigo

Vigo is a kitchen and bathroom appliances brand that is doing some really cool stuff when it comes to crafting new materials that are incredible durable and lovely to look at. They use a material they invented called Matte Stone with is durable and long lasting than even ceramic and fireclay. It’s easy to clean and scratch resistant! 

This is really the perfect recommendation for you if you live in a household where your bathroom sink gets a lot of use and you need something that isn’t going to show wear. I personally love this company because they do minimalism extremely well, without it being boring.

You know that this is a recommendation that you can trust because it was provided to us by Andrea Zivic. Andrea is a fabulous interior designer who knows precisely the information we need when you want something that is gorgeous, yet durable, yet affordable. Here is why Andrea recommends Zigo: 

“Bathrooms are rooms that we use very often, when it comes to getting ready or the morning facial routine, it must be practical to meet all your needs. Vigo makes a great white minimalist sink, whether built-in or built-in, looks very classy in the interior. It is compact and easy to maintain, and the minimal design ensures that it matches any color of your bathroom interior.”

4. C.P Hart 

Lovely and simple white wall mounted bathroom basin made by CP Hart

I was literally shocked when I looked at the pricing of the products that C.P Hart has. I thought that all the recommendations so far were reasonable, but this company is truly the one to beat when it comes to wonderfully affordable pricing. 

This recommendation is coming from Artur Baja, and he particularly loves the Duravit collection from C.P Hart. Artur is very loyal to companies once he finds a product that works, and he told us that the Duravit collection never fails to please his clients. 

Though you won’t find any ornate sinks or statement pieces, you will surely find something that is minimal, well made, and very fairly priced. At the end of the day, we want a bathroom that serves function over anything else. Here is why Artur likes C.P Hart: 

“The Duravit collection from C.P Hart is one of the brands that I use most often in my furnishings when I’m choosing a bathroom basin. They have such a huge selection available, and their products can fit very well in nearly any interior. 

The Duravit collection is very minimal, so it can be combined with nearly any material or style. These sinks will go great with wood, with marble, or just on its own as a mounted sink. You can’t go wrong with this company!”

5. Kohler

Kohler cream colored pedestal washroom basin on white background

Now I’ve written a few of these articles already, and it is safe to say that there isn’t a brand that is recommended more often than Kohler is. Kohler has products available in every price point, every style, and all of them are wonderfully high quality. 

Kohler provides bathroom sinks that are simple and sleek, they provide bathroom sinks that are ornate and statement pieces, and everything else in between. You know that this is a safe recommendation when a handful of professionals recommend it. 

One of those professionals is Mairead Belcher, who is on top of the latest trends when it comes to interiors. She has a real eye for design and knows the brands to use for every type of design project. She even recommended her favorite model that Kohler makes, and here is what she has to say about: 

“In budget-conscious and small space bathrooms, I tend to use a pedestal design over a wall hung as it looks much cleaner. The Kohler Veer Pedestal Sink works ideally. Its crisp contemporary design doesn’t acquire much space but also offers a deck on both sides, which most wall hug sinks don’t for your toiletries which is a great addition for small bathroom designs.”

What’s great about this specific model is that they have nearly a dozen different color options for you to choose from, which is great because a lot of the time you only have the white option for a bathroom sink. 

The Best Moderate Budget Bathroom Sink Brands

6. Kraus 

Serene white bathroom setting with mounted white square sink made by Kraus

Tina Martindelcampo is a fabulous interior designer who I personally trust so much. It is apparent how much she loves furniture and interior design simply by the enthusiasm with which she provides these recommendations. 

When we asked her what her preferred moderate budget bathroom sink basin brand was, she didn’t hesitate before referring us to Kraus. Kraus is a company that dedicates itself to turning regular rooms into rooms that are beautiful sanctuaries. They are raising the industry standard of quality, functionality, style, and value. Here is why Tina recommends Kraus: 

“Imagine a bathroom where you can wash away the troubles of the day, well that is what you get when you buy a Kraus basin sink. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or transitional style, Kraus has you covered on all ends.

Depending on your vanity style, you have the option for an under-mount, vessel or top mount sink. For those of you that are not familiar with a top mount sink, it drops into the opening with a lip that hangs over the edge of the counter, which allows you to use any surface material and makes it the most flexible. I think the most common sinks used are the under-mount but the vessel sink has been on trend now for some time.

The Kraus sinks are super sleek without looking too modern and they are suitable for any bathroom makeover with an affordable price tag. My favorite sink from Kraus would have to be the Elavo Squared Semi-Recessed Ceramic Basin Sink.

