Suzanne Somers’ House in Palm Springs, CA (Listed for $9.5 Million)

Aerial view of Suzanne Somers's French Provincia-style hideaway in Palms Springs.

Dream girl Suzanne Somers paradise Palm Springs currently availabile for sale for a cool $9.5 million dollars.

It is only fitting that dream girl Suzanne Somers would have a paradise dream home of her own. She and husband Alan Hamel have owned a French Provincial-Style Palm Springs romantic hideaway home since the 1970s which is currently for sale for a cool $9.5 million dollars.

Co-listing agents are Scott Lyle of Douglas Elliman, Palm Springs and Ronald Parks of Pacific Sotheby’s, Palm Springs.

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Facts About Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers is a controversial actress, author, singer, health spokeswoman, businesswoman, and longtime Hollywood celebrity. She posed for Playboy several times and is best known for her cameo appearance in the film “American Graffiti” as the “blonde bombshell in the Thunderbird”. Besides this iconic film, she also starred in Three’s Company as Chrissy Snow and in Step by Step as Carol Foster Lambert.

Suzanne Somers survived breast cancer and against some medical advice used alternative treatments to deal with her condition. This garnered some criticism from the American Cancer Society and others as the treatment she was using was said to be scientifically unproven and potentially dangerous. Nonetheless, she is in excellent health today. She has written nearly 30 books and as a prolific author, she possesses a definite intelligence far beyond her famous blonde good looks.

A Palm Springs Home to Die For

Overlooking Palm Springs from a craggy mountainside, her longtime home was the space where she lived out much of her life with her husband and was a spot for many social interactions such as parties and star-studded events. This beautiful spacious home has almost 10,000 square feet of pavilions set on a 73-acre mountainside property.

In the center of the home is a stunning outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by an outdoor amphitheater which is carved into the mountain (seating 50 people), an ornate dance floor, a spa area with hiking trails, and a breathtaking natural waterfall rushing down the hillside. Designed and built in the roaring 1920s by architect Albert Frey, the super romantic home had many visitors amongst the rich and famous and notables.

Other features of the home include a separate dining and living room, a two-room kitchen, and a fully stocked wine cellar. Elegance set within nature is the theme, with wood and rock accents amid crystal chandeliers. There is no access by automobiles to the property, but there are stone steps leading to it, and visitors can use golf carts to approach.

Suzanne and her husband spent many years living out their famous love at this home, while she reported a very active love life to the media where she described her bliss and happiness to the world. Many consider this property to be the ultimate love nest, and whoever scoops it up will be living a coveted part of the American dream.

For Those Interested in Acquiring this Property

Currently reduced to a price tag of $9.5 million dollars, Suzanne and her husband are accepting offers through listing agents Ronald Parks of Sotheby’s of Palm Springs and Scott Lyle of Douglas Elliman, Palm Springs. Although out of reach for many, this paradise home holds a truly special place in America’s heart.

Photo credit: Douglas Elliman

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