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Villa T by Arte-1 Architects

Villa T by Arte-1 Architects

Architect: Arte-1 Architects
Location: Fujimi-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano
Use: Villa
Scale: 2 stories
Structure: Wood frame

Villa T radiates a homey ambiance with its natural wood siding that’s gracefully carried into the interior walls and furnishings. Huge wooden pillars bordering the two-story house add a striking appeal.

The main level of the villa is dedicated to outdoor living where surrounding views are enjoyed even in bad weather. The middle part contains the foyer that leads to the upper living space.

The second level features an open floor plan enhanced with a sloped ceiling and surrounding windows that create a light and airy feel inside. There’s a freestanding fireplace nestled between the living area and kitchen for a cozy atmosphere. A classic red rug defines the living room and a large dome pendant illuminates the dining space.

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