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Triple Stilt House by Archidance

Triple Stilt House by Archidance

The aim of this project is how to approach to non-architectural educated people, using body expression to share the space and experiences. It began with the dialogue of the architect’s body and the site environment, then practice to share it through the simple gesture to the client and the constructor.

On this project, it creates semi-exterior living spaces corresponding to the subtropical climates. The rich semi-exterior space consists of pilotis, void, and terrace, which are above the underground parking, fits in the sloped surroundings becomes the triple stilt house.

As changing the number of family members, These semi-exterior spaces could be used as an extension of rooms.

The various lives of the household will overflow to the pilotis, and for those who pass by the street in front, it will jump into the eye as a smileful sight. It embodies the intimate connection between this house and the city.

At night time It lights like a Japanese lantern for surroundings.

From the corridor of the 2nd floor, It can see the road in front through the semi exterior space.

Thanks to the solar panel and the Fuel cell cogeneration system, this house needs nearly zero energy.

The site is not close to the sea, but the stilt house shape visually eases fear of tsunami disaster.

Architect’s Firm: Archidance

Contact e-mail:

Project Location: Funabashi, Japan

Completion Year: 2016

Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 152.37m2

Lead Architects:  Kyohei Takahashi

Collaborator: Keiyo Real Estate Development

Photo credits: Momo Kitagawa

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