13 Lovely Small Loveseat Options

Living room with a small loveseat

Need a small loveseat? We got you covered. We researched extensively and put together this great collection of compact loveseats from the leading online furniture stores.

Another way to look at a loveseat is as a small sofa.  However, within the loveseat furniture line there are what are considered small loveseats.

We scoured the best online furniture stores and put together this extensive list of what we consider some of the best small loveseat options for 2020.

Check them out.

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1. Small Modway Modern Loveseat

White, synthetic loveseat with a nice, velvet finish.Falling somewhere between a couch and a chair, a loveseat typically seats two people. That’s exactly what you get here, so don’t let the single cushion fool you. It also available in a range of 17 colors, so you can easily find a seat to suit your personal style.

Made using synthetic soft velvet, the seat is 19 inches wide, with a 28.5-inch length. Four legs elevate it slightly off the ground, and it only weighs 46 pounds. Despite that, it can handle a maximum weight of 285 pounds.

There are little caps on the ends of the legs, which stop them from marking up wooden flooring. The curved back also looks pretty, though it does mean that the seat won’t sit flush against a wall.


  • Comes with a wide choice of colors
  • The legs at the base have caps on the ends
  • Very light, while still capable of holding plenty of weight


  • One of the pricier small loveseats when you take the synthetic materials into account

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2. DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat

Loveseat with chrome feet for a sturdy finish.The chrome feet instantly lend this loveseat a modern charm, plus they’re nice and sturdy. The linen upholstery adds to the contemporary style, being comfortable enough for extended sitting while also having a certain refinement to it. This would work just as well as a small sofa in an office as it does as a loveseat for the sitting room.

It can handle 400 pounds in weight, despite only weighing 59 pounds itself. The 76-inch length makes this one of the larger small loveseats around, though the 17.5-inch seat height doesn’t offer a lot of back support.

Assembly doesn’t take too long, plus you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty when buying from a good vendor.


  • The combination of chrome and linen give this a modern feel
  • Has a high maximum weight limit
  • Longer length than most small loveseats
  • Features adjustable armrests


  • Very small back seat

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3. Compact Dorel Living DA001-LS Gordon Loveseat

Traditional gray loveseat with curved arms. The traditional style makes this loveseat a great addition to any living room. It has curved arms, with back cushions that offer plenty of support.

While the fabric looks like linen, it’s actually synthetic. Still, it feels fine and it’s easy to wipe down if you have any pets that’ll be jumping around on the seat.

The deep box cushions make this one of the most comfortable small loveseats, as does the use of pocket coils in the seat. It’s pretty heavy, coming in at 71 pounds with the hefty cushions included. Despite this, it’s only 55 inches in length, so this may be a good choice if you know exactly where you want to put the seat and don’t intend to move it around a lot.


  • Mid-century design looks great in most sitting rooms
  • Faux linen wipes down easily
  • Rear cushions offer more height in the back


  • One of the heavier small loveseats available

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4. Target Marketing Systems Elijah Collection Loveseat

Two-toned loveseat, gray and white, in a futuristic design. This loveseat has a futuristic design, with curved arms leading up to a straight back. It has that mid-century style to it, so it looks chic without being overly modern or too traditional. If your room has a pop art theme, this may be one of the better small loveseats for accentuating your sense of style.

The round legs contain rubberwood, making this one of the sturdier loveseats. The entire package only weighs 62 pounds too, putting it at about the mid-range for small loveseats. It’s 50 inches in length and has a surprisingly high 34-inch back.

The two-tone style suits it as well, as the seat cushion is a touch lighter than the frame.


  • Lovely curved arms give it a mid-century vibe
  • Rubberwood legs look the part and offer stability


  • Requires some assembly upon arrival

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5. W Unlimited Rustic Collection Loveseat

A loveseat with an all-weather coating, great for outdoor use too.The main selling point of this loveseat is that it’s just as home outdoors as it is inside. The wicker design has an all-weather coating, which means it dries out quickly after rain and can handle hundreds of hours of exposure to ultraviolet light. It only weighs 36.15 pounds too, so you’ll have no trouble dragging it indoors if you want to keep it out of harsh weather.

At only 46.5 inches long, it’s one of the shorter small loveseats. However, it does come with a couple of little cushions, which go nicely with the main seat cushions.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the wicker makes it weak either. It has an aluminum frame, so it can withstand more of a beating than you might expect.


  • Looks great both indoors and out
  • Woven style offers it a unique look
  • One of the lightest small loveseats available


  • It’s small, even for a loveseat

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6. Madison Home Classic Ultra Loveseat

A loveseat in a classic design with chunky and sturdy cushions. Madison Home go for the classic look with thisloveseat, and they succeed. Despite its small stature, the seat has big cushions that are a pleasure to sink into after a hard day at work. It also comes in your choice of brown, dark grey, or hazelnut upholstery.

The 57-inch width means there’s plenty of space for two people, plus the cushions offer an 18-inch backrest. The cushions do add to the weight though, as it weighs 90 pounds with everything on top.

As for the upholstery, it’s a soft microfiber that won’t scratch against your skin. It sits on four black legs, which make it sturdy enough to handle a maximum weight of 600 pounds.


  • Has a classic look which means it looks great in most sitting rooms
  • Thick cushions make this one of the most comfortable small loveseats


  • It’s heavier than most other loveseats

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7. Charlton Home Patricia Loveseat

Small loveseat looking sleek, great for a modern type of interior.There aren’t many other small loveseats with a human name, but that’s not the impressive thing about this seat. It has a bold and chunky design that emphasizes comfort over sleekness. While it may not be a great choice for a home with modern décor, it’s ideal for curling up on next to the first during the winter.

