25 Spiral Staircase Ideas for 2019

A photo gallery of amazing design ideas for spiral staircases. Includes new designs every week and other customizable features.
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Spiral staircases are among the most beautiful and eccentric designs you can use in your home – or for outdoor staircases. Often used in lofts and on outdoor decks, spiral staircases are perfect for small spaces where traditional staircases won’t fit.

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Is a Spiral Staircase Right for Your Home?

Before committing to a spiral staircase design, answer the following questions:

  • How much foot traffic will it handle on a typical day?
  • Is it large enough for two people to pass each other?
  • Can you carry furniture or appliances on it?
  • Are there any elderly or people with mobility problems in your household?

Consider another staircase design if you have small children or get a lot of traffic on your stairs. A spiral staircase is steeper than a regular staircase, and the circular shape can be hard for large people or individuals uncertain of their balance.

Check with your county or city regarding building codes to make sure your customized spiral staircase adheres to regulations.

Spiral Staircases for Small and Outdoor Spaces

A spiral staircase looks like a spring and has wedge-shaped, same-sized treads. Treads are placed around a central vertical post. This eye-catching design can be placed in the corner of a kitchen, and may only measure four or five feet wide.

Modern beachfront homes can be made of galvanized steel to withstand water and inclement weather. With a metallic silver finish for an attractive look, the zinc-treated steel prevents corrosion from the elements. You can also consider powder-coated aluminum, which comes in custom colors, to add another layer of protection to your outdoor staircase.

Best Materials for Spiral Staircase Design

For indoor designs, solid wood offers a classic, elegant appeal.

A forged iron spiral staircase works well in Victorian or traditional homes. You can choose from many decorative balusters to customize your spiral staircase. The balusters may connect to each tread with a distinctive iron casting.

Steel is the most cost-effective material for indoor spiral staircase designs. It’s easily customized with items such as solid wood tread covers and finished wood handrails.

Design Tips for Spiral Staircases By Style

Combine metal railings with hardwood treads for a modern look. Add a sleek touch to Mediterranean homes with a spiral stair design ideas using glass, metal handrails and stone or marble.

In a contemporary home, you can use lots of designs, including floating wood treads with metal railings and glass or clear plastic instead of regular balusters.

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