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13 Fun Trampoline Alternatives

A photo collage of trampoline alternatives.

Setting up a trampoline at your own backyard encourages kids to unplug from their mobile devices, head outdoors, and be more active. Bouncing and jumping is not only fun but it also helps burn excess fat and boosts health. One thing to consider though when getting a trampoline is safety.

It’s the number of trampoline-related accidents and the expensive cost of high-quality trampolines that convince parents to think of safe but fun alternatives for their kids.

1. Bean bag chairs

A boy is feeling comfortable on a yellow bean bag.

As far as trampoline alternatives go, you can’t get much closer to an authentic experience than you can with a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs are bouncy, fun, and much more easily used than other options.

Even better, bean bag chairs can also be used for leisure time as well as playtime. Having a versatile toy for smaller children can go a very long way in increasing a product’s value, a fact that speaks volumes for Bean Bag Chairs’ usefulness.

Bean Bag chairs are extremely light and malleable in their composition. This factor means they can be effortlessly placed into tight spaces and children’s spaces, which makes them much more useful than trampolines for those who are working with limited real estate.

Movability is a crucial factor when it comes to children’s toys, as you never know when your child is going to want their favorite toy on the road or at the park.

A smaller bean bag chair can easily fill this role. Even larger and oversized options are much more portable than trampolines as they don’t require hardware or assembly. This lack of small metal pieces also makes them exponentially safer for use with smaller children. Overall, bean bag chairs deserve your consideration.

2. Inflatable pool toys

A girl is swimming with her inflatable toy.

If you have a swimming pool but don’t feel comfortable allowing your child to use a trampoline, then pool tools can be a suitable replacement.

Pool tools offer a great, exercise-filled experience for children of all ages. Movement-based activities are important to incorporate into your child’s day-to-day schedule, which makes pool tools potentially wonderful solutions for any parent.

The toys are simple and lightweight as well, which ensures that children of all ages can effortlessly utilize them. For parents with multiple children or those who frequently host play dates, you will want to ensure that the toys and activities you have available are easy to use for the majority of children — inflatable pool tools fit this bill seamlessly.

Inflatable pool toys are also appealing for their low price point. You can get a variety of fun and silly pool toys at department stores for a remarkably low price. This value is an awesome benefit for those who are looking for affordable and potentially long-term activities for their child to engage in each day.

The low price also means that replacing lost or damaged products is a stress-free and economic undertaking. Having an affordable and easily undergone activity on-hand is essential for any parent, and thankfully, inflatable pool toys fit this description much more than trampolines do — and they do so while being safer and less expensive.

Speaking of safety, your children are not in harm’s way when using pool toys of any sort. If they pop, or if another child uses it as a striking instrument, no harm will come to any participants.

They are also devoid of small pieces and hard metals or plastics, which means they aren’t nearly as stressful as plastic toys or dart guns. These factors seamlessly combine into a fantastic and consistent option for parents who want to keep their young children active and entertained; they are worthy of some serious consideration.

3. Slip N’ Slides

A young guy enjoys sliding on a slip n' slide at his backyard.

Slip N’ Slides are another great option for outdoor activities. Trampolines may not frequently require water, but they do provide a sort of amusement park-like thrill for kids — the exact same thing that Slip N’ Slides provide! The longtime favorite backyard activity simulates a short trip down a water slide, something that any kid can appreciate.

Better yet, Slip N’ Slides can be used in just about any environment or backyard, so long as the weather is warm enough to match. Of course, that also means that they probably won’t be any parent’s first choice during cold or even mild climates, but during the Summer months, they may be just the thing you need to stave off any bounce-withdrawal your child may be suffering.

In addition to being a great outdoor activity, Slip N’ Slides are also remarkably affordable. For a budget-friendly alternative to trampolines, you can’t do much better than a Slip N’ Slide. In addition to an already low starting price point, Slip N’ Slides also don’t require anything other than accessories to be purchased in order to provide a good time.

Everything you and your child will need is included in the box, which is an often overlooked benefit of these types of products. For a simple, fun, and easily managed Summer activity, Slip N’ Slides may be just the product you and your child are looking for — give them some consideration next time you’re shopping online.

4. XL stuffed animals

A young girl is posing with an extra large stuffed bear.

Larger stuffed animals are great trampoline killers for similar reasons to bean bags: They’re large, fun for small children to climb, and easily moved. This list is exactly what any great activity is looking to sport, and large stuffed animals sport it effortlessly.

In addition to all of the above factors, the toys can also be used as excellent pieces of decor for younger children. Even better, they’re completely gender-neutral; boys and girls alike will get a kick out of having a giant teddy bear in the corner of their room. Who even needs a trampoline?

While these options may not be as economical as some of our other options, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to break the bank: Just the opposite, actually, as many online retailers offer them at wonderfully low price points. They’re easy to find as well, as their generic nature of them means that there are lots of manufacturers in the space.

