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22 Redwood Decks & Pergolas (Pictures)

Learn everything you need to know about redwood decks and pergolas including treating, staining, pros cons and more. PLUS, see our awesome photo gallery of decks and pergolas built with redwood.

Large deck built with redwood lumberWhat is redwood lumber?

Redwood lumber is from redwood trees (Sequoioideae) which are coniferous. They are famous for growing to astronomical heights and having a huge diameter. The tallest redwood standing is an unbelievable 379 feet tall. That’s as tall as a 37 story building. Yes, it’s the tallest tree in the world. Imagine climbing it.

Not only are they incredibly tall, but their diameter is huge as well with an average 9 meter diameter when fully grown. Source:

These trees grow along the coast from central California to southern Oregon.

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Benefits of redwood lumber for decks and pergolas

There are clear advantages to building decks and pergolas with redwood lumber.

  • Light:  It’s lighter than composite decking and tropical hardwoods.
  • Easy to work: It’s easier to saw, drill and work with.
  • Strong:  Despite being light and easy to work with, it’s incredibly strong.
  • Resistant to decay and insects.
  • Retains shape:  It doesn’t warp or split.
  • Aesthetically pleasing:  It offers a pleasing reddish color tone. See photo examples below.
  • Durable: structures and decks built with it are very strong and durable.
  • Fire-safe: for a wood product, it’s a safe material fire-wise with a class B fire rating.
  • Renewable resource:  When harvested properly, it’s a renewable material.

Sustainable & Renewable

Redwood lumber is not harvested from the famous old growth forests. Instead, redwood lumber is manufactured and harvested in a sustainable way from new redwood forests that are sustainably managed so that harvested wood is at a level lower than the annual growth rate. Here are photos of the newer redwood forests that are properly and sustainably managed for redwood lumber:

Redwood forest that is sustainably managed for redwood lumber

Redwood forest that is managed in an ecological way so that what is harvested is lower than annual growth.Photo Gallery

Below is an extensive set of redwood deck and pergola pictures by Humboldt Redwood.

Pictures of Redwood decks

Pictures of redwood pergolas