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Should My Computer Desk to Double as My Nightstand?

Using a desk as a nightstand may or may not work depending on the person's lifestyle. Find out the pros and cons of having a desk doubles as a nightstand and see if this setup will work for you.

Bedroom with a comfy bed and a wooden desk next to it.

People are staying at home more these days due to the pandemic that has taken over the world.  The one thing I don’t want to do is be confined to one room in the house.  I know that no one has to stay in one room, but if my computer desk doubled as a nightstand, I would only need to leave my bedside to get food. 

I use my computer a lot, and I can not go through the day and night, working or being entertained on my computer that sits beside the bed.  I would feel that I never had to get dressed, but stay in pajamas all day.  I am not in favor of having my computer desk double as a nightstand for other reasons. 

A common issue for me would be that I would never get a proper night’s sleep because of being on the computer late into the night, or waking up to check what I may have missed, regardless of the time.  This could occur several times during the night and early morning.  So, healthwise, in my opinion, it is not a good concept. 

“Most conventional advice recommends keeping work outside of the bedroom to boost calm and serenity within a sleeping space.” 

I realize that our society today is forcing some people to make drastic changes within their homes, like working from home, and in-home virtual learning for children.  Finding separate spaces for these is important, but there also has to be a place in the home where everyone can go to get away from it all, and that is the bedroom.

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Kid's bedroom with pink walls and a white desk.

A computer desk doubling as a nightstand may possibly work in a child’s room because the parent controls the timing of activities.  An adult will not be as compliant.  We have a tendency to want to work until we can no longer keep our eyes and get right back to it while still groggy with sleep. 

Speaking for myself, I want to get out of bed, get dressed, and leave the bedroom to get work started, even if it is in another part of the house.  Many people are just like me and do not get the proper sleep they need, and would not get it if the computer desk with the computer was at the bedside.  One of the ways to develop sound sleep patterns is to create a restful sleep environment. 

Surely, I’m not the only person who would work 24/7 with the computer so accessible.  I have children, grandchildren, and friends who come over from time to time, and periodically, they request to use the computer.  I would not be amiss to say that the bedroom is the one room in the house that I consider to be very personal, and do not want traffic in and out. 

I am more comfortable in such situations with the computer desk and computer in the den or kitchen. 

“Some homes have outlets in the center of the room on the floor, which is very convenient for placing a desk in the center.  Ultimately, your desk placement needs to fit the needs of you as an individual.” 

Top view of a built-in desk that doubles as nightstand.

For me, having a computer desk double as a nightstand poses another problem, and that is the nagging little light that stays on my internet modem which sits beside the computer. 

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When everything is turned off, it shines enough light to brighten the entire room.  I don’t want to have that over my head as I try to sleep.  Most of the modern computer desks seem to have too much going on to fit into a bedroom.  

I am a huge fan of computer desks, just not for the bedroom.  Being realistic, I know that space plays a big part in the decision to place a computer desk in the bedroom.  Young people who are maybe just starting out in a small apartment or small first home can find no other space in which to place a computer and desk. 

Under these circumstances, the best option for them may be to have the desk in the bedroom doubling as a nightstand. 

They do make desks that are suitable for compromising their use.  The ones made in this style may be the exception to the rule.  It is a little smaller and may look acceptable to double as a nightstand.  

Close-up of glass-top desk beside the bed.

There are various sizes of computer desks that will fit appropriately in an apartment bedroom which is somewhat smaller than that of a house.  Although this is not my preference, it is a suitable option.  As I mentioned earlier, I do not enjoy spending many waking hours in the bedroom unless I am sick. 

Working on my computer is much more enjoyable when it is done in another room in the house.  When I return to my bedroom for the evening, I can do it without viewing the room as my workplace.  Relaxation and rest come easier for me, knowing that this is where I can go and relieve myself of all the woes and hassles of the day. 

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No computer in the bedroom to entice me.  It has often been said that the bedroom should be conducive to sleep.  I believe that wholeheartedly. 

As a society, we are prone to having televisions in the bedroom.  This is totally different from the computer desk and nightstand combination with a computer.  A television will simply lull me to sleep, or I can turn it off. 

If my computer was on the desk, I would find a need to turn it on and start working on something.