Like most small loveseats, it has a set of legs to elevate it enough so that it offers some leg room. It’s 56.3 inches wide, with an 18.5-inch back that you can use a few cushions to bolster. The arms also curve slightly away from the middle of the seat, so they don’t take up too much valuable space.


  • Chunky design means it looks great in traditional sitting rooms
  • Curved arms don’t take much away from the width


  • Surprisingly firm at first
  • Plastic legs don’t offer the same sturdiness as wood

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8. Mercury Row Debolt Loveseat

Gray loveseat with a curved back and sturdy wooden legs. Another of those small loveseats with a curved back, this sets itself apart with the interesting vertical line pattern running across the back seat. This curve extends down to the arms, which flare slightly away from the sofa. It’s sturdy too, thanks to the solid wood legs that have a deep espresso finish.

This is about as small as small loveseats get, with its 48-inch width and 45.19-pound weight. This does make it easy to move around though, so it’s great for use as a movie night chair. Just drag it up to the TV and stretch out while you enjoy a good flick.


  • Low weight means you can quickly move it to other areas of a room
  • Curved back tapers off nicely and lends the seat an attractive aesthetic


  • No cons at this stage

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9. Albany RTA Cora Platinum Loveseat

Soft and smooth loveseat and cushions with reversible cases. A gorgeous and refined loveseat, this comes with a couple of cushions that have reversible cases. For most of us, that means that you get a choice of two cushion designs. However, there may be a few out there who may also like reversibility because it means they don’t have to wash the cases as often.

It’s at the higher end of the price spectrum for small loveseats, but you get what you pay for. Its 65.5-inch width offers plenty of space, though it does weigh 93 pounds. A combination of foam, fabric, and wood make up the construction, which is sturdy enough to carry two averaged-sized people easily.


  • Chunky design with comfortable cushions
  • Smaller cushions have reversible covers
  • Doesn’t need tools for assembly


  • One of the heaviest small loveseats

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10. Flash Furniture Hercules Trinity Series Leather Loveseat

A durable and easy-to-clean loveseat in a black leather finish. You get all of the benefits associated with real leather with this seat, which include durability and easy cleaning. Stains wipe off in a matter of seconds, making this a great choice for young families that have to deal with a lot of cleaning up. The angular design also lends it a modern flare, though some might think it’s a touch on the boring side.

At 55.5 inches wide, it offers enough room for two. It also has a stainless steel frame supporting the leather, which only adds to the sturdiness. The seat can handle a maximum weight of 500 pounds and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sleek design that takes advantage of simple lines
  • Has a stainless steel frame
  • Uses genuine leather for the upholstery


  • May look a bit drab in rooms where there’s a lot going on

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11. Navarre Loveseat

This simple and chunky loveseat with two cushions showcases the real meaning of comfy.Another chunky loveseat that puts the emphasis on comfort, Navarre’s seat comes in a neutral beige color. It slots in well alongside practically any style of décor, plus it comes with a couple of small cushions.

Simplicity is the name of the game here, as there’s nothing too complicated going on. The cushions all fit together nicely, and everything makes sense, so it’s a good choice for those who just want something easy and comfortable.

It’s one of the heavier small loveseats, as it weighs 90.2 pounds. However, that does mean that its 61 inches wide, so you can put your feet up if you’re alone.


  • Neutral color makes it a good fit for most rooms
  • One of the wider small loveseats available
  • Doesn’t need any tools for assembly


  • Simplistic design may not suit those who like a bit of flare

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12. Eva Tufted Fabric Wingback Loveseat

White, arm-less couch with curved legs in a beautiful french style.A unique loveseat if ever you saw one, this has no arms, unless you count the small supports that attached to the back. What it does have is an elegant French design that harkens back to years gone by. The large curved legs offer plenty of support, while the studs running across the base add to the overall feel.

This may not be the best loveseat for comfort, as it’s only 44 inches wide. However, the 36.6-pound weight makes up for it, as you can easily experiment with the perfect positioning without leaving yourself feeling exhausted after a few minutes.


  • Has a unique style that sets it apart
  • Light enough to move around easily


  • Not the loveseat for you if you’re looking for comfort

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13. Sackarias Mid Century Loveseat

A mid-century type of loveseat in a sleek finish that combines comfort and style. Another loveseat with a mid-century design, the huge base sets this apart from other small loveseats. Such a massive bottom cushion does mean that something has to give elsewhere to make this small enough to be a loveseat though. The 19-inch back loses out, though Sackarias provides a couple of chunky cushions to keep it comfortable.

You get a choice of grey, dark teal, or light blue for the polyester fabric upholstery. At 52.5 inches wide, there’s enough room for a seated couple, though children should also be able to use it to lie down. As a result, this may make a great addition to a large kid’s bedroom.


  • Chunky base cushion makes it more comfortable and offers a unique aesthetic
  • Large back cushions make up for the small back seat


  • Requires some assembly, though it comes with the tools that you need

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Loveseats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you have to think about what’s important for you before you buy. If you want comfort, you’re looking for width, height, and plenty of cushions. However, there are just as many people who want loveseats for their decorative potential.

In those cases, the look may be just as important as the feel. Whatever choice you make, check the materials. Looking good doesn’t mean much if the seat collapses as soon as you sit on it.


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