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Master bedroom design ideas.

Welcome to our gorgeous 2018 master bedroom design ideas photo gallery where we feature luxury, custom and modest master bedrooms in all styles featuring all types of beds, flooring, styles, bedroom furniture lighting and colors.

This is our master bedroom design gallery where you can browse hundreds of photos or filter down your search with the options on the right.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Master Bedroom Photo Gallery










The bedroom features a queen sized bed along with a soaking tub on side while the french door leads to the private balcony.Trulia

The master suite offers queen size bed with a beams ceiling lighted by recessed lights. It has its own master bath as well.Trulia

The bedroom is complete with queen size bed, sleek lighting and rug along with a beautiful wall decor.Trulia

Another look of the bedroom showcasing the private balcony overlooking the Hollywood Hills.Trulia

Luxurious master bedroom with large canopy bed under tray ceiling.Listed by: The Joffe Group Source: Zillow DigsTM

The bedroom offers queen size bed and has access to the balcony.Trulia

The master suite boasts hardwood flooring and a fireplace along with elegant lighting and wall decor.Trulia

The master suite offers a king size bed, a fireplace and a TV on wall.Trulia

A kids room is also available in the house featuring a stylish wall and a double deck bed.Trulia

Another bedroom boasting a beautifully designed wall along with a rug and chandelier.Trulia

The bedroom features a stylish wall and a grand chandelier with a TV on wall.Trulia

Apart from a large comfortable king's bed, there's also a small living space with a TV on top of the fireplace inside the master suite. The bedroom also has a way into a private balcony.Trulia

There's a bedroom connected to the kids room that are both featuring carpet flooring and white walls.Trulia

The bedroom features a gigantic bed with a Superman logo and a fireplace along with a chandelier and wide glass windows overlooking the outdoor setting.Trulia

The bedroom offers maximum relaxation experience featuring wide sliding walls overlooking the outdoor views and have access to it.Trulia

The home's bedroom comes with a stylish rug and wall decor with table lamps and track lighting.Trulia

This bedroom features a small office desk with shelves along with a doorway leading to outdoor spaces.Trulia

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Master Bedroom Style Buying Guide

The average adult needs between 7 ½ and 8 hours of sleep each night. If you think about it, about half the time you spend at home is in bed. It makes sense to give the type of master bedroom style you get careful thought.

Let’s walk through some things to consider.

Elements of Style

Each style lends itself toward different features. You can begin by thinking about the key aspects that you’d like to include. Consider the types of things that can help you relax and feel comfortable.

This attention to detail can help you avoid becoming part of the 30 percent of American who suffer from insomnia.

1. Functionality

There’s the primary purpose of sleeping. But also think about the other elements you’d like to include—as space allows. Consider things like furniture such as dresser or nightstand.

Do you like to read at night? A well-placed lamp could be a welcome feature.

2. Theme

Next, let’s talk theme. Thinking about the theme you’d like to capture can help you hone in on the type of master bedroom style that will work best for you. You might find it helpful to consider a few words that describe your ideal theme. Words like natural, minimalistic, or comfy may spring to mind.

Does a spa retreat sound like your dream bedroom? Or maybe you like the allure of an exotic setting? You can find design elements in all price ranges, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. A few accessories can give your master bedroom the feel that you’re looking to create.

3. Color

Thinking about your theme will lead you down the path to a color choice. Are you looking for a natural kind of theme? Muted colors like tan and beige will fit in with your choice.

Or maybe you’d like to create a beach bedroom. Whites and blues will give your master bedroom a nautical look that will make you feel like you’re at sea.

4. Furniture

Your bed, of course, is the dominant feature in your bedroom. Sizes vary from the narrow single twin at 75 x 39” to the opulent grand king at 98 x 80”. That’s why it was important to consider the functionality of your master bedroom.

The largest size bed may sound nice, but it may take up the space you needed for that set of nightstands you wanted. The best advice we can give you about furniture is to pay for quality, especially when it comes to your bed and mattress.

It’s an important purchase, considering the average person gets seven years out of their mattress. Your back will thank you.

