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11 Different Types of Yurts

Yurts and tepees at a camping site.

Yurts are portable, durable, and weather-resistant cylindrical houses with conic roofs. The nomadic herders of Central Asia, including the great Genghis Khan and his hordes, were the first to use them. The Mongolian and the Turkik yurt are the two main variations of these houses.

A Math teacher named William Coperthwaite introduced yurts in his class and ultimately in the U.S. in the 1960s. He founded the Yurt Foundation in 1972 with the goal of making yurts well-known to build a better world. In 1978, he started the company Pacific Yurts which sold the first yurts in the U.S.


Mongolian Yurt

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Mongolian yurts are definitely among the most sought-after yurts on the market. These yurts are highly regarded for being high-quality and very functional. An average yurt can hold many people, and it has very durable construction. Many people who see a Mongolian yurt for the first time are taken aback by how beautiful they can be.

The beauty of these yurts is not their primary function, though. These are made to be lived in or used for camping. This is a rugged structure that is designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable space for people to sleep in. Most of these Mongolian yurts are actually quite spacious, too, so you will likely have a good amount of room to spread out if you decide to purchase one.

There are two different types of Mongolian yurts that you will find when doing a search, generally speaking. First, you will find traditional Mongolian yurts that are made to be permanent living structures for Mongolian people. Some people in other parts of the world have started to use these permanent yurts as guest homes on their property. They work very well to provide an extra living space for people, and they also add a certain charm to the area.

Then, you will find commercially sold Mongolian yurts that are designed in a similar fashion but are more often used for recreation and camping. People in countries such as America have taken a shine to these yurts for their beauty and for how excellent they work as camping tents. There are many people who are not even aware that there are Mongolian yurts that are used for purposes other than camping. The word yurt has become synonymous with camping for many people, and these readily available commercial models have helped to make it so.

The model that is being shown off here is one of the commercial Mongolian yurts that is meant for camping purposes. This particular yurt is excellent for anyone who wants to have a camping experience while still feeling very cozy. This yurt can comfortably fit several nice bedrolls, so it will feel nice even if you are camping with several family members. Having enough space to use bedrolls even when you have multiple campers is quite desirable.

You will also find a mesh screen on this yurt. This will prevent any nasty bugs or other undesirable pests from bothering you while you sleep. You will still be able to enjoy the night air in your yurt, but you will not have to feel concerned about waking up and being covered in mosquito bites. Combine all of these features with a reasonable price point, and you will see why this is a highly recommended yurt.

Yurt Festival Tent

Yurt festival tent

Source: Etsy

People have adapted the ancient yurt design philosophies to make use of them in a modern way. It is possible to purchase a beautiful looking yurt festival tent that you can use to make any special occasion seem much grander. This yurt is very large and is capable of holding many people. A lot of individuals decide to buy this type of a yurt because they want to use it to house catering or to create a nice sitting area for people at a party.

This works brilliantly for any type of a festival or a family gathering. The yurt festival tent is large enough to fit several large tables, so you could easily house catering inside of it. You could also use it to set up a small dining area where people can eat while staying out of the sun. Being able to create a place where people can escape the heat on a hot day is going to be essential when planning any type of outdoor event.

Of course, this yurt is also very pretty. The overall aesthetic appeal of this type of a yurt makes it a popular option for weddings. Weddings that are being held outside are going to need tents of some sort to make everything as convenient as possible. Housing guests inside of these yurts work well to create a majestic wedding appearance.

This yurt is built to be very durable as well. You can buy flimsy wedding tents at most major retailers, but they may not be able to stand up to stronger winds or be able to be reused very easily. This is a premium yurt that is made to be a high-quality product. It will look great and function fantastically for you no matter what your purposes for it are during your big event.

Family-Sized Yurt

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One of the most common purposes of a yurt in the modern era is to use it as a camping shelter. If you want to be able to take your entire family camping, then you will want to either buy several individual tents or one really large tent. For the most comfortable experience, it can be beneficial to consider purchasing a yurt rather than a typical type of tent. This is going to give you much more room than most tents would, and you will be able to purchase something that is made to stand the test of time.

Yurts are made to be quite durable, so you will be able to use a family-sized yurt on many camping trips going forward. These yurts can be made from many different durable materials. Sometimes you will find that they are made of canvas, but this particular yurt that is being shown off here is made out of cotton. It is treated to be waterproof and is ready to be used outdoors as soon as you purchase it.

