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22 Different Stackable Storage Ideas

Photo collage of stackable storage containers; vinyl records, preservatives, clothes

Quicklist: Stackable Storage

  1. Bin
  2. Basket
  3. Tote
  4. Cube
  5. Shoe Rack
  6. Modular Cube System
  7. Crate
  8. Shoe Storage Box
  9. Storage Shelf
  10. Egg Carton
  11. Tray
  12. Trunk
  13. Flip Lids
  14. Lids
  15. Angled
  16. Wheeled
  17. Handle
  18. Wood
  19. Plastic
  20. Steel
  21. Cardboard
  22. Cloth

Stackable storage containers are a boon when it comes to space-saving and organization. It’s easy to find one and they don’t make a dent in your budget. They containers can fit any room in the house and can even be used to decorate your space. 

They also come in all types, shapes and sizes. We’ve listed down the different types of stackable storage containers that would be great for decluttering and decorating your home.

Types of Stackable Storage Containers


Stackable orange storage bin

Source: Wayfair

Stackable storage bins are great for use not only in a home or garage, but also at a commercial business. These bins are a good option in either the bedroom or playroom. They come in many different colors and designs making it easy to find one that will fit with the décor of the room.


Stackable storage basket

Source: Wayfair

Stacking baskets have one major benefit over bins, and that is they are designed with open holes in the back and sides. Air holes allow for airflow around the items inside, making the container suitable for storing food items. Stacking your baskets in the kitchen or pantry is a great way to enjoy extra space. 


Stackable storage tote

Source: Houzz

While other stacking storage is perfect when you want things on display at all times, it’s best to use totes when you want items stored up and out of the way. These storage totes come with lids that keep items from falling out and are very easy to lift and to move thanks to the handles cut into the sides of the tote.

Colors that are neutral are perfect for the home or office and are generally the perfect size to accommodate hanging files. This makes it easy to keep all of your important information in one place.

Larger plastic totes are great for storing items such as holiday decorations or extra kitchen appliances in the basement, attic or garage.


Stackable storage cube

Source: Hayneedle

Storage cubes are great if you want room to store your items but still want to be able to easily access them.

When in the market for stacking storage cubes, you want to make sure not only that you like the look of them, as they are generally very visible in the room where they are used, but also that they are large enough to accommodate everything you want stored.

This is more important with cubes than it is with other types of stacking storage, as the items you have stored will be on display and you do not want them to appear crammed or forced into the space.

Look for stacking storage cubes that click into each other so you do not have to worry about the whole tower tipping over. 

Shoe Rack

Stackable shoe rackSource: Wayfair

Anyone who has a lot of shoes knows how difficult it can be to find a place to store them all, which is why shoe racks that stack and take up vertical space are a great idea.

Instead of having all of your shoes strewn over the floor of your closet, when you opt for stackable shoe racks you can keep them up and out of the way for cleaning and other tasks. This has a number of benefits.

As well as making it very easy to choose what shoes you want to wear, you no longer have to worry about your shoes being damaged while they are on the floor. Keeping them up in the air and separated from each other also gives them a chance to air out, which can improve the overall smell of your bedroom or storage area.

While most people only think of using stackable shoe racks in the bedroom, they are great for an entryway, laundry room, or in the garage. This is especially important if you live in a very wet area or work outside and need a way to keep your muddy shoes from tracking all over the home.

Modular Cube System

Stackable modular cube system

Source: Houzz

If you need a lot of storage space you should consider a modular system. They come with a number of cubes, in square or rectangular shapes, that will all fit together to form a stacked storage area against the wall. When looking for a modular stackable system you will want to consider how you are going to store your items.

While some people prefer the bare look of items such as books, toys, or media stored directly in the cube, if you want to hide some items, or prefer a more cohesive look, look for totes or buckets that will fit inside the cubes.

This will allow you to store anything inside without worrying about the appearance and will keep smaller items from tumbling out.


Stackable storage crate

Source: Etsy

Actual wooden crates can be used as stackable storage and lend a lot of visual interest to the space. Instead of brightly colored plastic or materials that won’t stand up to a lot of use, when you opt for older crates you get sturdy items that will protect anything you store.

In the right home and with the right décor, aged and worn wooden crates will appear very interesting and won’t be out of place. While they can be stacked, it’s a good idea to anchor them to the wall for additional safety.

