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How to Maintain Concrete Patios

large back yard with grass and covered patio with fire pit

Patios are getting widely popular in the modern style home construction. It is a great place for cooking, chatting with friends, and enjoying some leisure time. Designing your patio in a beautiful way can be done to improve the place.

And, one of the best ways to do that is by throwing in some patio sofa covers, garden covers, etc. In fact, plenty of options are available in the market. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your style, try concrete as they are more versatile and need less upkeep.

Types of Concrete Patios

The three mainly used concrete of patios include:

1. Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is patterned, embossed and/or textured to resemble tile, wood, brick, slate,  wood, and various other patterns and textures. This patio style is commonly used for patios,  pool decks, driveways, and interior flooring. It has the ability to resemble other building materials, which makes it less expensive than the original thing itself.

stamped concrete patio

Here are some pros and cons of stamped concrete that you must know of before choosing it.


Wide Choice 

You will experience a wide range of choices when opting for a stamped concrete surface. It comes in different colors, textures, and patterns. It mimics any surface from stone to marble, along with an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Easy Installation   

This patio style is easy to install, as it is less labor intensive than other concrete surfaces in which pavers are used and installed. In short, the workers need not take too many hours to surface the area.


Low Durability  

Although stamped concrete is easy to clean and requires less maintenance, it has a major disadvantage of less durability as compared to other surfaces. Therefore, be very careful when surfacing the area in order to reduce the chances of cracks and scratches.

Less Reliability

Although, stamped concrete incurs less cost, yet it can be costlier than other surfaces in the long run.

It needs proper maintenance and even with that, cracks are common over it.

Thus, stamped concrete is a not a reliable option.

2. Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is a mixture of cement, water, sand and is versatile in nature.

It is used in a liquid form so that it can flow and fill in any shape as required.

poured concrete patio

Here are some of its pros and cons:


The good thing about using poured concrete is that it has unlimited designs that make it popular for both residential and commercial use.

However, it requires careful planning and expert guidance to increase its life.


The biggest problem with poured concrete is that it is gray and colorless.

It looks unpleasing to the owner and that is why one uses colors to make it look better.

3. Concrete Pavers

These are units made from molds. These molds allow the exact size and shape to be placed and the uniformity makes it relatively easy for use. As the molds used for forming the units can be manipulated, manufacturers create them in different sizes and shapes.

concrete pavers patio

Some pros and cons of concrete pavers are as discussed below:



These are durable, slip resistant and provide a natural look to the surface. Along with having a  long life, they come in different sizes and shapes to compliment your home.


If properly installed, concrete pavers will not require maintenance for decades. And, if it at all requires repair, all you need is change the damaged paver.


Maintaining Concrete Patios

Patios require some daily maintenance to be in right shape and structure. If you want to extend the life of your precious area make it look great over the years, maintenance will be required.

Tips for Keeping Your Patios Maintained

Here are few tips that will help you keep the area maintained:

Clean Regularly

Although it is the most basic task that people already know of, yet it carries much importance. It is actually quite simple. If you want it to look good, you need to clean it. Daily cleaning will keep it rid of debris and dirt that obstructs it to look attractive. There are different things through which you can clean it. It includes a pressure washer, scrub brush, oxalic acid, concrete sealer, and TSP.

Seal the Concrete

Sealing is a good way of increasing the life of the patio. There are different types of concrete sealers and the most popular ones are topical and integral sealers.

Topical Sealer: It forms a protective layer at the top of the concrete. Homeowners also use this sealer for indoor concrete surfaces to increase flexibility in the design choices.

Advantages of Topical Sealer

  1. Some topical sealers contain additives that produce non-slip features.
  2. The sealer offers a protective barrier between the oil contaminants, foot traffic, stone and water.
  3. It protects the stone from etching and surface scratching.
  4. It adds to the beauty of the concrete as it gives a glossy, shiny look that can be polished easily.

Disadvantages of Topical Sealer

  1. It alters the appearance of the surface by adding gloss shine. In fact, sometimes, it can also deepen the color of the stone.
  2. Moisture traps the stone and thus, doesn’t let the stone breath.
  3. Requires continual reapplication at heavy traffic areas.
  4. During reapplication, one needs to remove the old surface layer, which tends to deteriorate the stone.

Integral Sealer: It is a compound added to a concrete mix that increases the strength of the sealer.

Advantages of Integral Sealers

  1. It cannot be torn or damaged and will not decompose over a period.
  2. It offers a long-lasting protection, therefore, works best in a highly corrosive environment.
  3. It incurs a low overall cost that makes it even more popular among homeowners.

Disadvantages of Integral Sealers

  1. After using the integral sealer, one must keep attention on joints, penetrations, and transitions.
  2. After some time you can experience mild cracks. Water can still penetrate through the concrete surface after using this.

However, it is important to use sealer under the guidance of the contractor in order to safeguard it from affecting the surface.

Top 10 Chemicals used for Cleaning Patios

  1. Muriatic Acid
  2. Toxic Cleanser
  3. Mild Detergents
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide
  5. Citrus-based Solvent
  6. Oxalic Acid
  7. Alkaline Degreaser
  8. Scrubbing Cleanser
  9. Eco-friendly Solutions

Remove Stains

Although you have sealer to protect your concrete from stains, yet it is a good thing to remove stains as soon as they occur. This is necessary to keep the area away from tough stains.