Similar to a vessel sink, the top-half of the sink sits on the counter, but the bottom half is sunken into the opening. It has a beautiful high-gloss white enamel finish that is stain and scratch resistant. This sink looks super sleek without looking too modern and is suitable for any bathroom makeover with an affordable price tag.”

7. Kohler

Beautiful lavender egg wash basin on white background made by Kohler

Much like the other articles that I’ve done regarding bathroom and kitchen appliances, Kohler is bound to be recommended more than once. And instead of just placing it in one budget section, it will be placed in each.

Why? Well it just shows how diverse and ranging their collections are. There is truly something for everyone on their website, regardless of their preferred style and the budget that they’re working around. It is always so exciting to find a company that can do it all, and amazingly they can do it all well.  

Samuel Grout knows all about things being done well, and it is obvious once you check out his portfolio. Interior designers are amazing at making reasonably priced things looks expensive as heck, and hence why Kohler is chosen for such a task. Here’s Samuel on why he always chooses Kohler: 

“Kohler will be on a list anytime high quality bathroom or kitchen finished are mentioned. For basins, they offer all sorts of price points and styles. Again, their ease of install is exceptionally noteworthy.

Styles range from organic, contemporary modern, traditional and brutalism. Also, they offer so many products for so many types of rooms that they are simply difficult to ignore. Obviously, their finish selection is also on point. Kohler has been and will always be a go-to for us at Bocote Design Studio.”

True to form, Kohler is coming in with its third recommendation in one single article. That’s once from Samuel and now twice from Mairead! Mairead adores using their sinks with clients, because you can respect anyone’s budgetary restrictions. Here is Mairead’s favorite moderately priced bathroom basin: 

The Kohler Vox Rectangle Sink has a beautiful contemporary design. I love the sleek symmetrical vessel style that incorporates a deep basin and soft rounded edges. Countertop sinks are great as they can be placed anywhere on your vanity unit for a flexible design layout. This minimalist porcelain sink is a great addition and focal point in your bathroom.”

8. Bocchi

Bright orange long wash basin made by Bocchi

The cool thing about installing a new bathroom sink is that it can really be brought alive by the surrounding counter top. A lot of folks will choose to have a more plain bathroom basin in order to make room for a gorgeous countertop.

Bocchi is the perfect brand for you if this is the look that you’re going for. They have very minimal sink designs, but the reason why customers love them is that they have a huge variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Ahmet Can Ozkara always picks brands that are doing something a little bit funky, and this rings true for Bocchi, too. If you click on any sink, you’ll quickly find that there are some really bright colors you can choose for your preferred sink. Here is why Ahmet likes working with Bocchi: 

“The folks at Bocchi use incredible materials for their products. They use things from hard ceramic, granite, to stainless steel. These types of materials are highly coveted because they hav a non-porous surface and silky-touch textures. They have an extremely solid and durable surface with 80% Quartz that are also UV-stable and food-safe. The products of the Bocchi brand are mostly preferred in interior design projects with pastel tone colors.”

9. Laufen 

Nice long white double sink on white background made by Laufen

Andrea Zivic understands that bigger budget doesn’t necessarily mean bigger space. When living in highly populated areas, you can have a high end residence but still are granted the privilege of space. And yet, people still want fancy appliances!

This is where a company like Laufen comes in. This is a high end bathroom kitchen and bathroom appliances company that creates products that will last a lifetime, that will blend into any type of bathroom you put them in, and come at a totally reasonable price point. 

Laufen is awesome because they recommend specific faucets to go with their bathroom basins, and they have a great selections of colors and finishes that you can pick from once you’ve settled on an overall shape and style of sink. The options are truly limitless! Here is why Andrea shops with Laufen: 

“Small bathrooms will no longer be a pain when using Laufen. You will have places for all the necessary elements. For us designers, organizing a small room is a skill and an art. Creative solutions like this have made it much easier when it comes to small bathrooms. It’s great that you can play around in different ways when it comes to storage space.You can put a chest of drawers or make shelves like the example we showed you.”

The Best Luxury Budget Bathroom Sink Brands

10. Brizo 

Gorgeous rounded copper bathroom basin on white background made by Brizo

You know that you’re in for something good when something looks like it is a luxury item but it doesn’t come with the luxury price tag. This is especially valuable in an era where a head of lettuce costs $7 and a stick of deodorant costs $11. Bogus.

It always feels very special to enter a bathroom that has ornate details and a very thought out plan. Imagine if that type of bathroom was one that you walked in to every morning! Brizo does it all, from the minimal and elegant sinks to the ornate and unique sinks. 

