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Stunning Skyline House by Terry & Terry Architecture

Terry & Terry Architecture rebuilt a home in Oakland that was constructed after the 1991 firestorm. It’s located on top of the Eastbay Mountains, which overlooks the city of Oakland, California.

The Location

The Skyline House has breathtaking views. In addition to the Oakland city skyline, you can also see the southwest section of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The design of this home is intended for a young family. It has an open floor plan and home scheme that appeals to younger couples because of the modern feel.

It’s perfect for people that want views of the city and bay from their home and garden. There are two massive redwood trees on each side of the property. In addition to the trees, the home also has a garden in the front area.

There is an open common space in the home that connects directly to the garden. A viewing deck off the side of the living space is the pathway from the home to the garden. The viewing deck is the perfect location to enjoy the beauty of the Oakland skyline.

The Climate

The home is about 1,800 feet above sea level so that you can see for miles. A high elevation level exposes the home to treacherous weather and extreme wind conditions. At times, there are also severe temperature fluctuations at this location.

To combat these conditions, the architects built the house with the proper materials to withstand the extreme weather, the wind, and temperature changes.

There are tubes in the roof that cool the residence with natural winds. The home’s interior cools off with breezes during hot days in the Bay Area. They also made it possible for the coastal fog to ventilate the property.

Modern Concept

The architects used the existing floor plan to remodel the kitchen. Just like the common living space, the kitchen also opens up towards the viewing deck and garden area. There is also an outdoor dining area off the main part of the kitchen.

Essential, the floor plan is one giant open concept. The roof on the outdoor sections helps to protect the residents from the direct sunlight at high elevations. A beautiful staircase is a bridge between the lower ground floor and main floor levels.

The ground level has a media projection room, bedroom, and office.

The Oakland Skyline house has a modern open concept design in the mountain range of a big city. There are breathtaking views from nearly every location inside and outside of the home.

Design by Terry & Terry Architecture

Design by Terry & Terry Architecture