30 Blue Living Room Ideas for 2019

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Whether you have a Mediterranean style living room or a cozy Farmhouse style, blue is a color that compliments every living room style. Blue is easy to look at, it’s calming, it surrounds us in our everyday lives; blue is an excellent choice for your living room.

Out of the 552,888 living rooms and 14 colors analyzed, 1.20 percent (or 6,633) have blue as the dominant color.

Choosing Blue as the Dominant Color in Your Living Room

As you browse our Blue Living Room Gallery, you’ll notice that blue is a prominent color in all sizes and styles of living rooms. The color blue represents peace, unity, trust, security, cleanliness, and stability. While blue can also represent sadness, blue has positive associations in interior design.

The color blue is often associated with masculinity and protection, which can make it a traditional color for “man caves,” but different shades of the cool and calm hue can make a living room more feminine or even gender neutral.

Painting your whole room blue, depending on the shade, might be a little overwhelming for your personal style. If you don’t want to commit to four walls of blue, you can always paint one wall as an accent wall or break up the color with colors that compliment blue.

Selecting the Right Shade

When many people think of the color blue, they may only think of the classic blue, sky blue, and a light blue. Like other primary colors, there are many shades of blue; some appear almost gray while others look similar to turquoise.

When selecting a shade of blue for your living room, there’s no rule against mixing and matching different shades of blue. Get creative and play around with color.

Accenting With Blue

If you have neutral colored walls in your living room and would prefer to keep it that way, incorporating blue accents throughout your living room is an attractive way to make the color blue stand out.

Find a couch slipcover, lamps, and small end tables in your favorite shade of blue. Use colors that compliment your favorite piece of artwork or a family heirloom.

White and other neutral colors always compliment blue, as often seen in the Beach style, but if you want something a little more different, consider lilac, brown, green, red, or a pale-yellow. Add complementary colors to trim or in the drapes or a patterned couch pillow.

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