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12 Top Patio Heater Brands (it’s time to stop freezing outdoors)

Close up photo of a patio heater

A great patio heater means that the night doesn’t need to end just because of the temperature drops. Patio heaters are a popular choice for restaurants, bars, workspaces, and homes to allow the outdoor space to remain heated, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Patio heaters are designed to heat up a large space quickly and need fuel, such as propane or gas, or a heating element to convert electricity into heat. There are different types of patio heaters. Freestanding patio heaters are popular in restaurants and patio areas and are great for those spaces that want heating but don’t have any tables. Wall-mounted heaters are great to keep the heater out of the way and safe. Tabletop heaters are ones that stand on the tabletop and you get 360-degree heat from the heater so that everyone feels the warmth.

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1. Lava Heat

Lava Heat Italia

Lava Heat Italia is one of the most reputable brands for outdoor propane and gas heaters. It is known for the iconic Flame Tower Heaters and has a wide selection to choose from. The LHI Utility collection offers top-quality heaters at accessible price points. The Color-Pop collection features the company’s iconic heaters with a pop of color. You can choose blues, reds, greys, neutrals, and other colors from the color chart. There are over 44 colors available. The heaters already blend into the surrounding décor but now can be a part of the décor with different colors of your choosing.

This new series features upgraded hardware, as well as new eco-friendly heating options. The 8-foot tower is engineered with an upgraded aluminum and steel base. The signature column of flame distributes the heat to cover approximately 24 square feet for up to 12 hours. The flame is protected from the elements with a four-foot glass tube. The switch auto shutoff makes it simple and safe to use.

2. Bromic

Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat Portable

Bromic, an Australian company, has outdoor heaters that are recognized all around the world for superior performance and design. Heaters are available in two distinct ranges. There are the Platinum Smart-Heat gas and electric heaters, as well as Tungsten Smart-Heat electric, gas, and portable propane heaters. Every Bromic product is engineered and designed in-house to ensure the highest performance and quality. Heaters are constructed from premium materials in order to create world-leading outdoor heaters that have a balance of beauty, reliability, and performance. The team of engineers is made up of recognized experts in their respective fields.

The engineering and testing processes are created so that all products not only meet but also usually exceed local and international standards. The Platinum Smart-Heat series was designed to meet the needs of style-centric premium settings. Engineered for low clearance and enclosed environments, the series also helps to minimize light emissions to make sure it blends into the surroundings. The Tungsten Smart-Heat series delivers high-performance heating in both outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces, providing a wall of heat to maximize comfort. The portable heaters create comfort over an area that triples the size of other portable heaters.

3. Calcana

Calcana Model PH-75HO-10’ High Output, Outdoor Patio Heater, Natural Gas, 304 Stainless Steel, Patented Modulating Control 37,500 to 75,000 Btu

Calcana offers top quality stainless steel infrared garage and patio heaters for indoor and outdoor use. The unique gas-fired heaters create infrared waves to heat objects in the space instead of the air. The results mean delivering warm, dry floors while consuming 30% to 40% less fuel than other forced air heaters. The PH series was designed to be “an outdoor people heater” and was developed to operate in any outside environment. The variable output control is unique in the industry and ensures the right comfort level, even under changing weather conditions.

The SR series infrared heaters are the best for heating any sized open commercial space. The perimeter post and track system is more than just a means to hang the heater and is actually a way to enhance the patio. It is architecturally pleasing and can be customized for virtually any patio situation. It can support side panels, outdoor lighting, audio speakers, gaslight, misters, and hanging flower baskets. Not only that, but it also conceals the electrical and gas lines overhead to eliminate costly underground utility installation in patio areas. The system can be easily installed on any existing patio without any significant demolition.