This video from Consumer Reports offers some advice on choosing a mattress.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUyu5Tqz6xU


Now that we’ve dealt with the practical matters let’s move on to the types of master bedroom styles. Thinking about your ideal theme and color has probably steered you toward a certain style.

But the first rule is that there are no rules. The important thing is to create a space that you’ll enjoy and which will help you get a restful night’s sleep every time.

1. Traditional

The traditional style makes a statement just by being what it is. It’s classy without the pretense of shouting it all and sundry. The style is timeless with many familiar elements in pattern and design.

Heirloom pieces are a hallmark of its design. But the traditional style in its truest sense combines those cherished elements of the past with newly found treasures.

The unifying features are the backdrops such as the walls, floors, and trim. They provide the canvas for the furniture and accessories.

The traditional style varies from the contemporary because it includes treasured pieces that hearken back to the past, giving it that sense of timelessness. Family items, both past and present, are welcome additions to this style.

You can incorporate both old and contemporary pieces into the traditional style. In a way, you can think of it as creating a mini version of your home.

You can include mementos and souvenirs of the past while adding new pieces that mark your journey. Materials that are strong like wood and textures that are soft to the touch like cotton are classic features.

The Elements of the Traditional Style

  • Fine pieces that lend a sense of timelessness to the entire design
  • Classic styles of furniture, wall coverings, window treatments, and trim
  • Sense of cohesiveness without loud or ostentatious pieces clamoring for attention
  • Neutral or soft colors rather than bold, atttention-grabbing hues
  • Comfortable atmosphere with elements that invoke images of strength and reliability

Traditional style master bedroom

Source: Furniture Depot

2. Cottage

A cottage-style master bedroom contains elements that create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to linger in bed, reading the newspaper over your coffee. It’s all about comfort from big pillows to fluffy comforters.

To create this style, you’ll need to keep on thing in mind. While comfort is essential for any bedroom, it’s the primary theme of cottage style. The colors are pleasing without being distracting.

The accessories don’t have to match, but they should incorporate a welcoming feel to them without appearing cluttered. This style has several variations so that you can personalize it to your tastes. For example, nautical pieces can give it a Cape Cod look. You can also add small touches that show an attention to detail such as an attractive lamp shade or vanity table in the corner.

For example, nautical pieces can give it a Cape Cod look. You can also add small touches that show an attention to detail such as an attractive lamp shade or vanity table in the corner.

Elements of the Cottage Style

  • Comfortable and inviting mood
  • Soft textures and lines
  • Colors such as pastels, whites, and other soft hues
  • Accessories with a sentimental feel such as a decorative shade pull or framed photographs

Cottage style master bedroom


Bed Bath & Beyond

3. Beach/Coastal

You don’t have to live on the coast to enjoy a beach style master bedroom. The water provides the ideal theme to tie your design elements together. Think of it with accessories such as a model sailboat showcased on a shelf, a fish pattern on throw pillows, or light fixtures that resemble portholes on a boat.

This style combines natural elements and textures to invoke the sea. Things like sisal area rugs or a repurposed steamer trunk add interest. Little things can speak volumes such as a lighthouse collection or group of seashells displayed in an attractive bowl. You can complement the theme with paintings of boats or even framed family pictures of beach vacations.

Little things can speak volumes such as a lighthouse collection or group of seashells displayed in an attractive bowl. You can complement the theme with paintings of boats or even framed family pictures of beach vacations.

Blue and white are classic colors for the coastal theme, but certainly not the only ones. Sea foam green and muted grays make excellent choices. You can also add items such as antique signs or leather suitcases to underscore the theme of travel or sheer curtain panels that rustle gently with the breeze coming through an open window.

You can also add items such as antique signs or leather suitcases to underscore the theme of travel or sheer curtain panels that rustle gently with the breeze coming through an open window.

