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White Canvas by ACA Architects

The front lawn shrubs and trees of the landscape pair well with the warm lighting.

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783 Sukumvit 50
Prakanong Klongtoey
Bangkok Thailand

Interior design Firm: KIRIN DESIGN&LIVING
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Firm Location:
27 Suksawat 40
Bangkok Thailand

Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 300 sq.m.
Project location: BANGKOK, THAILAND
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Photo credits: DOF Sky|Ground
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Photo credits: Kirin design&living
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Additional Credits
Design Team: Mr.Anon Chitranukroh, Mr.Waranthorn Intuputi, Mr.Kirin Chaichana
Clients: Mr.Warot Leena

This renovation project began when the clients wanted to expand the space for their newborn child and to give an improvement in the exterior and interior design to suit the new lifestyle. Situated in an allocated land village in Bangkok, Thailand, the existing buildings are composed of a typical precast concrete house with a hip roof and an unfinished reinforce concrete extension building structure besides.

The main idea of the design is to create one single house for a family of 3 members by esthetically combining both buildings’ structures into one beautiful design language. Since the existing house is made from precast concrete walls and panels, it will be unappropriated to modify and add more façade loads to the building structure. Thus, from the limitation, we created a new façade layer as a “Shell” covering both buildings by composing with the exterior and landscape wall and space.

“White Canvas” is the designing concept we brought up as the modern minimalist white planes with a composition of textures which are steel mesh, aluminum composite panels, and a simple paint finish wall. Steel mesh is the essential material we selected on behalf of the owner’s family business is a steel mesh distributor, creating solid and void connecting to interior space for privacy and ventilation.

By combining two buildings with the horizontal façade on the 2nd floor and the fence on the ground floor, the center courtyard was created between the buildings making visual linkage to the landscape design and using as a main function terrace for the family. Lastly, the golden polished stainless-steel entrance door was installed for an accent regarding the interior design color scheme.