This is a large yurt, too, so it will definitely have space for your whole family. Assuming you have a typically-sized family of four, you will be able to make great use of this yurt. You can fit your family without it being a big issue and will have a superb camping experience. Being able to house the whole family with one yurt makes things a lot simpler, and it will help you to have the time to bond as a family unit.

These tents are designed to help you to stay comfortable while camping, as well. The summers can get quite hot depending on where you are camping. The yurt has really good ventilation, so you will be able to stay cool by feeling the natural breeze. The yurt body can even be rolled up to allow for better airflow if you so choose.

Bell-Shaped Yurts

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If you have casually searched for yurts online, then you have likely stumbled across bell-shaped yurts at some point. These yurts are proving to be popular options both for their visual appeal and their practicality. These yurts can be designed in such a way that the whole interior space of the yurt is capable of being used. This allows you to feel like you have more room when camping even when the yurt itself does not take up that much space when compared to a traditional tent.

People decide to purchase yurts like this when they want to have something that is easily portable for camping purposes. This is an excellent yurt to keep around when you like to go camping regularly. It is very simple to get it set up and you will find that these yurts are easy to tote around. This particular model is even capable of being stored in a duffle bag, making it one of the most convenient yurt options on the market.

The aesthetic appeal of the bell-shaped design cannot be denied either. People love how interesting this yurt looks from the outside. It functions fantastically on the inside, but many people really enjoy taking the time to appreciate the attention to detail that is present in the design of these yurts. If you want to have a shelter that is going to look great and function well, then a bell-shaped yurt is worth considering.

The bell design also allows for a bigger roof in your yurt. This can be beneficial because it will make the overall ventilation of the yurt even better. You will feel more comfortable while sleeping overnight, and it will do a great job of always feeling breathable. The yurt has mesh windows as well to help you keep all of the bugs out of the inside while you are trying to sleep.

8-Person Yurt

8-person yurt

Source: Walmart

If you want to be able to camp with as many people as possible, then you will want to look into buying one of these 8-person yurts that are on the market. This yurt has been designed to provide as much interior space as possible. This way, you will be able to fit as many sleeping bags or bedrolls as you possibly can inside of the yurt itself. This is ideal for people who go camping with large groups but do not want to have to sleep in separate tents or yurts.

Admittedly, the design of this particular yurt is not as ornate or unique as some of the other yurts on this list. This is the type of yurt that people buy for the convenience of it. It may not have the same aesthetic appeal as a really nice bell-shaped yurt, but it is definitely still very nice. This is also one of the most affordable options that you will find on the market when looking for a yurt.

If you want to house up to eight people in your yurt without having to spend an ample amount of money, then this is a great purchase. It will not have the same lasting appeal as some of the more expensive options, but it is still quite durable. This is a yurt that you will be able to use for camping many times. The price is very low, and the quality of the yurt is very good when that price point is taken into consideration.

People who want to get their children into camping should definitely consider investing in this yurt. It could be a fun tool for backyard camping nights, as well. It is not prohibitively expensive, and it is rather easy to get it set up. You will be able to enjoy this yurt and can use it to create cherished memories with your loved ones. It will make your children smile, and you can help to instill in them the same love for camping that you have.

Portable Yurt

Mongulai Portable Yurt 14ft for Camping, Glamping, Fits in Car

Source: Amazon

Some yurts are marketed specifically for their portability. You can take many types of yurts with you for camping purposes, but some of them are easier to transport than others. This particular yurt is very easy to break down and position in the trunk of your car. This allows you to easily transport it to wherever you are going to be camping next.

Camping can be a lot of fun, but you need to be able to make the process as convenient for yourself as possible. Portable yurts are designed to be able to be torn down very quickly. Despite this, you will still be able to rely on their durability to keep you safe during the night. It is just easier to get these down and put them away when you are ready to go.

The yurt being shown off here is an authentic Mongolian yurt that is made to be as portable as possible. It is possible to find yurts on the market that can break down and be fitted inside of a small bag. This yurt will break down to be small enough to fit inside of your trunk. It is among the strongest options for a portable yurt that you will find on the market.

It can fit six people who are looking to sleep at night. Twenty people can fit inside the yurt for general purposes, but six is the ideal number when you are trying to spread out and get some sleep. This yurt is very rugged and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. If you want a portable yurt that is going to be easy to use while keeping your camping party safe, then this option is for you.

