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Split House by hsu-rudolphy

Split House by hsu-rudolphy

Objective – Independence between Adults and Youth spaces.

The project is a Vacation House, of approximately 270 m2, on the edge of Lake Rupanco – Chile.

The main requirement was that the adult area is separated from the children’s area as much as possible.

The proposed solution was two different volumes, the Adult and the Youth. These were connected by a gallery, that also was the main access to the house.

All the enclosures have a unique lake view

It was requested that all the enclosures should have views of the lake. The land in which the project is located is very thin so it was not possible to arrange the enclosures parallel to the lake. One volume was proposed after another but displaced enough to leave both with a view towards the lake and the Osorno volcano.

Geometry: How to Wrap the program with the minimum surface.

The proposed geometry or volume is the result of wrapping the program trying to use the least surface covered walls.

Construction system.

The place where the project is located is difficult to access. It was decided to work with a local workforce and with a known construction system. The structure is wooden, standing 2×4 rights, and 2×8 beams. Punctual steel beams were used to solve the larger light.

Project: Split House

Studio: hsu-rudolphy



Architects: Ian Hsü, Gabriel Rudolphy

Collaborator: Sandrine Muñoz

Location: Chile, Rupanco Lake

Date: 2018

Surface: (m2) 270

Photography: Ian Hsü