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Triangle Scape by UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation

Triangle Scape by UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation

Location: 31-5, Dongil-ro 109-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Use: Neighborhood facility
Floor: 3F
Site area: 136.50㎡
Built area: 66.08㎡
Total floor area: 179.96㎡
Structure: Reinforced concrete structure
Architect: Yoongyu Jang, Changhoon Shin
Design team: Wonjun Yang, Jongbeom Park
Cooperation: Structure_ HARMONY Structural Engineering, Machinery_ Gunyang MEC, Electricity_ CM ENC
Construction: SEEGYO
Photographer: Joonhwan Yoon

About UNSANGDONG Architects Cooperation

An architect group UNSANGDONG Architects Cooperation has formed with Professor Yoongyoo Jang and Chief manager Changhoon Shin as a key person, and they are an architect group who experiments conceptual architecture to manifest potential of an architecture as cultural contents diversely.

Through communication in diverse fields like an architect group UNSANGDONG, gallery Jungmiso, UNSANGDONG publication, UNSANGDONG art, YOOEDI interior, etc., they tried to realize the architectural depth. Also, they’re doing various exhibitions and planning. Via UNSANGDONG, they are working as a leading architect who leads architectural experiments of Korean architecture.

In recent 2018, they awarded a Grand Prize of Seoul Architecture Award with ‘Sopoonggil Community’, and became a Winner of the Public Space Part in The Plan Award, which is a famous architecture magazine, with ‘Hannae Forest of Wisdom’, and at the same year, they awarded a Top Prize of the Seoul Architecture award and Completion Building part of the Korea Architecture Culture Award.

In 2017, ‘Hannae Forest of Wisdom’, has awarded the Korea Space Culture Award Street-Yard Prize(Minister Prize of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Best 7 Architecture of the year (Korean Institute of Architects Prize), and a Grand Prize of Korea Public Architecture Award together. Besides, they have Awarded various prizes with Bogojae, University of Seoul landscape complex, Gallery YEH, etc., and were invited to guest lectures home and abroad, and they are expecting their activity as a worldwide architect.

This is a building that connects the merchant community space of the alley market with local residents by reflecting the characteristics of the place located between the Myeonmok-dong market and the residential area. The Myeonmok-dong alley market community is a shared structure for local markets and market merchants in the surrounding residential areas, with the purpose of building a small community with intimacy and individuality for a small multipurpose space and a place for relaxation in the busy daily life of the market.

The first and second floors are open areas for local merchants and residents. Customer support facilities, cafes, restrooms, and multipurpose rooms are planned, while the space on the third and fourth floors are office spaces for merchants only, and the rooftop is a rest area for merchants and residents of local communities.

In the case of a closed structure, the small-scale community is disadvantaged in terms of variability and utility, and thus, while securing sufficient openness with the internal stairs, a gradual and connected relationship was sought. Therefore, the stairs and the interior space were expanded, and the communication of the interior space and various senses of space and usefulness is enhanced.

The architectural mass was designed as a triangle with legal diagonal restrictions. The outer shell surrounding the mass was designed to address the problems of privacy, lighting, and illumination, and other conditions toward the outside through variations and adjustments of the triangle, which is the design principle of the architectural mass, with a new elevation pattern.

The triangular sensational and compositional facade symbolizes the busy daily life of the alley market and the dynamic market attributes and presents a pleasant and bright expression of the landscape.