Elements of the Coastal Style

  • Colors of the sea such as blue, white, sea greens, and soft grays
  • Natural elements like sisal, bamboo, and
  • Accessories that remind you of the sea such as buoys, boats, and anchors
  • Patterns that reinforce water elements like fish, nautical stripes, or seashells

Beach/Coastal style master bedroom

Source: Amazon

4. Contemporary

The contemporary style is the popular look of the day. It isn’t synonymous with modern, but it can take on that feel if that is the current fashion. The current trends for the contemporary look emphasize a personalized style that isn’t afraid to break the rules. You may see elements of the eclectic look with smatterings of other types of master bedroom styles too.

The current trends for the contemporary look emphasize a personalized style that isn’t afraid to break the rules. You may see elements of the eclectic look with smatterings of other types of master bedroom styles too.

Bold colors presented in unexpected ways are a common theme. You may see white rooms with only one painted accent wall. The colors follow the fashion trends with every hue on the table as a choice.

You’ll see the same character with patterns for furniture and bedding. The style leans toward the minimalistic with every item in its place. You can call it organized clutter.

This video from decorator, Harry Anstice, shows you how to wallpaper an accent or feature wall.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2UA4buYgrM

Functionality and convenience are hallmarks of this style that follows the lifestyle trends with technology. The contemporary master bedroom often includes a signature piece like a repurposed antique sign that makes a statement.

Elements of the Contemporary Bedroom

  • Bold and sometimes unexpected colors, patterns, and features
  • Streamlined with minimal clutter
  • Statement piece
  • Functionality as an underlying theme

Contemporary style master bedroom

Source: Overstock

5. Rustic

The rustic style includes many of the natural elements you’ll find in other themes like Asian. This style doesn’t back off the rough texture of unfinished wood. Rather, it embraces the raw surfaces with features that have wood that isn’t painted and polished.

The grain of the wood is a style element. The rustic look can embrace the so-called lodge style that gives a room a cabin-like feel. Natural elements are the order of the day with wood and plant themes important features.

The style works because it creates a vacation-like atmosphere. Lines follow natural forms and curves. Colors often include bold choices as long as they are hues that are found in nature.

Outlandish colors conflict with the underlying theme. Water elements are other excellent choices with accessories that are reminiscent of lakes and streams like a decorative canoe paddle hung on the wall.

Elements of the Rustic Style

  • Natural materials that retain original character like logs with bark
  • Sturdy, heavier elements
  • Pieces that bring nature indoors
  • Unpretentious theme with no phony frills
  • Individual pieces with many one-of-a-kinds because of the natural character
  • Natural colors with no garish elements

Rustic style master bedroom

Source: Slumberland

6. Eclectic

The best way to describe eclectic is unexpected. It’s the type of style that is all about you. Of all the master bedroom styles, it is the one with no predefined form.

Most styles have what may be considered classic elements. They invoke a certain mood. Eclectic is the polar opposite.

There are no rules for lines, texture, or color palettes. You can think of it as a living scrapbook. You create it by filling your space with the pieces that tell your story.

You can combine mementos of pleasant memories with accessories of things you want like a vacation in the south of France. This style walks a fine line between cluttered and purposeful. You’ll need a unifying element or color to make it work without appearing disorganized.

For example, you can find a few signature pieces in your favorite color to tie everything together. Think of blue throw pillows, lamp shade, and a painted closet door.

Elements of the Eclectic Style

  • Mix and match accessories and design features
  • A unifying element or color
  • Creates a comfortable, personalized mood

Eclectic style master bedroom

Source: Wayfair

7. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style offers a diverse choice of colors, themes, and variations that come from the 23 countries that surround this body of water. It brings to mind a mood of a relaxing escape which can add a major comfort factor to your master bedroom. Imagine a retreat from the daily stresses with your exotic oasis.

You can take one of several approaches to this style. You can choose the bold colors and textures that will work well with dark-stained woods to capture the southern Mediterranean regions. Or you might combine the soft colors and rustic elements to create an inviting Tuscan-inspired villa.

This video from This Old House walks you through the process of staining woodwork.

The underlying theme for this style is one that has stood the test of time. It could be furniture that has been your family for generations or a bedspread that your Grandma made for you.

