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11 Top Online Stores that Sell Patio Heaters (Where to Buy?)

Propane patio heater in winter.

It’s that time of year when a chill is often in the air, with maybe even snow on the ground. You can still enjoy the outdoors in comfort, however, with an outdoor patio heater. There are a number of stores that sell quality patio heaters online. They’re not all the same as to the brands they carry, shipping protocols, and the way they do business, in general. One of the first decisions to make is what type of outdoor patio heater you want.

Liquid propane is the most popular fuel choice, due to its clean, smokeless burn and reasonable price. Natural gas heaters are popular as well. The intensity of heat of these is higher than most electric models put out, and you don’t need to worry about electrical outlets and wires. Electric outdoor heaters are often chosen for use in smaller areas or by those who don’t want the fueling hassle. Free-standing, wall-mounted, and tabletop heaters are available. Here are the major online stores that sell outdoor patio heaters, in no particular order, along with some info about each:

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1. BarStoreUSA

BarStoreUSA patio heaters

BarStoreUSA was created to help you celebrate and have fun in style. They carry everything from home bars, wine refrigeration, game room equipment, and of course outdoor patio decor.

Founded in 2017, they are authorized dealers of high end Patio Heater brand: Lava Heat Italia. Expect to find the best prices with fast and free shipping. Each patio heater is shipped quickly, so you won’t need to wait long before you can add that finishing touch to your patio.

You’ll find a wide variety of beautiful heaters suited to any kind of aesthetic you could possibly dream of. There are patio heaters shaped like towers, lamps, and wicker posts. They come in all kinds of colors from black to metallic to bronze, so you can match them to any color scheme.

For the sake of convenience, you can order them disassembled to save a little on the cost or assembled so that the moment your patio heater arrives, you’ll have it ready to go.

With BarStore USA, you’ll also enjoy world-class customer service. Through email, chat, or phone, you can easily get in touch with personable representatives who will answer any questions you have about your patio heater.

2. Home Depot

The Home Depot signage against a clear blue sky.

Home Depot has a great selection of outdoor patio heaters! As you probably already know, Home Depot is a terrific spot to get almost anything in the home improvement line. And Home Depot also has stores on the ground across the nation, unlike purely online stores. Home Depot is the largest physical outlet hardware chain in the country. Home Depot customers also review their products, so you can get a fair idea of customer satisfaction and product quality. Checking reviews, in general, is one of the best ways to gain an accurate picture of a product’s good points and drawbacks.

The Best Seller at Home Depot is often marked as well. For patio heaters right now, it is the Hampton Bay, 48,000 BTU Stainless Steel Patio Heater. This heater scored a very respectable 4.4 on a 5-star customer satisfaction scale, with very few 1-star ratings. Stainless steel construction indicates durability, and the 200 square feet heating capacity is excellent for a patio heater. Of course, you probably want to do more research, but this patio heater looks like a great buy! Wall-mount, electric tabletop or full-sized electric heaters by manufacturers such as Fire Sense, AZ Patio Heaters, and Hiland are available as well.

3. Cabela’s

Cabela's store

Cabela’s has been a leading outfitter of hunting and camping equipment for years. The store is now a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shop. If you love the outdoors, this is a great place to shop. You can get an outdoor patio propane heater similar to those mentioned in the other stores here, but they are pricier than most. Cabela’s does carry Fire Sense, an excellent quality brand.

The Fire Sense Umbrella Patio Heater attaches to any standard umbrella pole and is good for heating small areas. The filters used by Cabela’s to guide the shopper don’t work very well. They pull up a lot of other miscellaneous patio furniture, and the actual selection of outdoor patio heaters is small. Still, you never know when the next sale is coming, and if you’re a hunter, camper, or hiker, it’s well worth browsing Cabela’s site.

4. Lowe’s

Lowe's store

Lowe’s is, of course, also a large nationwide retailer with excellent products and services. People seem to naturally divide into Lowe’s fans or Home Depot fans, for one reason or another. Both these stores have large retail store presences across the country, as well as online shopping. Lowe’s assortment of patio heaters is not quite as large as that of Home Depot. The prices, however, and quality, are comparable.

The Garden Treasures 48,000 BTU Stainless Steel Floorstanding Liquid Propane Patio Heater, for example, compares to the top sellers at Amazon and Home Depot in features and price. The lowest-priced sale items often don’t satisfy customers quite as well as the second-lowest priced at a few dollars more. Spending that few extra dollars are often worth it. The heater is stainless steel, with a piezoelectric start, anti-tip ground anchors, and wheels for added mobility. Easy assembly is required, which is customary when this type of heater is shipped. A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is standard. Electric tabletop and wall-mount heater brands such as Energ+ and Hanover are available as well.

5. Amazon

Shopping online through Amazon.

There are some great features about shopping at Amazon if you are a savvy shopper. Amazon was a pioneer in utilizing customer reviews. Numerous poor ratings are a sign the product has issues. Another great feature of shopping at Amazon is that the product sales ranks are given. The niche rankings allow you to make sure that you are getting the product designed for the specific purpose you desire. Amazon also will list many specific features right on the product page, and tell you if a particular product is a best seller.

For patio heaters, for example, Amazon lists the Amazon Basics Commercial Outdoor Heater, stainless steel, as a best seller. The heater features the piezoelectric push-button start system, anti-tilt safety shut off, and wheels for portability and easy movement. Obviously, this is an Amazon brand, so further research should probably be done to ensure satisfaction. Amazon lists a ton of other patio heater choices, as well, including many, many electric, electric tabletop, and wall-mount outdoor models. Also, of course, the prices are very competitive! Joining Amazon Prime can be a good deal, with free two-day shipping, free TV and movie streaming, free digital books, and other benefits, especially if you shop online a lot.

