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The Wedge House in Pylos, Greece by USP

A house with two distinct long narrow volumes with a sloping roof.

Year: 2022
Area: 130 sqm.
Location: Pylos, Greece
Photographer: Kim Powell
Partners in Charge: Kostas Floros, Tasos Georgantzis, Maria Tsaftari
Architect: USP
Lead Architects: Maria Koukoutsi, Dimitra Parathyra, Zacharias Kechagioglou, Efthymia Katsarou
Design Team: Irini Sgouridou, Chrysanthi Kalafati, Natalia Pantelidou
Electromechanical Study: Giorgos Theofilogiannakos

This vacation house outside the village of Methoni in Pylos teases the common image of the houses at the area (orthogonal with a four-pitched tiled roof), as the composition emerges as a gesture of plastic treatment of a surface that forms the roof.

The house is located on an elongated plot with entrance from the street on the narrow side that is adjacent to the street at an angle, resulting to a trapezoidal plot. The design of the house follows the outline of the plot.

The three en suite bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room and the office, are organized on two levels (ground floor and first floor) and two distinct long narrow volumes with a sloping roof. The two wedge-shaped sections are placed parallel and connected at their lowest part.

The slope of the roof in combination with the full opening of the façade with the greatest height, allows unobstructed view from the inside of the house and plenty of natural light despite its west orientation.

The concrete slab that forms the roof releases the shell from the weight of the possible tiled roof and creates a dynamic relationship with the ground and the environment.

The design of the surrounding area follows the design of the house: the pool, the seating areas and the stairs are all wedge-shaped, a gesture that introduces vanishing points and directs the view.