You might choose to display colorful silk handsewn pieces on the walls as a focal point. If you love bold colors, this style offers an ideal way to indulge your tastes.

Elements of the Mediterranean Style

  • Bold colors and textures
  • Heavier woods and rustic furniture
  • Old World style furnishings and accessories

Mediterranean style master bedroom

Source: Great Furniture Deal

8. Romantic

The romantic style master bedroom is the stuff of dreams—and everything to encourage them. It can include the elements like a four-postered bed with a canopy that are definitely feminine in style. But it can also incorporate feelings of opulence and comfort.

It could mean touches of antiqued gold such as a picture frame or even trim on a padded headboard. Soft and perhaps delicate textures are the order of the day. The feeling is one of indulgence and comfort.

Think of fabrics such as silk and lace. It also offers an excellent place to feature that estate sale find of an antique chandelier or vase. A mix of bold and classic colors like gold for bed coverings and dark, rich woods balances the feminine and masculine elements.

This style works well with pieces that may appear garish in other styles such as a canopy or daybed. Paintings are another welcome feature along with decorative lighting fixtures or more stylized window treatments.

Like most styles, you’ll find plenty of variations from ultra-feminine with elaborate canopies to the regal style of French blues offset by gold.

Elements of the Romantic Style

  • Soft colors and white
  • Delicate fabrics and textures
  • Soft lines
  • Gold and silver-colored features to create opulence
  • Larger elements such as canopies or chandeliers

Romantic style master bedroom

Source: Hom Furniture

9. Asian

The Asian style brings peace and serenity to the master bedroom with its pleasing blend of natural elements. The textures and lines are soft with colors equally as calming. Think of a spa-like atmosphere that brings nature inside.

Elements reminiscent of water fit in well with this style. You might consider adding an indoor water fountain for a relaxing sound element.

The overall style is uncluttered and harmonious. It includes soft lines and warm colors to invoke a relaxing environment. You won’t find garish items in this type of master bedroom.

In fact, the style has a sense of cohesiveness that discourages an element screaming for attention. Rather, it is the kind of atmosphere where you can easily blend into it.

Candles and plants are welcome additions to add to this relaxing atmosphere. The natural themes extend to accessories including bedding with fabrics like linen and cotton. The underlying motif is an escape from the stresses of daily life to the promise of the calm.

As you can probably guess, it ticks off a lot of boxes for creating the best environment for a good night’s rest.

Elements of the Asian Style

  • Natural materials and elements including wood and stone
  • Warm or soft color palette
  • Smooth lines that invoke the flow of water
  • Live plants or plant-inspired imagery
  • Soft lighting

Asian style master bedroom

Source: Humble Abode

10. Farmhouse

Farmhouse or country style exudes warmth and comfort. It’s about the practical use of materials in welcoming ways. This style is highly personalized where collections, favorite trinkets, and antiques are commonplace.

It can combine some elements from the rustic or traditional styles as long as they are modest rather than ostentatious.

Heirloom pieces like a hope chest or Grandma’s bedroom furniture make excellent additions to this style. You’ll also find floral patterns and flowers, dried or fresh, part of the motif. Lines follow expected patterns. There’s no room for showy or modern elements.

Colors tend to be softer with whites and grays. The comfortable style encourages rest after a hard day’s work.

Master bedrooom ideas for this style include knick knacks that give it a lived-in look as opposed to the streamlined feel of the modern bedroom. The emphasis is on cozy with a nod to the past with pieces such as a vintage area rug.

Materials are natural as opposed to artificial like acrylic or shiny metals. It’s the type of master bedroom style that doesn’t scream that it’s here; it just is.

Elements of the Farmhouse Style

  • Traditional or antique-style furniture
  • Homey feel that is cozy and inviting
  • Collectibles and antique accessories that may include handsewn items and knickknacks for a personal touch
  • Softer colors with bold patterns and tones only in traditional designs

Farmhouse style master bedroom

Source: Pinterest

11. French Country

The French country style combines the elegance of the romantic look with the comfort of the farmhouse bedroom. You can mix-and-match elements with this style to make it your own. Toilet linens and gilt-framed artwork are right at home with this look.

