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What are Valance Curtains?


This is a close look at the valance curtains with metallic tone.

Home décor is one of the most important things that homeowners strive to have in place. Window coverings or curtains being one of them, should not be acquired only to cover your windows but also to represent style and magnificence to the outlook of your home. When choosing window coverings, people concentrate on the dimensions but forget to check more on the appearance, material, and quality to ensure that your home décor is on point.

Below is a comprehensive view of the valance curtain and other window coverings with the same outlook.

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What is a valance curtain?

Flamingo P Moroccan Valance Curtain Extra Wide and Short Window Treatment for for Kitchen Living Dining Room Bathroom Kids Girl Baby Nursery Bedroom (Gray - 52" x 18")

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The appearance of the valance curtain creates style with its appearance made rich by the color and pattern that it comes in. Compared to other types of curtains, the valance curtain is slightly short and attached to the window by using clip rings or a rod pocket. The valance window coverings can be used alone or hanged together with another type of curtains.

The folded layers of the valance curtains make it have a unique and extravagant look that every homeowner would like to have in their premises. One can acquire a cornice box and cornice, mold an ornament, or protect your wall from interior effects.

Dimensions of a valance curtain

It is always essential to understand the correct dimensions of your windows and your curtains to ensure that you have a perfect one. Valance curtains exist in different sizes, in most shops. In varying from 189 inches. Most designers go for 50 inches for a 40 to 45 inch rod. The extension is done to ensure that the curtain covers both sides flawlessly.

Materials are used to make the valance curtain

This is a close look at the home curtain with a floral pattern and a valance curtain.

Most window valances are made of cotton and silk. Choosing the suitable fabric when purchasing curtains is essential; this is how you need to do it to ensure that you have the right choice.

The maintenance 

If you will not, supervising or cleaning the curtains on your own ensures tremendous and favorable material such as cotton. Nylon and silk require to be handled in the best way to ensure no wear or tear.

Size and style

Most fabrics tend to be so heavy for installation on doors and other places that require a considerable size of the material. You can also consider having a drapery look that blocks more light through drape window coverings.


Always ensure that the kind of fabric goes in line with your type of lighting. For example, if you choose to go for silk window covering, ensure that the light is slightly dull. You can also go for black-out curtains if you do not need too much light.

Pattern and color

Different types of curtain fabric come in different colors and patterns. It is always important to ask a designer to help you choose a good look for every room to ensure it looks elegant. There are different shades of colors so ensure that you decide carefully, especially for professional décor. The rest of your décor will determine your choice of window valance pattern.

Types of valance curtains

Scarf valances

MEMIAS Luxury Window Sheer Elegant Voile Curtain Scarf for Home, Birthday Party, Wedding Decoration, 1 Panel 54" W x 216" L, Peacok

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The simplest type of valance is the window scarf valance used as a window hanging to improve the appearance of your room. It is made of lightweight fabric and the scarf valance exists in different colors and materials that you can choose from.

 Swag valances

JINCHAN Swag Valance Terrared on Beige Kitchen Window Curtain Linen Print Scroll Jacobean Floral Paisley Medallion Rustic Country Style Living Room Window Treatment 38 inch Long

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They exist in different types of fabric, which can be hung on many panels. Most of the swag valances are hanged on the best-decorated kinds of rods. This is much easier than the window frames and requires the homeowner to hang curtains depending on the type of hanging material.

Balloon valances

Vangao Kitchen Valance Curtains Room Darkening Tie Up Valance Tie-up Shade Adjustable Short Curtains for Small Window Bathroom Living Room Bedroom Window Topper Treatment 20 Inch 1 Panel Greyish White

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A balloon valance is a type of window covering that requires a considerable volume of fabric to it in shape. Professional designers still use the balloon valances with different modifications though having less popularity. They also have a little touch of rolled valance in their appearance.

Stand-alone valances

2 Pack Buffalo Check Plaid Window Valances White and Black Farmhouse Design Window Treatment Decor Curtains Rod Pocket Valances for Kitchen/Living Room 16" x 56"

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Stand-alone valances are a type of window treatment that requires exact measurements since they tend to hang if not appropriately handled.

