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10 Fabulous Foyer Designs for Northwest-Style Homes

Bright northwest foyer in white

The rich wood and modern look of northwest style looks amazing in any geographic region. You don’t have to be from the northwest to enjoy these minimalistic foyers. Each one makes use of common northwest-style elements to create unique, photo-ready spaces.

1. Upstairs Downstairs

The foyer has a winding staircase and a great view of the open living space.

This beautiful home is a Craftsman design with a northwest design throughout. The foyer opens immediately in a wide open living space and a winding staircase.

2. Sky High

Foyer with a winding staircase and a two-story ceiling mounted with a cascading chandelier.

This incredible modern home stuns visitors right away with the staircase and open ceiling that goes all the way up.

3. Traditional Formal Foyer

Wood and stone flooring combine with a recessed ceiling to create a grand, formal foyer in the Pacific northwest style.

This open foyer design honors Pacific northwest style with lots of different wood tones and a beautiful stone floor accent.

4. Gray and Black Modern Foyer

Different colors play against east other in this minimalist Pacific northwest foyer that combines rich woods tones with black, white and gray.

This modern minimalist foyer uses a color scheme that allows the rich wood tones to pop out as a center attraction.

5. A Metallic Touch

Metallic elements add another layer to this design that features a colorful stone floor.

The colors of the stone floor in this Pacific style foyer are echoed in the metal accents found on the side table.

6. Warm Wooden Foyer

Different textures and wood tones are on display in this Pacific foyer design.

Different wood tones come together in a stunning Pacific northwest inspired design in this foyer space.

7. Modern Pacific Northwest Style

Vertical wood slats add rich texture to this foyer design that highlights the natural stone flooring.

Wooden wall accents create a modern Pacific northwest style for this foyer.

8. Natural Beauty

Different natural elements add warmth to this brown and white Pacific northwest foyer design.

Natural textures play against each other in this brown and white foyer design that showcases a modern Pacific northwest style.

9. Dramatic Foyer

Hanging pendant lights create drama in this foyer that's designed in stunning neutral tones.

The pendant lights create dramatic lighting to illuminate the leather bench and textured walls that stand out in this foyer design.

10. Traditional Entrance

The traditional design of this foyer uses wood, a classic Pacific northwest style elements, to create a striking space.

Butter yellow walls shine in this foyer designed with rich wood and white wall trim.