Antique furniture can give your master bedroom an ageless look that is always in fashion. Lines are soft as are the colors except with classic focal points. With those elements, you can add a bold-looking piece as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the overall scheme.

Traditional colors are muted blues, yellows, and grays. Gold-colored elements add a luxurious feel that adds a romantic atmosphere to this style.

Materials are natural but polished and finished. Rustic and aged pieces can work as well. Rather than hiding exposed beams or replacing French doors, you can incorporate them into the style.

These features can create a kind of earthy elegance that captures the essence of this style.

Elements of the French Country Style

  • Softer color palette with muted colors like grays, mauves and dusty greens
  • Gilted items and gold colors for a luxurious feel
  • Antique furniture and accessories for a timeless look
  • Fluffy comforters and white bed coverings for hotel-style comfort

French Country style master bedroom

Source: Humble Abode

12. Modern

The modern style may present a challenge when it comes to the master bedroom. It has some elements that might conflict with the restful environment conducive to relaxation and sleep. It often invokes movement and active interest.

But on the other hand, it brings an uncluttered look to a room that may be relaxing of itself. Typical elements include sleek lines with a minimalistic or streamlined appearance. It often uses solid and bold colors.

Think Frank Lloyd Wright or classic styles like Art Deco. Materials include metals like chrome and manmade ones like acrylic. You’ll see lacquered furniture sometimes in unusual shapes or designs that act as focal points.

You can add features like plush area rugs to make it more inviting if you find the minimalistic look too stark or uninviting. You can also use the bold colors to your advantage by choosing warm hues like golds that stay true to the modern look without taking away from the relaxing atmosphere.

Elements of the Modern Style

  • Minimalistic design with a limited number of elements and accessories
  • Uncluttered without extra accessories like knick knacks
  • Modern, manmade materials like chrome and acrylic
  • Bold, solid colors that capture your attention against a backdrop of neutral tones
  • Both hard lines or curves to suit the overall design

Modern style master bedroom

Source: Simply Modern Furniture

Where to Buy Master Bedroom Pieces Online

Some styles like Farmhouse and Cottage lend themselves to flea market finds. For high-quality furniture and accessories, here are some excellent places to begin your search.

  1. Wayfair
  2. Bed Bath and Beyond
  3. Slumberland
  4. Amazon
  5. Pier 1 Imports

More Details

1. Cost

The best way to approach upgrading your master bedroom is to begin with a budget.

The sky is the literal limit on the costs that can range anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on your furniture choices. But just to reiterate, opt for quality when it comes to your bed since it plays a major role in the quality of your sleep. Skip the extra nightstand before you skimp on it.

Many of the styles like Cottage, Coastal, and Farmhouse provide perfect opportunities for seeking out treasures at estate sales and flea markets. You can find the kind of character pieces that you won’t find at a retail outlet. And, of course, consider the items you already collect.

These are the types of things that add a priceless personalized touch.

2. Key Features

When determining your budget and elements for your master bedroom, think about functionality. In addition to the basics of a bed and mattress, consider which accessories are essential such as a dresser, nightstand, or vanity table.

And remember to account for your space and the area around the major pieces in your bedroom. Think about being able to open drawers and doors.

Don’t forget the other must-haves like lighting and mirrors. A table lamp is a welcome addition to ease into sleep without the glare of an overhead light.

Another consideration is your ceiling.  More and more master bedrooms have vaulted ceilings, but their still relatively rare.

Deciding your theme and color scheme up front will provide a reliable guide for your additional purchases. It can also be helpful to remember the primary purpose of your master bedroom: to create a relaxing environment that encourages sleep.

As you can see, you can filter your search by style, size, floor, color, lighting and more.  This way you can really drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We work with many professional designers, builders and real estate websites who submit their photos to us.  If you’d like to get your portfolio and/or designs included in our gallery, click here to submit your photos.

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