Children’s Yurt for Play

Pericross Cotton Canvas Mongolian Yurt Tent Kids Play Tent Outdoor Indoor Gamehouse (Purple)

Source: Amazon

Children might wind up taking an interest in yurts as well. If you have children who like the idea of camping with you but are not old enough to go out and experience it for themselves yet, then you might want to get them their own. There are yurts that have been designed to be used by children as playtime items. These children’s yurts are very fun and will help your child to create many great childhood memories.

This yurt could be set up in the backyard to allow your child or children to go on little adventures. Getting it set up is really simple, so it will not be a hassle to set it up on the weekend when they want to play. You will be able to take it back inside very easily, so it will never be a bother. It was created to be as convenient as possible so that parents will enjoy letting their children play with it.

One of the interesting aspects of this yurt is that it can be set up either indoors or outdoors. If your child would like to have a fun little play area inside of his or her room, then you can easily fit it in there. They will be able to play with it quite regularly, and it could become a fun setting for many of their childhood adventures. The size of this yurt is perfect for a young child, so it will not feel like it is in the way at any point in time.

Of course, this yurt is meant to be used as a plaything. It is not something that you will want to let your child use for any real camping purposes. If you want to take your child with you while camping, then you will want to house them in a more traditional yurt along with yourself. Even still, this yurt can be very fun for children who admire their parent’s fun camping adventures.


Mesh Windows

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Mesh windows are essential if you want to have a comfortable camping experience. When you have mesh windows on your yurt, you will be able to enjoy sleeping without having to worry about copious amounts of bugs invading the inside of the structure. The mesh windows do an exceptional job at keeping the insects out of your hair. They also allow you to feel a nice and comfortable breeze while you are sleeping at night.

Some yurts will come with one mesh window and others may feature two or three. It really just depends on the size of the yurt. This is going to make it a lot easier to enjoy your time camping. You may as well seek out a yurt with this convenient feature, especially if you are going to be camping in an area that is known for having many insects.



UNISTRENGH Bell Tent Luxury Outdoor Waterproof Four Season Family Camping Winter Glamping Cotton Canvas Yurt with Mosquito Screen Door and Windows (Beige, Diameter: 4M/13.1ft)

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There are some yurts that are made out of cotton. You might think that this would not be a good material to use when making a yurt, but it has actually been specifically treated to withstand the elements. The type of cotton used to make this yurt is durable and once it has been treated properly, it will be able to withstand both water and gusts of wind. This is going to keep you nice and dry even if you are camping out in rainy weather conditions.

These cotton yurts work nicely to provide shelter for campers. They are fairly common, and you will see many different yurts on the market that use this material. It is not the most durable option that is available, but it is still made to be rugged. It can stand up to regular use and you will not have to worry about being left in the cold when you have one of these yurts handy


Polyester yurt

Source: Walmart

You will find some of the less expensive commercial yurts are made using a polyester material. These yurts are going to be very competent for general camping purposes. Traditionally, the polyester will be treated to make it more water-resistant than it already is. Polyester is good at resisting mold, so it actually makes for a very reasonable material when designing a yurt.

It can be a good idea to seek out a polyester-based yurt when you want to find an affordable camping option. These are usually going to be very reasonably priced, and they function very well. If you want to go camping but you do not want to have to spend an exorbitant price on a really fancy yurt, then this is going to be a good idea for you. You can find polyester-based yurts at many major retailers, so it should not be too tough to find an appealing option.


Himalaya Bell Tent Stand Canvas Mongolian Yurts Outdoor Hotel Indian Luxury 8-12 Person Tent Perfect for Sel-draving Travel

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Canvas is one of the most durable tent materials that you will find. This is going to be very sturdy and will prevent strong wind gusts or heavy rains from negatively impacting your camping experience. When you are able to purchase a yurt that is made using canvas, it is generally a very premium item. This is going to be something that you will be able to make use of for many years, so if you invest in this type of a yurt then you will get your money’s worth.

The canvas material is seen as being among the strongest materials to use when making yurts, so it can be somewhat more expensive in certain cases. Sometimes you will even encounter yurts that are made using a combination of canvas and cotton, or even canvas cotton. These are all going to be very high-quality and desirable products, so you can feel confident when you’re purchasing one.