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Eliot Noyes’ House in New Canaan, CT (Listed for $7.995 Million)

This is the view of the back of the house that has a spacious rolling lawn of grass. Here you can see the gorgeous glass walls of the house that go well with the brown tone of the exterior walls. Images courtesy of

Elliot Noyes is an architect known for a simple design style that worked with the natural surroundings. Brown House is made of wood and glass. It’s startlingly simple yet luxurious. It flows with the terraced lawn adding visual interest. Inside, the uncomplicated design adds to the elegance of this Midcentury Modern estate in New Canaan. It’s now on the market for $7.9 million.

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Elliot Noyes and the Harvard Five

Elliot Noyes is known as one of the Harvard Five. These architects graduated from the Harvard School of Design and moved to New Canaan Connecticut. Despite the conservative atmosphere and colonial saltbox homes, they found it the perfect place to explore their design ideals. They were followers of the Bauhaus movement, which aimed to marry form and function in creative ways. In addition to designing innovative homes, Eliot Noyes left an impression on corporate architecture. He helped create corporate design strategies and worked with IBM and Westinghouse.

The Brown House

The Brown House likely gets its namesake from the color of the home itself. The lower level of the home is a rich wood and has glass walls framing the entrance. The two car garage is made from the same wood as the walls on the lower level. Glass walled balconies adorn the second floor. The top-level is white with brown trim. The walls on the upper level are made of glass. The large concrete driveway leads to the entrance of the home, with a rock wall in front of the entranceway. The estate sits has 2.81 of impeccably manicured lawn and landscaping that accents the home.

Simple and Sophisticated

The Brown House is 6,275 sq ft, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The narrow foyer has an indoor balcony that overlooks it. Colorful artwork contrasts with the simple beige walls with wood trim. Rich wood flooring and light-colored walls can be found throughout the home. In many rooms, plush area rugs add a cozy ambiance. The rooms are spacious and the interior design is simple and uncluttered, in keeping with Midcentury Modern style.

Glass walls provide an open feel. Paired with the use of wood and glass, it gives the home a grounded natural feel that isn’t often seen in luxurious estates. Every element of is luxurious yet unpretentious. The dining area leads to an outdoor dining area through glass doors. The courtyard features a stone fireplace. The outdoor area can also be accessed via stone steps on the side of the home.

The style is particularly charming in the primary bathroom. Light wood floors meet a rich dark wood wall and bench leading the walk-in shower. It also encompasses the large soaker tub. The wall adjacent to the tub is glass, giving a breathtaking view of the treetops.


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