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The Blue House by Sigurd Larsen

Architect: Sigurd Larsen
Location: Roskilde, Denmark
Year: 2020
Size: 172 m2

The blue house is located on top of a small hill in the western part of Roskilde near Copenhagen. By making the house tall and narrow the view over the fjord and towards the medieval city center can be enjoyed. The color of the façade makes the house blend in with the dark blue hues of the Scandinavian sky. On foggy and rainy days the house emanates its bright colorful optimism against the desaturated background by highlighting the blue tones of the grey mist.

The main living space is spread over two floors. On the mid-floor, an open kitchen and dining room grows out into the garden through a large terrace facing southwest. The upper level provides a living room with a large corner window overlooking the fjord and cathedral as well as a balcony for enjoying the sunsets.

The two children’s rooms each got an individual character, just like their inhabitants. While one room is horizontal with a panorama window along with the drawing desk, the other one is vertical with a loft bed that includes a small window at the highest point of the house.

The upper level is a lightweight wooden construction built on top of an old brick house from the 1930s. To add extra insulation to the existing lower part, a layer of corrugated steelworks as a climate shield on all facades and the roof. This way the extended house appears as one coherent blue monolith.