14 Outstanding Small Couch Options

Living room with small sofaNeed a small couch?

Need a small couch? So do I for my office. I've done a ton of research and set out 14 excellent picks (plus galleries featuring dozens of additional small sofa options.

Many people do. In fact, I’m currently looking for one for my office. I’ve done a ton of research looking for the best small sofa that’ll fit in a fairly small space.

Below you’ll find a small, but solid selection of small couches. As you can tell, I like the chesterfield a lot.

FYI, if you’re looking for small sectionals, check out our small sectionals article here.

A. Small Chesterfield Sofas

1. Abbyson Louise Chesterfield Leather Sofa

Chocolate brown sofa made out of genuine leather.Made using genuine leather, this small sofa looks great when doubled up as part of an ensemble in a traditional sitting room. The 86-inch width and 39-inch depth also mean that you don’t have to have to struggle too much to fit it through the door. Having said that, it weighs 150 pounds, so moving it is a two-person job.

The hardwood frame can take a few bounces, and the top grain leather should hold up to wear over time. It only comes in brown though, so you may have to look elsewhere if you want a choice of colors.

The rounded corners also have a foam 2.0 filling, as do the seat cushions, so it’s nice and comfortable for when you want to lounge around. Having said all that, it does come in at the pricier end of the spectrum for small couches and sofas.


  • Made using genuine top grain leather
  • Looks great in a traditionally designed sitting room
  • Sturdy hardwood frame
  • Has a foam 2.0 filling


  • Only available in brown
  • One of the priciest compact sofas around

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2. Serve Chesterfield Sofa

A sofa with a significantly lower weight making it easier to move around.This sofa comes with four upholstery choices, including the default Laguna, azure, and two shades of gray. However, bear in mind that switching from the default does incur a cost. As for the sofa itself, it’s 82.5 inches wide and 33.5 inches deep, though that falls to 22.5 inches once you take cushions into account.

That’s still more than enough for most rear ends, plus the 100-pound weight means it’s easy to move around the room. The polyester fabric feels soft enough, though there is a certain roughness to it. As for the frame, it’s made using rubber wood, with walnut legs.

The sofa can seat four, up to a maximum weight limit of 800 pounds. You also get a one-year warranty. However, bear in mind that there’s some assembly required, so you may work up a bit of a sweat getting it ready.


  • Low weight makes it easy to shift around the room
  • You have a choice of several upholstery types
  • Large enough for four people despite the compact design
  • Comes with a one-year warranty when purchased from a reputable vendor


  • 800-pound weight limit makes it unsuitable for several larger people at once
  • You have to pay extra if you don’t want the default upholstery

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3. Garcia Chesterfield Sofa

A sofa with a classic lattice design; it comes into different types of upholstery.This mid-range sofa comes with a choice of four upholsteries, though two of them do carry a small fee. It has a large lattice pattern on the back, with buttons sprinkled throughout to give it that classic look that many people like in their small couches and sofas.

The 86.5-inch width puts it at the larger end of the small couches and sofas spectrum. However, the 32.63-inch depth may be shallower than you were expecting. It weighs 116 pounds, so moving it shouldn’t be a problem.

It has a polyurethane foam fill and removable bun feet. The blend of linen and polyester for the fabric lends it a certain softness, plus all of the materials are certified as non-toxic and lead-free. It ships in three boxes, which makes it easy to get through the door but does mean there’s some assembly needed.


  • You get a choice of four upholsteries
  • Has removable bun feet
  • Fabrics contain no toxins or lead
  • Looks absolutely gorgeous


  • The cushions feel really firm when you first set it up
  • You have to put it together yourself

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4. Gilmore Chesterfield Sofa

A chesterfield sofa that can accommodate a heavy capacity despite being lightweight.The legs may be the first thing you notice with this sofa, as they elevate it a little higher than most other small couches and sofas. It’s 86 inches wide, 32 inches deep, and has a 20-inch back once you put the cushions in place. It’s also one of the lighter small couches and sofas, weighing in at just over 100 pounds.

You’ll love the velvet fabric, which makes it one of the softer small sofas around. It’s the polyester variety though, so you may not feel the same softness as you would with natural velvet. It seats three people, with a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds, so build quality shouldn’t be a problem unless a bunch of big people start bouncing around on it.

It also comes with a one-year warranty for parts, so get it sent back quickly if you spot any defects. As with many other Chesterfield sofas, it requires some assembly.


