Small House in Shanghai by Mitsuhiro Shoji

Small House in Shanghai by Mitsuhiro Shoji

Uchida Shanghai has completed a very small residential area of 47 square meters in Shanghai, China. The concept was to acquire the spatial richness as well as secure the maximum storage space for a family to live.

Most of the furniture was custom-made to make the space feel free and sophisticated. the main materials were primitive — bamboo, laminated wood, and iron — while their combination makes you feel the atmosphere of the modern shanghai city.

The small space has two levels — the first floor hosts communal areas, while the bedroom and a tatami room are located upstairs. Although Uchida Shanghai is a china-based studio, its design focuses on the traditional Japanese approach, so the use of tatami is a typical move in the architects’ work.

Architect: Mitsuhiro Shoji

Photography: Kenta Hasegawa

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