Ascot valances

No. 918 28054 Erica Crushed Texture Sheer Voile Beaded Ascot Rod Pocket Curtain Valance, 51" x 24", Mineral

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They are window coverings made to suit with or without the existence of any other type of curtain. It is, however, required to have the perfect current curtain rod that will suit your choice of fabric.

Scalloped valances

WAVERLY Navarra Floral Pattern Scalloped Window Valance Curtains, 52" x 16", Crimson

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These are types of curtains, whether straight valance, shaped valance, or tailored valance; they both have a helm at the bottom, which improves their appearance.

Alternatives to valance curtains


Mid America Board and Batten 14" 4 Board Joined Vinyl Standard Shutter (1 Pair) - 14 x 35 002 Black

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Shutters are types of window covering preferred due to controlling the amount of sunlight penetrating in the room, offering privacy, security, and a sense of style. Shutters exist in four different types; paneled, board, baton, and louvered.

Curtain panels

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Grommets - 52" x 63", Taupe, 2 Panels

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This is an entire length fabric hanged on a window to portray a complete window treatment. You can always have as many panels as you want on your window.

Roman blinds

CHICOLOGY Cordless Roman Shades Modern Fabric Cascade Window Blind Treatment, 35"W X 64"H, Belgian Flax (Privacy & Light Filtering)

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This is a type of window covering that tends to fold when the strings are pulled together. This is done when drawing curtains. The pattern of the Roman blinds is the pleats that fold and unfold when lines are adjusted. This type of window covering tends to have the same similarities as the Roman shade and roller shade.

Window film

One Way Window Privacy Film Window Tint for Home Film Mirror Vinyl Roll Heat Control Anti UV Static Cling Stained Glass Peel and Stick Sliding Door Coverings No Glue Garage Solar Paper Black Silver

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This type of film is installed on the exterior of glass surfaces to improve its durability, safety, and appearance.

Matchstick blinds

N / A Bamboo Roman Window Blinds Sun Shades, Light Filtering Roller Shades, Any Size 24-72 Wide and 72 High (24W72H, Color3)

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They are made of bamboo in different patterns to create a uniform flat space to be used as a window covering.

Pros of valance curtains

Beauty and design

The valance curtains tend to be short; therefore suitable for window coverings, unlike other types of curtains that are typical to hand around, causing an unpleasant appearance.


The valance curtains exist in different types of fabric that offer the best privacy for your home. They are not the kind of curtains that would reveal the interior of your house, especially when you have bright lighting.


The valance curtains are price-friendly and determined by the type of fabric you need and the size of the curtain.

Noise control

If you are tired of waking people up when drawing curtains, the valance is the best to have for your home. The curtains are many the best fabric as well, not too light or too heavy, making drawing curtains in the morning and evening favorable and straightforward.


The valance curtains are made of different patterns as well as complementary colors. This helps to light up your rooms and give them a classy and unique outlook.

Energy-saving benefit

Therefore, the valance curtains reflect the heat accumulated in the room, thus, helps you to manage air conditioning costs.

Where can the valance curtain be used at home?

This is a luxurious bedroom that has a bed and study area and a curtained window on the far side with valance.

Valances are the best type of treatment that you can use to change and give your home décor a sense of style. Therefore, valances have a good outlook and would be favorable for use in the following places; living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room

History of the valance curtains

Valances are one of the earliest invented and used types of home décor. The valance curtains exist in different designs, fabrics, and colors, which still makes them classy and up-to-date valuable.

Valance curtain price range

The price of valance curtains is determined by very many factors; type of fabrics, size, and the dealer’s quotation. The current price range for a valance curtain is 150 to 750 dollars for every 36 inches of the curtain.

Places to purchase the valance curtains

Valances are still in style with different modifications, making their preferred window coverings in home décor. There are many home décor sites that you can purchase the valance curtain from. If you know of a good local home décor dealer, you can ask them to get the correct dimensions of your curtain rods and acquire them locally as well.