6. BBQ Guys

BBQ Guys patio heaters

BBQ Guys specializes in, you guessed it, BBQ grills, smokers, and accessories. They do have a fair selection of outdoor patio heaters, as well, featuring AZ Patio Heaters, Fire Sense, Bromic, and Energ+. These heaters are among the priciest listed here, as well, but some of them are higher quality commercial heaters.

BBQ Guys does carry Bromic tungsten patio heaters that utilize radiant heating. Radiant heating reduces vertical heat loss. Electric, natural gas, and propane heaters are available. There are a few heaters marked “Call for Price” so perhaps a better deal than listed can be made! BBQ Guys also carries a complete line of patio furniture and BBQ accessories, so it might be worthwhile to utilize them for a patio heater, as well, if you are shopping for a complete outdoor patio deck, kitchen, or living area ensemble.

7. Walmart

Walmart store

Walmart has everything, doesn’t it? Especially online. As you might suspect, Walmart offers a full line of propane, natural gas, and electric patio heaters. And some of them are cheaper than those you can find anywhere else. Walmart is known for its bargain buys. But the cheapest isn’t always (or even usually) best. As in all of these outlets, customer reviews can be your canary in the mine to signal problems. Bestsellers are often good buys. Walmart does have great filters along with customer reviews to aid in your ease of shopping.

The Mainstays Patio Heater, a bargain offer, puts out 40,000 BTUs of heat. The heater comes with a brown powder-coat finish. It is 87″ in height and rolls on wheels for portability. The heater has a small table to set items on. Anti-tilt and thermocouple safety devices are standard. Walmart also carries many of the quality brands you find at the other major outlets, like AZ Patio Heaters and Fire Sense. Electric heat and wall-mount alternatives such as Xtremepower, Hiland, and AZ Patio Heaters are available for those who prefer using electricity or are more concerned with decorative aspects or space issues.

8. Woodland Direct

Woodland Direct patio heaters

Woodland Direct is a store that came from a background focused on fireplace, chimney, wood stove, and outdoor living products. Woodland Direct carries a full assortment of patio heaters including wall-mounted, natural gas, electric, and propane, by brands such as Fire Sense and Bromic. Almost all the propane outdoor patio heaters are commercial grade and thus pricier than many “home models” at other outlets.

Woodland Direct does carry Sunglo permanent natural gas heaters, made of steel, that put out 50,000 BTUs and make attractive, effective, permanent fixtures for your patio. This is an interesting niche not fulfilled by most of the other online retailers.

9. Wayfair

Wayfair patio heaters

Wayfair is another giant online retailer where you can find almost anything for the home. The selection of patio heaters is large and eclectic. Right now, Wayfair is featuring the 48,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater by Belleze, on sale for $20 less than comparable heaters at most other online stores. It does heat a comparable 225 square foot area. Also, the finish on this heater is hammered bronze. Will this heater last as long as those made with stainless steel? Maybe not. If durability is a concern, stainless steel, a commercial model is available at a slightly higher price.

The Belleze Heater comes in a choice of colors, for greater ease in matching your decor. This is a quality heater at a great price. As with all the larger propane heaters, it does require some light assembly. The heater comes with the latest anti-tilt automatic shut off mechanism. It has a variable heat control knob, starts at the push of a button, and also sits on wheels for additional portability and ease of movement. Wayfair offers a large selection of ceiling-mount, electric, and tabletop outdoor patio heaters by manufacturers such as Infratech, Energ+, and AZ Patio Heaters, as well.

10. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website

Hayneedle started as a simple online hammock store, purchased from a llama farmer in 2002, and gradually expanded into more and more home improvement and furnishing areas. In 2016, Hayneedle became a member of the Walmart family of companies. Hayneedle has a decent selection of quality outdoor patio heaters. One bestseller is the AZ Patio Heater Tall Patio Heater with Table. This heater comes at a very reasonable price with features comparable to those offered by the other retail outlets. It is constructed from sturdy steel, with a 48,000 BTU output, fueled by liquid propane, with adjustable heat. Anti-tilt and thermocouple safety features are standard. The table makes for a comfortable drink platform.

Hayneedle doesn’t offer quite as large a selection as Home Depot, Amazon, or some of the others. This isn’t necessarily a drawback if the heaters offered are of good quality and the price is right. Quality, service, and price trump all else. Hayneedle carries AZ and Fire Sense, both quality brands. Selections include electric, wall-mounted, and natural gas heaters for those who prefer the features these bring.

11. Costco

Costco store

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world, with some 95 million members in their shopping club. If paying to be a member doesn’t interest you, you can shop online without a membership, though a 5% surcharge is added. Low prices sometimes make up for the surcharge. Costco is an interesting company, with a policy of keeping markups and costs down. The company does not use outside advertising. Even though the selection of outdoor patio heaters offered is small, there are a number of possible good deals in the group.

The Mocha Patio Heater puts out 46,000 BTUs, with an electronic ignition system and wheel kit, and sells for a price comparable to any of the major retailers. The reviews indicate a large number of sales and high customer satisfaction. A number of gas fire columns are offered that would make terrific, attractive outdoor heating furniture.

Comparison of Shop Online

It’s possible to get a good deal at any of these online retailers, although a few are definitely usually more expensive. Still, one or more are likely running promotions or sales on any given day. Checking out all major sites can really pay off! Comparison shopping is vital to get the best deals in today’s fast-changing online world. Smart online shopping and outdoor patio heaters can both help you keep warm this season!

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