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The $42 Million Orum House in Bel Air

See what it is like to live in a place where Beyonce danced, the $42 million Bel Air estate called Odum with three kitchens, a steam room, and dual massage tables. Discover how unique this Y-shaped mansion appears from the view from above and dream of moving in.

This is an aerial view of the hilltop mansion with large glass walls, terraces and balconies to maximize the view. Image courtesy of

The Orum House is a freestyle modern architectural delight sitting over Bel Air in California and is famous for Beyonce and a recent ad campaign. The price for the residence is $42 million and it features 18,800 square feet on 1.6 acres.

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The asking price for the property is a hefty $42 million and it comes with a view of Southern California that is priceless. Called the Orum House and located in Bel Air, this interesting and very modern mansion shaped in a Y has a fancy past. This includes a musical performance by Beyonce, maybe in a bid to help bring the house more attention to the real estate market. 

See more about this house that actually neighbors Beyonce and her family—and how to become a neighbor yourself with the Orum House.

Beyonce Performs at the Orum

Beyonce, the US pop singer, performed here during a commercial spot for Tiffany and wore an ultra illusive 128.54-karat diamond ring from the company of blue. This made quite the buzz among her beehive fans and the jewelry community at large.

Entering the Orum Estate

When you drive up to the property of the Orum House that is for sale, the first thing you notice is this is not just a house. It is a mansion with a super contemporary and industrial architectural style. Very distinct is also the lack of greens or gardens on the grounds.

The only living feature in the front space is a large tree that is surrounded by smaller bushes. This gives you an instant artistic impression of grandeur and modernity.

You can see the city from the glass windows that completely encase the walls around the interestingly shaped structure. The house is shaped to look like a Y from the top. Orum has an open space under the main floor that opens to an in-ground swimming pool in a smaller but similar v-shape outback.

Interior Decor of Orum

Everything is designed to fit the architecture and indoors there is plenty of natural lighting and the use of beige, gray, and brown throughout the interior. White marble adorns the kitchen countertops while sleek wood cabinets without handles lend a European edge. Gray flooring and a freestanding white bathtub in the primary bathroom offer the illusion of a large eggshell floating over a futuristic ground.

Living In Orum

Once inside the Orum mansion, you are greeted by 15 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, and a 30-car garage. The deck with a balcony and railing outside of the primary bedroom is a substantial 6,000 square feet. Here you have a wide-open view of the city and pool area.

A butler’s kitchen plus a kitchen for the chef and a third kitchen outdoors truly makes this a paradise for a home cook or entertainer. Firepit lounges and a spa matched with a fitness center, sauna, steam room, and massage rooms also create the perfect living experience for someone with a huge bank account.