As time has gone on, the technology that goes into creating stuffed animals has quelled many of the legacy issues surrounding the products. No more do parents need to be overly concerned with small pieces of plastic or shoddy construction, as regulations and iteration have largely solved the greater majority of these issues. What that means for you and your child is a fun, stress-free activity any day of the week.

5. Swing sets

Three playmates are sitting on a swing set at a park.

Lastly, swing sets! One of the old standbys of children’s entertainment, having a personal swing set for your child can be a wonderful thing for day-to-day activities. Many people spend hundreds of dollars in gas traveling to and from local parks just for a few minutes on a swing set.

What these individuals don’t know, however, is that swingsets have become significantly more affordable. Thus, your child has easy (and 24/7) access to one of their favorite activities once one of these babies is installed!

Of course, there are some things a parent should in keep in mind when installing a swing set. First, we recommend getting a professional to guarantee that the installation is properly carried out.

While this factor may put the recreational hardware out of a lot of people’s budgets, for those who value the investment, we strongly feel it’s worthwhile. When properly installed, swing sets are statistically safer than trampolines when it comes to small children.

Even more important, however, is that it’s far easier to keep an eye on your child while they’re in a swing set than it is while they’re bouncing erratically on a trampoline. These factors combined make the hardware an excellent solution for those looking for a fun and safe activity for their child.

6. Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Bounce

A close up photo of a Jump-o-leneTransparent Ring Bounce isolated in a white background.

The Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Bounce is a safer alternative to a trampoline because its transparent sides allow parents to monitor their children as they jump up and down to play. A maximum of two children can play inside the ring bounce to minimize possible body collisions.

This product has an inflated size of approximately 71.5″ (182cm) in diameter. The Jump-O-Lene is recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years old with a maximum 120 lb. weight capacity.

7. Bouncy castle

Four kids are having a great time inside playing around inside an inflatable castle.

Inflatable castles are almost always a big source of enjoyment among children that provides a safer option for that bouncing fun when compared with trampolines. The bouncy cushion is way gentler for the joints of the kids, thereby providing a more interactive and hassle-free environment among playmates.

Inflatable castles can also provide therapeutic value to children, especially to those with sensory impairment, as playing inside encourages the development of sensory and motor skills.

8. Hopper ball

A joyful kid playing with his hopper ball in the beach.

If there’s just not enough space to accommodate a trampoline in your backyard, then purchasing a hopper ball for your kids is a great substitute.

Children can still enjoy that bouncy fun with minimized body injury risks considering that kids will not really jump high in the air when they use one. A hopper ball can also be used as a great exercise tool to get those muscles moving.

9. Pogo stick

A man is having a thrilling experience while bouncing using a pogo stick.

A pogo stick is a device for jumping off the ground in a standing position, through the aid of a spring, or new high-performance technologies, often used as a toy, exercise equipment, or extreme sports instrument.

It consists of a pole with a handle at the top and footrests near the bottom, and a spring located somewhere along the pole. The spring joins two sections of the pole, which extends below the footpads.

Be on the lookout though when you see your kids using pogo sticks. Pogo sticks are safe to use in general, but kids who will probably have too much fun using them can still lose control of the stick and therefore might suffer from injuries.

10. Foam Pit

A teenage girl is trying to get up after she jumped right into the foam pit.

Here is another trampoline alternative that is almost always a hit among children and adults alike: foam pits! Nothing beats the feeling of jumping freely into a pit of foam that will eventually drown you in its softness.

Go crazy with your jumps without worrying about the risk of breaking any bone. Experience the thrill of tumbling and struggling as you make your way to the jumping board. It’s also worth mentioning that pits with multi-colored foam rubbers are a genuine visual delight.

11. Skipping rope

A group of kids is playing skipping rope together.

Almost every generation of children has experienced playing skipping rope. The great thing about skipping rope is its versatility: you can play it on your own or invite playmates to join you.

Not only will the children exercise their bodies (as skipping rope is a serious cardio activity) in a fun way, but they will also get to exercise their social skills while playing with their playmates.

12. Skip the ball

A colorful skip the ball toy isolated in a white background.

Skip balls are attached to the plastic ankle ring with PVC rope. Once done, then the fun begins! Children will exercise their way while having so much fun in doing this activity. Skip balls are perfect for use in the playground, sports hall or street.

12. Hasbro Twister Moves Skip-it

A Hash Bro Twister Moves isolated in a white background.

Children will be able to keep track of their awesome moves with the Twister Moves Skip-It. They need to put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It while they hop over it. Kids will eventually challenge themselves: how many skips can they do without stopping? The built-in counter keeps track of them while they skip.

13. Bumper Ball

A group of friends is about to play the bumper ball game.

Bumper ball is where teams of people get together to play football, soccer, or bubble soccer wearing giant inflatable bubbles, allowing them to bump, roll and flip over whilst trying to score a goal.

Other games can also be played, including bullrush, relay races, and last one standing. Bumper balls can be used by small children as well as adults, simply by adjusting the padded harness on the inside of the ball.