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2xm by TDA

2xm by TDA

Location: Pratt Gill Casi Santa Rosa de Lima, Asunción, Paraguay
Architecture: TDA®
Architecture: Miguel Duarte, Larissa Rojas, Adriana Moreno, Luis Landivar
Collaborators: Alberto Martinez, Miguel Duarte, Hugo Lopez
Structural Design: TDA® + Enrique Granada
Structural Calculation: Enrique Granada
Construction: TDA®
Built Area: 400m2
Year of Design: 2015
Year of Construction: 2015
Photographs: Federico Cairoli

An older mother, faced with her recent widowhood, and accompanied by a daughter, decided to build two compact houses, giving up the large house in which the family developed.

This work reflects on compactness. (It can be defined as the ratio between the usable space of buildings and the space occupied by the surface).

Typically the amount of m2. guaranteed social position. The more m2 we built, the more socially accepted we were, he commented.

The passage of time is fast. The children migrate building new places and that home becomes a museum, dark and silent.

Faced with the fear of abandonment and above all of the oblivion, this proposal rethinks coexistence based on practicality but above all on constituting a new concept of compact use of space.

Taking into account the functional requirements and especially the spatial qualification rather than the quantification of m2.

Thus, a load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete is defined (efficiency and low maintenance cost, requests from the future user) that optimizes occupancy by emphasizing emptiness.

A 25m top beam. long. 2 pillars located in relation 1-5. A sidewall.

This basic and combined structure builds 3 habitable blocks and 2 intermediate courtyards. Two overlapping houses of 4m. wide and 25m. deep in a 12x30m plot.

The front block suspended 7m. generates garages in PB. The central (completely suspended) living room and kitchen. Later the mother’s suite, also flying. Upstairs is the daughter’s house, 3 bedrooms en suite, and an intimate living room.

All blocks with patios of light and intermediate ventilation. A house that occupies a minimum area of ​​land, giving the possibility of fully enjoying the garden. The exterior image results from the interior spatial search. Abstraction and structural dignity, rich spatiality, controlled lighting, and human scale.

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