For instance, if you notice oil leaked around the driveway area, better to clean it as soon as possible. This will prevent discoloration, which keeps concrete look like new. And, it will not spoil the entire look of the stylish furniture and the outdoor furniture covers that enhance its value.

Safe Stain Removal Options

Vinegar: it works perfectly well for stains as it has acetic acid in it. It also works as an excellent cleanser when added with any other concrete cleanser. In addition to this, it also works great as a non-toxic weed killer.

Baking Soda: being abrasive in nature, baking soda works well for stains and dirt removal. You can mix it with water to dissolve grease and dirt.

Poured and stamped concrete are similar options that consist of a foundation built on the ground. The homeowner chooses a design that is used for building a wood frame, which determines the layout. In stamped concrete, the same frame is used, but the contractor makes an addition by adding a finished design to the top when the concrete is wet.

However, the concrete pavers are small pieces of concrete that are made with different colors and designs. The concrete material makes the home look beautiful and using stylish outdoor furniture covers will add to its beauty.

cleaning patio with water

Check on using Wrong Chemicals

Make sure not to indulge in using wrong chemicals on your concrete. They can damage the quality of the concrete and actually work through the sealer destroying a major part of it.

For example, using certain deicers can destroy the surface and harm the concrete. Using fertilizers can also remove the spillage from it. Moreover, you should use specific concrete cleaner suiting the surface as some of them can very harmful. To avoid damaging the area, read instructions and disclaimers given on the product before using it.

Limit the Weight

It is true that concrete is a very strong and durable material, but residential patios are not designed to hold heavy material. Driveways are capable of handling the weight of cars, motorbikes, etc.

However, it cannot bear the weight of heavy or overloaded machinery. Make a point that these vehicles do not enter the area in order to maintain the life of your backyard.

List of 8 Bad Chemicals for Cleaning

  1. Ammonia
  2. Bleach
  3. Mold and Mildew Cleaners
  4. Antibacterial Cleaners
  5. Highly concentrated Chlorine Cleaners
  6. Petroleum Distillers
  7. Acidic Cleaners
  8. Enzymatic Cleaners

Protection Against Snow and Ice

Even if your patio is not being used during the winters, you will need to maintain it. Ice, snow, and low-temperature can cause a lot of damage to your furniture, décor and the surface.

For this, first, remove anything can be damaged due to the low temperature, which can include plants, rugs, and other items and use outdoor chair covers to safeguard the chairs. If you have enough space in your garage, store furniture, décor and other important things in order to safeguard them.

However, you can also invest in some furniture covers used for protecting outdoor décor from moisture and snow. Protecting your patio is a difficult task, but you can certainly avoid small damages that might turn out to be massive problems ahead. You might wonder how small cracks and damage can spoil the entire patio but the moment ice and snow begin to melt, the water enters the cracks and holes,  which further damages it.

Therefore, you will have to keep a check on the cracks and holes and repair them as soon as possible. Using protective garden sofa covers, outdoor safeguard material for protection is extremely important.

Cleaning after Spring Season

Before the summer hits your city, you must repair cracks and make sure everything is dry. Use different types of methods to clean up the area, and then hire a professional washer for deep cleaning. Don’t forget to hire a professional washer as directed by the manufacturer to avoid any accident or damage on the surface.

In addition to this, remember that high-pressure water has the capacity to damage windows, wood, and siding, so you must be careful. Start the cleaning far from a corner, pushing the dirt towards the outside. This will clean up the area thoroughly. Once your patio is cleaned and repaired, you can prepare it for the summer. Arrange the décor in a way that it keeps people relaxed and comfortable using patio sofa cover, games, artwork, lanterns, candles, accessories and more. Complementing the furniture is important; your area should be pleasing to your eyes and mind.

While decorating the place, keep in mind that accessories that you use have protection from the sun, moisture, and rain.

Maintaining your backyard area is extremely important for a gorgeous and beautiful look. With today’s modern innovation, various designs and styles are being used for patios. You can look for various types of décors and furniture that can protect against different weather conditions.

There are different types of rugs that add luxury and style to the area. You can even hire professionals to help you decorate your deck area. Having the right décor makes the place look spacious, vibrant and beautiful. In fact, the professionals know the ways to make the place look bigger and complement the home in the right way.

From a simple garden chaise cover to the furniture for the patio, everything carries its own importance. So plan accordingly.

One must take corrective actions to maintain the patio in the right condition and fix it from time to time. Using the right equipment for cleaning your concrete is essential; therefore, never compromise on quality for saving few dollars. Use high-power equipment to remove bits of food, debris, spilled liquid, etc., as they form stains on the floor.

If your concrete floor is extremely dirty after any occasion, mop the area with a biodegradable dish soap and water. If you want to keep your backyard area in the best condition, you can hire professionals for better cleaning. Patios seem to be the talk of the day. So, you must keep it stylish and gorgeous, which would be incomplete without maintenance.

Your concrete patio is your place to enjoy some leisure time with your family. So, go ahead, and use charming furniture, exclusive patio sofa covers, accessories, and more to make it pleasing.