22 Luxury Patios (Photos)

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Massive luxury patio in backyard of mansion

There are patios and then there are luxury patios (part of a our luxury home design series).  This gallery includes hand-selected patios that take patio design to the next level.  Please note that we did not include patios with pools (in most cases).  We have a dedicated swimming pools gallery as well as a luxury swimming pools gallery.

Patios are not cheap to build and the ones we feature here are more expensive than most.  That said, some in this list aren’t necessarily the most expensive, but they are beautiful.  I particularly like patios that are set among gardens or have plenty of flowers, plants, bushes and grasses bordering them.  This is a fairly inexpensive way to create what appears as a luxury patio.


The entry to the home features beautiful greenery on both sides.

Outdoor areas of the house provide a relaxing walkway in the garden. Photographer: Doublespace Photography / Designers: Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster / Structural Engineer: Jim Thomson / General Contractor: Timberline Custom Homes / Landscape Design: Gray Landscape Construction