Shoe Storage Box

Stackable shoe storage box

Source: Wayfair

Ideal for anyone who has a large collection of shoes or a few very nice pairs that they want to protect, shoe storage boxes allow you to easily store your pairs of shoes without worrying about them being damaged in a jumbled pile.

These boxes stack neatly on top of each other and are great in the back of the closet as they make it very easy to see what pairs you have and when choosing your outfit for the day.

When you are putting your shoes away in storage boxes you will want to make sure that they are not at all damp or wet, as these boxes have front lids that snap into place to keep dust and pets from getting to the shoes.

While this is a great way to make sure that your shoes are protected, if they are wet when they are put into storage then they may quickly begin to smell.

There are small ventilation holes that help with circulating air, but if your storage box is in the middle of a stack or surrounded on all sides then you will not see a huge benefit from these air holes.

Storage Shelf

Stackable storage shelf

Source: Houzz

Quickly optimize the storage in your pantry or your kitchen with wire stackable shelves. These are designed for air circulation, so you don’t have to worry about your damp dishes causing a problem in the cupboard.

Because they are minimalist, you can use them on the counter as they will not really detract from the overall décor of the room. When looking for wire storage shelves, you want to make sure that they are sturdy enough to stand up to holding heavy items without bending out of shape.

Egg Carton

Stackable egg carton

Source: Etsy

These sturdy storage options aren’t useful for anything else in the home except holding beads or other small items for craft projects, but in the refrigerator they are the absolute best way to keep your eggs safe. 


Stackable tray

Source: Houzz

Perfect for storing flatter items such as letters or jewelry, storage trays can easily be labeled and stacked on a shelf. For more privacy or security of the items that you have stored, slip them into a cupboard or closet where they will still be easily accessible but out of sight.


Stackable storage trunk

Source: Hayneedle

Trunks are a great way to maximize storage in a garage or a closet. Wheels on the trunks make it easy for children to pull them around behind themselves during clean-up time and to push them back to where they get stored.

Because the tops are textured and have space for the wheels to sit, they will easily stack on top of each other without any risk of them sliding off.


Flip Lids

Stackable flip lids

Source: Wayfair

Keep your items close at hand but protected from the environment when you opt for storage that comes with flip lids. These lids generally flip up and then lock back down so that you can open the storage, reach inside, and then shut it securely.

These are great for corralling small items, such as screws and bolts, in the workshop, but can also be used inside the home. Perfect for baking or keeping candies separate but available, you can easily stack these storage bins a few high before you have to worry about them getting knocked or falling over.


Stackable storage lid

Source: Wayfair

While some stackable storage has open sides so that you can reach in and get what you want, for longer-term storage you will want something with a lid. This allows you to shut the container, ensuring that the items you have stored inside won’t be damaged while they are in storage.


Stackable angled bin

Source: Hayneedle

Angled bins make it easy to get your hand inside and to select the item that you want to remove. While some storage does not come with an angled opening and simply is missing a wall, this is not ideal if you are at all worried about the items you have stored accidentally falling out.

Anything that rolls or is unable to sit securely in storage should be placed in a storage option that has an angled opening. 


Stackable wheeled storage

Source: Houzz

Wheels on your storage are a great idea, especially if you have children and want to get them involved in the cleaning process. Wheels also make it very easy to move your storage around your room, which can be important in a small space if you need to make room for other activities from time to time.


Stackable storage with handle

Source: Wayfair

While it’s easy to think that once you have your stackable storage in place that you will never again need to move your items, the chances are good that at some point you will.

You can plan ahead for this and ensure that this is as easy as possible by choosing storage options that have handles. This makes it easy to move full storage without having to empty it out first and will greatly speed up how quickly you can move your storage to a new location.

Storage Container Material


Stackable wooden storage

Source: Wayfair

Wood storage is great if you want to have it on display and don’t want to worry about how your stackable storage is going to affect the overall appearance of your room.

One of the main benefits of wood storage is that if your style changes over time you can easily paint or stain the wood a different color. While this does take a little prep work and labor, this is unlike plastic or other storage options that can’t easily be changed. 


Stackable plastic storage

Source: Houzz

Plastic storage is a great option anytime you need something sturdy that won’t easily break. This means that it’s ideal for holding items in a playroom or garage as it will be able to stand up to children using the storage without being damaged.

Plastic is very lightweight and this makes it very easy to stack your storage when you are getting it set up. 


