Revolutionary 973 AJAP Tower by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The 973 AJAP Tower is a multi-family residence building that was built in 2008. It’s a 7,530 square meter structure that is 16 stories above the ground level.

With it's redefined luxury living and versatility, the 973 AJAP Tower is a perfect place for families to live in.

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects constructed the building in Lima, Peru. The architects made an intelligent decision to build this housing complex with the future site conditions in mind. They took the sun patterns, the wind, and adjacent buildings into consideration as during the construction phase. They also wanted to make the views and privacy a priority for the residents.

The Design

All of the apartments facing the street have balconies with a rippling effect that creates additional space and also adds shade from the strong Peruvian sun. The first floor of the building has raised ceilings, which allows the building to breathe at street level and does not create the feel of large mass for pedestrians walking by.

There is a courtyard in the year of the building that fills with natural light, especially in the morning. They also designed the courtyard to get cool breezes, as opposed to getting trapped with hot air. It’s an appealing place for residents to relax in the sunlight and enjoy a natural breeze.

The design of the living spaces is based on a simple system. It’s built with concrete slabs and columns. The majority of the living spaces are located in the central area of this site.

As new buildings get resurrected in Lima, the city starts to feel denser. The architects designed the 973 AJAP Tower to feel open and add beauty and space to the Lima skyline and dense feeling on the streets. The complex design is three-dimensional and uses geometry figures to stand out against other bland buildings.

Luxury Features for Residents

There are 16 different residences in the building. You can enter the unit from the front entrance or the parking garage, which are both on the first floor. The facility also has a gym as well as a water garden that’s sunken in. These were made to connect visitors and residents to physical activity and awareness of the earth.

973 AJAP Tower also has a beautiful rooftop. It’s another location where residents can enjoy a cool breeze and escape from their hectic lives by enjoying the sunshine and sky. Some of the other amenities include a pool, spa, television, bar, lounge, pool tables, and putting greens. All of these features create the ultimate luxury living apartments for the residents of this building.

There is a small forest of trees and benches that overlook the Pacific Ocean where guests can come to relax and enjoy the beauty of their home.

The surface design of the residencies mimics the geometric pattern of a golf ball, meaning the glass has dimples. These dimples create shade and change the lighting views based on solar radiation throughout the year.

It’s an environmentally sustainable building as well. They used 50% recycled materials in the construction process. There is also a solar heated pool and solar panels on the roof to power some of the electrical components in the building.

All in all, the 973 AJAP Tower is an intuitive design that adds luxury living and versatility to the city of Lima, Peru.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

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