  • Comes with a choice of four types of upholstery
  • Very light weight
  • Has a large weight capacity given its size
  • You benefit from a one-year parts warranty


  • The velvet is of the synthetic, rather than the natural variety
  • The seat cushion doesn’t fit as snuggly as you may like

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B. Smaller Regular Sofas

1. Edward Sofa

Small Edward sofa with reversible cushionsThis is an ideal option for many small spaces. It’s nice-looking, fits in most home decor styles and it’s small. It’s only 72″ wide, which is pretty compact.

The overall design is simple; not much flourish, but it’s also not ugly by any stretch of the imagination.

Another dimension aspect I like a lot is the deep seat. I loathe sofas that don’t offer a deep seat.

Notice the subtle flair arm, which gives it an attractive curvature. While small, it comfortably seats two people. Add an ottoman and you’ll be very comfortable.

The back cushions are removable making it easy to clean them or flip them around.

Priced well under a $1,000, it won’t break the bank.

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2. Debolt Sofa

Small DeBolt sofaAt only 68″ wide, this is a stylish option that will fit many small spaces.

The seamless curve of the back through to the arms is a classic channel back design style.

Also well under $1,000, this option doesn’t lack in quality (plenty of excellent customer reviews).

The frame is solid wood. The upholstery is linen.

Whether your home is in a more contemporary style or traditional style, this classic design will fit nicely.

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3. Tiny Twin Sleeper

Tiny 58 inch wide sleeper sofaLook at this itty bitty sofa. It’s like a big chair but can fit two people (snugly).

It’s only 58″ wide and it is also a sleeper sofa so even the smallest house or apartment will have a ready made bed for guests.

The bed mattress is the coil style.

While not my favorite style, you don’t necessarily buy this as a living room showpiece. This small couch is for tiny spaces – a small office or as an additional piece if you also need a sleeper sofa.

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4. Small Overstuffed sofa

Small overstuffed sofaNow we’re talking my style.

I love overstuffed furniture because it’s comfortable.

While small, this attractive overstuffed sofa offers a seating option in a small space that’s also very comfortable. I also think it looks great.

This is a Serta brand couch which is a quality, well-recognized brand in the furniture space.

And get this, it costs less than $500.

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C. Compact Futons

1. Kodiak Futon Lounger

A printed sofa that can transform either into a lounge or a bed.One of the main things that sets this apart as one of the better small couches and sofas is its adaptability. You can arrange the back cushions into three different configurations, which may make it a great choice for those looking for some extra flair for their sitting rooms. It even doubles as a mattress for those who want a sofa bed.

You get a choice of 19 colors and design patterns, so there’s something for everybody. When in its couch configuration, it’s 66 inches wide. It should be fine for two people, but you may not want to overburden it. It weighs less than 70 pounds too, so switching it between the different styles won’t present a problem.

The fabrics are a 100% polyester blend, while the mattress/sofa cushion combines 80% blended cotton with a soft polyurethane foam.


  • Can switch between sofa, lounger, and bed at will
  • Huge choice of designs and colors
  • Low weight makes it easy to move around


  • Haphazard measurements may make it tough to assemble
  • The back cushions could use more padding

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2. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Minimalistic sofa bed with a maximum weight capacity.Another one of those small couches and sofas that doubles as a bed, this futon has a minimalistic design. The back folds down to create a basic bed, but you’ll have to provide your own cushions or pillows if you plan on getting a good night’s sleep. It’s available in nine colors and can hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

It does have several pieces of paired furniture, including small chairs and ottomans. This obviously cost extra, but it’s nice to know that you can create a matching sitting room ensemble. When in the sofa position, it’s 71.5 inches wide, with a 35-inch depth.

You receive a one-year limited warranty, though this is from the date of purchase rather than a receipt. It also needs some assembly.


  • Converts between sofa and small bed
  • Has a high maximum weight capacity
  • Comes in a choice of colors
  • Has a limited warranty of one year


  • You’ll need your own pillows if you use it as a bed
  • Feels a little hollow when you’re sat down

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3. Andover Mills Minter Convertible Sofa

Convertible sofa with a soft and smooth finish.At the higher end of the convertible small couches and sofas spectrum comes the Minter convertible sofa. You’ll immediately notice that it has more padding than some of the other sofa beds on this list. It also comes with some throw pillows and the arms included, so it’s not a bare-bones package.