Stackable steel storage

Unlike plastic, or wood sometimes, if steel storage falls or is dented it is unlikely to break completely. While it may dent, many people feel that can add to the charm of the storage. 


Stackable cardboard storageSource: Houzz

While cardboard storage isn’t going to be as sturdy as steel or even wood, it is a great choice if you need to store items such as files or other paperwork. Generally, cardboard is only used to store paper, but the lidded boxes work well for almost any type of storage. 


Stackable storage made out of cloth

Source: Wayfair

Perfect for keeping delicate items from being damaged, cloth won’t stand up to hard everyday use, but will do a great job protecting your smaller items. Consider cloth stacking storage for your jewelry, perfume, or small keepsakes.

Best Stackable Storage for Clothes

90L Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizer Storage Containers with Durable Handles Thick Fabric for Clothing, Blanket, Comforters, Bed Sheets, Pillows and Toys (Gray)

Source: Amazon

The 41-quart Rubbermaid Cleverstore Stackable bins are the best under-the-bed storage container for clothes, sheets, and other fabric items. This model is long and wide, with stackability, and wheels, so you can easily slide your products out.

The clear lid allows for easy viewing of the contents, and the snap latches hold the cover in place. This bin is the ideal length and width for storage, and two of these fit perfectly under a queen-sized bed, allowing for six containers out of sight.

Best Stackable Storage for Food

FineDine 24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set - Newly Innovated Hinged Locking lids - 100% Leakproof Glass Meal-Prep Containers, Great On-the-Go & Freezer-to-Oven-Safe Food Containers

Source: Amazon

The Rubbermaid Brilliance (set of five) are modularly stacking plastic containers, made in the USA. Since these conveniently nest together, they can easily be stored in cabinets when not being used. Also, the lids are water and airtight due to the hinged snaps on both sides.

When unsnapped, the cover features built-in vents to help cool food after heating. The Brilliance containers are available in many sizes to store different food types, and all stack together, regardless of the size. The plastic is transparent so you can distinguish one food from another at a glance.

Best Stackable Storage for Kids’ Stuff

Easily Categorized Double Color Double Space Large Toy Storage Bins with Lids Collapsible Stackable Toy Box/Chest/Organizer/Basket with Handles for Boys Girls Baby Storage Containers for Kids Clothes Book Lego(V-Red)

Source: Amazon

The Simple Housewater Foldable Cubes are some of the best fabric collapsible bins available at a reasonable price. These budget-friendly boxes easily fold up when you need them to collapse, and the accent fabric around the rim adds a bit of class.

Although they are constructed from fabric wrapped around cardboard, they are sturdy enough to hold toys and other kids’ stuff. These containers are stackable if you fill them with toys, and the lack of a lid allows easy access.

Best Stackable Options for Long-Term Storage

IRIS USA 31 Gallon Stackable Storage Containers with Lids and Easy-Grip Handles, Durable Plastic Totes for Bulky Items, Sporting Equipment, Seasonal Décor, and Garage Tool Storage, Black, 4-Pack

Source: Amazon

The Iris Weathertight Storage Box is an excellent option for any product type you want to store and forget about for lengthy periods. This storage container can be used for holiday decorations, keepsakes, medical supplies, and organizing office supplies.

The lid features multiple latches that deliver a secure seal and fit, thus keeping contents safe. Also, the interlocking bottoms and tops are easy to fill with anything and stack. The most versatile size is the 26.5 quart, which is large enough to fit many items but small enough not to dig too deep to retrieve products.

Best Stackable Storage for Outdoors

Camping Table, Foldable, Stackable, Weather Resistant, Strong with Storage Space for Camping, BBQ, Party, Fishing, Picnic and Beach. Basic Type

Source: Amazon

For more rugged outdoor conditions, the Rubbermaid Action Packer was engineered for weather protection in a durable high-density polyethylene container, which can handle the coldest temperatures while in your truck bed on the open road or garage.

This model boasts lockable latches and is available in several sizes. The efficient shape allows for vertical and horizontal stacking on a shelf, thus maximizing internal space. Additionally, since the lid has no indent, the Action Packer won’t gather rainwater while in the elements.

