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Vince Camuto’s Mansion in Greenwich, CT (Listed for $26.5 Million)

This is a front view of the mansion with an Old World craftsmanship, dormer windows, stone exteriors and tall chimneys. These are adorned by a wide driveway flaked by mature apple trees. Image courtesy of

Vince Camuto is the genius behind the Nine West shoe empire. The affordable designer shoes bought Camuto a French chateau type mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. It’s now being sold at auction having been originally offered for sale at $26.6 million.

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What Are Mansions Going For Nowadays?

When you’re talking 16,000 square feet on four acres with a drive lined with apple trees, a pool, and a tennis court, then you’re talking some serious millions. The house at 32 Chateau Ridge in the prestigious Round Hill section of Greenwich was formerly listed for $26.6 million but didn’t sell. It’s now up for auction with no limits or minimums.

What’s So Special About This Mansion

It’s the rare person who doesn’t drool over stone palaces dripping gold with marble all over the place, paneled walls featuring priceless paintings topped by coffered or beamed ceilings, or ceilings painted by hand with beautiful scenes. It’s the rare person who doesn’t long to walk the meticulously manicured gardens, gracefully dive into the pool, or admire the stunning grounds as you’re playing tennis.

On the other hand, you could sleep in one of the 13 bedrooms and use one of the 18 bathrooms twice in one month. You could use one of the dining rooms or sit in one of the sitting areas or family rooms if you feel the need. You could count the panels on the walls edged in gold and featuring hand-painted scenes or works by the Old Masters. Admire the antiques from all over Europe and the craftsmanship that went into the whole mansion.

Why You Would Love This Mansion

This house was built in 1927 but ran into a period of disuse. Camuto and his wife Louise bought the house in 1984 when they hired a “designer to the stars” to bring the mansion back to life. The designer, Jimmy Xhema, did a spectacular job of it, featuring as one among many amazing rooms a Constellation Room. This room features a 40-foot dome using fiber-optic stars to depict the sky the night Camuto was born on June 4, 1936.

It’s not precisely the things that are in the house nor its design that strikes me with awe. It’s the sense of going back in time to 17th or 18th century Europe. I can imagine men in knee breeches wearing hats with sweeping plumes walking the floors discussing the king’s business. I can picture women in majestic gowns sparkling with jewels and handmade lace managing their homes. These aristocrats would think nothing of paneled walls, sconces, picture frames, and fireplace accessories dripping gold or marble anything.

From the cobblestone drive to the stone battlements and chimneys, the mansion bespeaks an earlier time. The manicured gardens and wonderfully landscaped grounds take the viewer back to a more formal time when great people strode through history.

About Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto died in 2015 at the age of 78 has given the world the Nine West and Jessica Simpson brands. Camuto was a pioneer in that he was the first to wholesale good quality shoes in cases of predesigned shoe sizes. Camuto also pioneered the concept of store or brand stores in malls and other places. Up to then, no one had done that.

Photo credits: Compass and Concierge Auctions


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