As a sofa, it’s over 84 inches wide, with a 23.5-inch deep seat. Convert it into a mattress and that depth jumps up to 72 inches. It’s on the heavier side, weighing in at almost 125 pounds.

It’s ISTA 31 certified too, which offers you some extra peace of mind. The microfiber materials lend it some softness, but you may find the cushions are a touch firm. They soften over time, plus you have a one-year product warranty to play with if you need it.


  • One of the larger convertible sofas around
  • Comes with throw pillows
  • The sofa setting actually has arms, which is rare with a convertible
  • Carries ISTA certification


  • The middle on both the seat and back feel less sturdy than the rest of the sofa
  • Assembly instructions feature some terrible diagrams

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See a whole lot more small futons here.

D. Small Camel Back Sofas

1. Fairfield Camel Back Sofa

A sofa looking classic and elegant with its curved back and tobacco-colored legs.Perhaps one of the pricier small couches and sofas around, you do get what you pay for with this sofa. It has an elegantly curved back, which peaks at the top, and a refined style that means it looks great in modern or traditional sitting rooms. The big legs elevate it enough to offer some leg room for taller people as well.

Having said that, it’s 75.5 inches in width, with the arms taking some of that away, and it has a 20.5-inch seat depth when the cushions are on. It comes pre-assembled too, so there’s no fiddling about with tools for the impatient among you.

It’s TB117-2013-certified too, so it meets California’s laws for fire safety. A combination of foam and synthetic fibers make up the fill, whereas the fabric is a microfiber that makes it feel nice and soft. Despite the three-cushion seat, it only has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.


  • Has a stylish look thanks to the curved back
  • Tall, tobacco-colored legs offer some elevation
  • TB117-2013 compliant
  • Has sinuous wire springs that lend some bounce to the cushions


  • Surprisingly low maximum weight capacity considering it’s a three-seater
  • A touch pricey for what you get

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2. Elaine Camel Back Sofa

Two-cushion sofa with a flattering teal color in a beautiful satin finish.A two-cushion sofa with a satin teal coloring, this has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It has a Birchwood interior, which should mean that you don’t have to worry about any mold or discoloration over time. The little studs that run up and down the curved arms also have a zinc finish for added protection.

It’s 77 inches wide, with a 31-inch depth, plus it has elevated wood legs. You wouldn’t want to drag it across a hardwood floor, but at least you get more leg room than you get from other small couches and sofas. The curved camel back also lends it an elegant look, though it’s only 31 inches high.

It’s one of the lighter small couches and sofas around, being one of the few to weigh less than 100 pounds. It does come in parts though, so you’ll spend a bit of time putting it together before you can rest.


  • Has a high weight capacity for its own low weight
  • The satin teal color suits the elegant camel back design perfectly
  • The use of Birchwood and zinc protect the frame


  • Requires some assembly
  • The arms don’t have a lot of padding

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3. Jennifer Taylor Legacy Camel back Sofa

A gorgeous-looking sofa in a unique and symmetrical camel back style.You’ll fall in love with this unique take on the camelback sofa design. The back has a symmetrical pattern, with each side peaking before the halfway point, then coming back down slightly to create an almost heart-shaped middle. It’s a two-seater too, so you get some nice big cushions thrown into the mix.

This also uses Birchwood throughout, so mold won’t be a problem over time. The legs offer some elevation too, though that come down into fairly narrow points. Its 82-inch width offers plenty of sitting space for two people, and it’s 35 inches deep.

The base mirrors the design of the camelback, though it also has tiny nail heads running along the edge to round out the package. You get a choice of two colors, though the unappetizingly-named fungi will cost a little more.


  • Gorgeous twist on the traditional camel back design
  • Big cushions make it one of the more comfortable small sofas around
  • Has a Birchwood frame that resists mold
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty


  • Pointed feet may scratch or dent wooden floors
  • The rounded arms are a bit on the small side

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D. Conclusion

You have a few choices to make when you’re looking at small couches and sofas. The classic Chesterfield design may look a touch out of place in modern homes, but you can’t deny their comfort. Camelback sofas offer more space for unique design choices, while futons have convertibility up their sleeve.

Pay attention to the sizes and weight limits too. Some small sofas may look like they can hold more than they can, and you don’t want any nasty surprises if you try to overload them. Nevertheless, every sofa on this list is a good choice for anybody who wants a sofa to fit a small space.


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