Samuel Grout tends to go for the items that look the part and play the part, and with this recommendation you can have both of those qualities at a totally reasonable price, too. Brizo does a great job of recommending other items that they offer that will go great with your chosen staple item. Truly a one-stop luxury shop! 

“In this category, Brizo is not necessarily a high budget option, but they certainly look the part. We really love the trajectory that their style takes. Very modern, brutal, and angular. They, in our humble opinion, set the standard for luxury in the bathroom and kitchen design department. They also offer this along with a huge finish selection.”

11. Native Trails 

Stunning square copper bathroom basin against marble countertop made by Native Trails

OOf, if you go to the Native Trails website, you’ll notice a quote they add which states that “Native Trails decor dish up a feast of beauty and practicality. Listen to that, a feast of beauty. I’ll buy anything if it implies a feast of beauty. 

Once you visit their website it is obvious that they are creating absolutely gorgeous products. At every level – design, manufacturing, creation, distribution, marketing – it is clear that this is a luxury company who can provide you with your dream bathroom basin. 

We can thank Ahmet Can Ozkara for this wonderful recommendation. If you happen to be a shopper who has the luxury of a luxury budget, you should really consider buying from Native Trails. They have absolutely gorgeous sinks that will absolutely elevate you bathroom look. Here is what Ahmet has to say about Native Trails bathroom basins:

“Native Trails is a reputable brand that produces the highest quality products when it comes to bathroom sinks. You know you can trust them because they make their products from hard and strong ceramics by firing the best quality soils.

However, unusually, they produce sinks from genuine copper, nickel, and stainless steel. These are produced by hand forging by expert craftsmen. They are indispensable solution partners for important and high-budget interior architectural projects.”

12. Falper

Amazing modern bathroom with mounted round bathroom basin by Falper

Wowza. I’ve only seen a bathroom as gorgeous the ones of the Falper website in a Michelin star restaurant. Imagine having that type of bathroom in your own home! Having a sensational bathroom in your own home is a great way to start and end the day, wouldn’t you say?

Falper is really the epitome of luxury bathroom appliances. Everything they offer is completely gorgeous and expertly made. Honestly, they’re introducing shapes and styles that I’ve never even imagined before. They are really thinking outside of the box and it’s exciting to see!

It must be so much fun working with a client who doesn’t have any budget restrictions, and Andrea Zivic clearly revels in these opportunities if she’s using items from Falper for her designs. What they’re doing is so exciting, and even if their items aren’t within your price range you should still take a peek. 

“Falper creates a built-in sink that goes perfectly with the combination of this chest of drawers. An excellent choice for minimalist and spacious bathroom styles. In addition to the space next to the sink for storage, you also have drawers. The sink is practical for use and you won’t make a lot of mess when using it. Aesthetically it’s simply awesome.”

13. Roca 

Lovely bathroom scene with unique egg shaped bathroom basin made by Roca Designs

I always trust a brand when it’s just doing one thing. You want to go to the chip truck that only makes fries. You want to go to the yoga studio that only does yoga, and you want to purchase your bathroom appliances that only does just that. 

Here is where I introduce Roca, the luxury bathroom appliances brand. I always love to see when companies can make something both rustic, classic, and stylish at the same time, and Roca is doing that incredibly well. 

Roca is a very appropriate way to end this list, and it’s even more appropriate to end it with the very favorite luxury model that was provided to us by Mairead Belcher. Here is her describing their egg-inspired wash basin, which may sound odd, but just look at that photo and tell me you don’t want to shrink down to the size of a squirrel and take a bath in it. 

“Roca is one of my preferred brands when it comes to modern washbasins. My particular favorite model is egg inspired – this architectural design countertop sink, and similarly to an eggshell, this delicate sculpted piece has a 5mm thickness which will make for an eye-catching focal point in your bathroom.

Its seamless design incorporates soft organic lines, a deep bowl and an ever-changing horizon line. Although fragile in appearance, this bowl is highly resistant and durable. The seamless design also makes it easy to clean and prevents dirt build-up.”


And that’s all she wrote folks! Literally! That’s all I can write! My mind is completely flooded with gorgeous sinks. I was totally content with my own bathroom basin before I saw all of these and now I believe that I have to remodel my own bathroom just so that I can get that last egg sink that Mairead recommended.

Hopefully you too have found your own absolutely perfect dream bathroom basin, or at least you’ve found some inspiration that has taken you in the right direction. Shopping for home appliances doesn’t have to be so hard, especially when you have a little help.

I’d like to take one final opportunity to thank that great group of interior designers who provided us with the help that we need to make our hunt for the perfect bathroom basin a little bit easier. We appreciate you!

Happy shopping folks!