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Should You Get a Slipcovered Sofa?

A living room with a slipcover sofa and wall décor.

If you want to know whether or not you should get a slipcovered sofa, here’s an outstanding “Yes!” for you to hear. That’s right, slipcovered sofas are in style. There are many benefits of having a slipcovered sofa and examples of ways to use this type of seating.

See what I’m talking about and learn more about how to use a slipcover most effectively for your interior decor and home seating needs.

For Stain Coverage

Do you have a sofa that is covered in stains and looks unsightly? Then, save a few hundred dollars and upgrade its surface with a slipcover. There are reasons why slipcovers are so beneficial to people, including hiding those blemishes and tears.

Along with covering up the history of a couch with a slipcover, you also get to pretend that you have a whole new sofa. This brings up the next point I want to cover, which is also the reason why most of us end up buying a slipcover for our sofa at some point in time.SureFit Home Décor Soft Suede Box Cushion Sofa Cover, Relaxed Fit, Polyester, Machine Washable, Taupe Color

Better yet, when you buy a slipcover for your sofa, you can choose a waterproof or stainproof fabric. This allows you to be preemptive in choosing a slipcover that will prevent more stains from happening on the sofa in the future. Use this heavy-duty type of sofa cover when you struggle with stains and spills, too, to keep the sofa in as good of a shape as possible.

Sofas are not cheap and tend to be troublesome when it comes to disposing of used ones. Care for your sofa properly to get the best investment out of your furniture.

When Updating the Look

If you are tired of seeing the same sofa over and over again, you should consider investing in a slipcovered sofa. This is a sofa that already has a slipcover that comes with it, or can be easily changed with the use of a slipcover. You can start with a basic white or black sofa, and then update its look with a printed or different color slipcover at any time. 

As noted by Club Furniture, “For this reason, we always recommend slip-covered styles for people who love the look of a crisp, white sofa but worry about maintaining a clean and fresh look, even in homes with kids and pets. It’s Easy to Swap Out— Naturally, the ability to change your furniture at your whim is a major benefit of the slipcovered sofa.”Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-Piece Sofa Cover Furniture Protector Couch Soft with Elastic Bottom for Kids, Polyester Spandex Jacquard Fabric Small Checks (Sofa, Dark Gray)

There are so many different kinds of slipcovers and a wild variety of prints and themes. You can choose a new slipcover for quite an affordable price, too, with some selling for as cheap as $20 on Amazon. The use of a slipcover made from a jersey tee material, for example, will allow you to stretch the slipcover to fit over any shape of a couch, too.

This material covers the entire surface of the couch quite quickly and conveniently without a lot of struggle. 

It uses elastic edges to help hold the slipcover down over the sofa, too. You also get individual slipcovers for couch cushions, depending on the type of slipcovers you purchase. There are really so many slipcovers for sofas that you cannot afford to miss out on this trendy home decor idea.

Update the look of your entire living room for any season or holiday, just with the use of a new color or print on a slipcover for your sofa. It really is that easy! 

To Cover Pet Hair

A living room with a a wooden sofa and pillows.

Are you house hosting for someone who is allergic to pets, and you have a dog or cat? Fear not! You can ensure your visitors have the best time ever when you cover the existing furniture with a slipcover.

The sofa comes first since that’s the most popular place for people to sit when in someone’s home. Stop having guests complain about pet hair, and protect them from itching from pet dander. Use a slipcover to prevent the sofa from getting covered in hair in the first place, and then replace the covering with a new one when guests come over.

This will help you provide a more friendly and welcoming environment for visitors. 

To Protect Against CouchSurfers

If you are providing a place for people who are CouchSurfing, then you absolutely need to have a slipcover on your sofa. You are planning on having these random strangers from everywhere on earth come into your home. They are going to have all sorts of germs and grime that need to be removed.

When you use a slipcover sofa, you can easily wash your slipcover after each traveler sleeps on it. Trust me when I say, you do not want to share a sofa with a hundred different random strangers–in your own home. 

A sofa with stripe cover, and a lamp.

Not using a slipcover on a sofa is not sanitary and not safe in terms of bed bugs and skin mites. There is also the concern of contracting contact dermatitis and other skin diseases. Use a slipcover on that sofa when letting anyone CouchSurf at your place.

This also extends to homes with frequent visitors, including friends and family. If you often host sleepovers and have someone sleeping on the sofa, then you had better have a slipcover protecting the surface.