Best Stackable Storage for Shoes

SESENO. 12 Pack Shoe Storage Boxes, Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Organizer Bins, Drawer Type Front Opening Shoe Holder Containers

Source: Amazon

The Prandom Large Collapsible Storage Bin presents a clean look, a great shoe option. These sturdy fabric bins are stackable and moderately sized, so you can even use them for boots. Thanks to the metal-lined handles, these are durable containers that don’t waste any space.

While these bins are robust, filling them with textbooks or rocks is not recommended, but they are great for board games and shoes. In addition, the simplicity of the handles makes them easy to transport.

Top Brands of Stackable Storage Containers

Milk Crates Direct

Source: Milk Crates Direct 

If you just want a simple milk crate or attached lid tote done well, Milk Crates Direct is where you should shop. They make all their own storage containers, and the simplicity of their process results in excellent bulk prices. For that personal touch, the manufacturers will add custom imprints on the storage bins.


Source: Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid has long been a household name for storage containers, and they continue to offer everything from small food storage containers to entire storage sheds.

While they don’t sell their items directly, their products are available through the major home improvement and general stores. Rubbermaid storage bins generally have good quality and durability for their category.


US Merchants’ GreenMade line of storage bins features solid construction and a small number of highly refined designs. Like Rubbermaid, they sell their bins through other retailers. You won’t find any handy containers for the spice cabinet, but their bins are practically iconic in warehouses and garages that need large and durable storage. Even with their quality, the pricing on the GreenMade bins often makes them an economical choice.


Source: Sterilite

Sterilite creates a variety of plastic goods, including storage solutions like plastic shelving and heavy-duty storage bins. You’ll find their products at many of the same places as Rubbermaid or GreenMade. The low-end shelving may not stand up to frequent use, but the solid totes can be relied on for long-term storage.


Source: Sidiocrate

Sidiocrate sells a modern take on the classic milk crate design. An attachable lid provides better protection for the items within the crate. Dividers easily rearrange the interior for better organization of the stored items.

The caster wheel set gives each stack of bins the freedom to move for faster rearrangement of densely packed warehouses and storage rooms. Adding the bottom mat further protects the inside, resulting in an overall versatile and reliable storage system with just one set of bins.

Where to Buy Stackable Storage Containers

The Container Store

The aptly named Container Store is focused on storage of all kinds, and they have a healthy selection of stackable storage. Its online storefront includes filtering options for containers made in the USA, as well as containers that are made from renewable, recyclable, and BPA-free materials.

If none of the premade options you find meet your needs, they offer custom storage solutions with the aid of interior design specialists.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a hardware and home improvement store with thousands of physical locations in North America. If you’re a Home Depot shopper, the store has stackable storage containers in its physical stores and online portal.

A robust collection of heavy-duty containers is great for applications like warehouses, work sheds, and long-term storage. The number of physical storefronts far exceeds those for the Container Store, so you’re more likely to have one nearby for in-store purchases and pick-ups.


Like Home Depot, Lowe’s sells hardware and home improvement items with a marginally smaller number of physical storefronts. Their online storefront has a friendlier layout for its landing page, helping shoppers navigate the filtering system without picking through the menu.

As far as selection goes, they have as many options as the Container Store, and nifty seasonal options like holiday decoration storage solutions pop up from time to time.


You can find anything on Amazon, including stackable storage bins. Some of the brands are the same ones you’ll find at Home Depot or Lowe’s, like bins from Rubbermaid. If you are looking for durable storage in particular, do some research into the brand before you buy from Amazon.

Many of the low-priced options on Amazon will lack a quality build and oversell their durability. As long as you keep that in mind, it can be cost-effective for some shoppers, especially for items eligible for free Prime shipping.


Wal-mart is not known for quality, but it does serve as a retailer for some decent stackable storage bin brands. The cheaper bins can be helpful, too, as long as they’re used for the right purpose.

The two primary advantages of shopping here will be the price and number of locations. There are more Wal-marts than there are storefronts for all the other retailers on this list.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware has a larger storefront footprint than Home Depot or Lowe’s, but their stores and selection are smaller.

It still has a decent number of storage bin options ranging from inexpensive organization aids to heavy-duty containers. Like the other stores, ordering to one of their physical locations can help cut down on shipping costs.


No, you won’t have to assemble the stackable storage bins from IKEA. Well, not all of them, at least. Jokes aside, the company sells hundreds of storage bin options, many of them geared towards light usage in the home with more aesthetic appeal.

Although they do have a few hundred storefronts, most shoppers will need to order from IKEA online.


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