22 Yellow Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Loft kitchen with yellow walls

Loft kitchen with yellow walls, green island base, wood island surface and remnants of brickwork on the walls.

Even though you may assume yellow is a popular color for kitchens, less than one percent, .081% to be precise, of 907,259 kitchens surveyed were yellow. Those homeowners who do like yellow in their kitchens may paint them that color because it is bright and cheery, which can help lift people’s spirits.

If it is a color you’re considering for the kitchen, here are some yellow kitchen design ideas to help you choose the best way to use yellow in the room.

Lighten a Room

If you have a kitchen facing west or that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight because it may only have one window, then painting the room a bright yellow and installing white cabinets can help lighten it. White is the most popular finish for cabinets in any style as almost half, 48.04%, of 679,391 kitchens surveyed had white cabinets.

However, bright yellow is only one of the yellow tones you can choose to paint a wall or the entire room. To soften the color in the room, consider a pastel yellow or butter yellow instead. Mustard yellow often goes well with darker cabinet finishes.

Yellow Wood Tones

Instead of choosing paint to add yellow to a room, some homeowners choose wood tones with a hint of yellow in them. Each different type of wood has a color for which it is known. Woods with a natural yellow or golden undertone include:

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Maple

Many wood stains also contain yellow or golden undertones, so you can use certain woods or wood stains to add yellow or gold to a kitchen. When the wood is paired with a yellow paint color, it can help bring out the undertones of the wood.

Kitchen Styles with Yellow

Almost any kitchen style works well with a yellow hue. Spanish or Mediterranean kitchen styles often incorporate yellow in them. Of course, kitchen styles that incorporate wood in them may also lean toward yellow undertones.

Some of the kitchen styles that often use yellow wood tones may include:

  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Southwestern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic

Add yellow or golden wood tones subtly by incorporating them into the flooring or you can use them throughout the kitchen by installing cabinetry, flooring, and a wood center island stained with yellow or gold undertones.

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