4. Infrared Dynamics

Infrared Dynamics Sunpak Heater

Infrared Dynamics crated the first infrared patio heater in California over 50 years ago. The company is known for its Sunpak and Sunglo Heaters. The Sunpak S34-TSH is hardwired for convenience and doesn’t need a remote control that can be easy to lose or batteries to replace. Instead, the heater is controlled with a duplex switch. Sunpak is CSA designed certified. All units have a spark ignition system and 100% shutoff for safety, convenience, and efficiency.

As an unvented gash heater, these heaters need a continuous supply of fresh air and proper ventilation of combustion gas in order to operate safely. The heater design offers a slim profile to work well in a wide variety of patio settings. Sunglo portable heaters are completely self-contained and are ideal for open patio designs. The models offer flexibility to move the heaters around the patio as needed. When used with a standard 20-pound propane cylinder, this heater can be operated for about six hours. The heater utilizes a manually operated control system and doesn’t require any electrical power.

5. Ambiance

Ambiance Patio Comfort Patio Comfort NG Heaters MODEL NPC05 AB

Ambiance is part of AEI Corporation and the brand makes some of the best quality pyramid flame heaters. Ambiance heaters redefine the art of fire with mesmerizing, alluring, and irresistible controlled flames. The contemporary design incorporates the latest in safety features, as well as high durability components that allow you to control the visual aspects of the dynamic flame. The fire feature consists of a slender glass tube through which the flames shoot to the top and is powered by propane.

With these heaters, you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting fuel, starting a fire, or ensuring it stays under control. The patio heater also doubles as a decorative feature. The fire feature fully meets all safety standards. Care is given to the design of the heater so it can seamlessly blend in with the outdoor design and you can focus on the beautiful fire element. Metal panels come in different choices of black, stainless steel, antique bronze, or arctic white to meet design needs.

6. Infratech

Infratech Slimline Black Long RT6B

The company has been a leader and pioneer in infrared technology for more than 50 years. It uses the latest manufacturing technologies to provide the most efficient infrared systems for the lowest cost in the industry. Infratech has a number of different heaters to suit the needs of every patio. One of the advantages of these heaters is their low clearance requirements. Adjustable heat outputs are possible with the Infratech controls. There are single element heaters along with dual-element ones. The C-series was developed to use in high visual impact locations because of the sleek design blends seamlessly.

There are eight standard colors with unlimited custom colors. There is a 90% efficiency with a high output safety grid. The low profile heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and offer a streamlined look for low clearance requirements. Some features, such as floating mounts, help make a sleeker profile that still has concentrated heat output. The CD series has dual-element heaters to provide concentrated heat for large-scale applications in visual impact locations. The SL-series slimline single element heaters have modern and crisp styling. The anodized aluminum housing and narrow profile mean that these heaters can virtually disappear into the surrounding décor.

7. patioSchwank

patioSchwank SupremeSchwank

patioSchwank is a sub-brand of Schwank, which is known for being the inventor of infrared heaters and the global market leader in infrared heating solutions. patioSchwank was built off the same technology that Schwank has used for years. The patented ceramic tile allows heaters to generate maximum efficiency and performance. The heaters use high-intensity infrared technology to heat areas just like the sun. Unlike a forced-air system, these heaters heat objects and not just the surrounding air. By heating objects, you can save more energy and thereby decrease heating costs.

The brand offers different products, including overhead outdoor patio heaters, overhead patio tube heaters, electrical indoor/outdoor overhead patio heaters, and portable gas outdoor heaters. The bistroSchwank and supremeSchwank models are made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. This is done in order to prevent peeling and rusting. You can get a sleek look for any patio without having to sacrifice performance and quality.

8. Twin Eagles


Twin Eagles is known for its precisely engineered outdoor kitchen equipment and grills. However, the company does offer plenty of different heaters as well. There is an infrared heater powered with infrared technology. It features a wireless remote that makes it easy to control the heat settings. There are two different heat levels and the decorative safety grill provides shielding from the wind. There are also two different types of electric radiation heaters.

The energy-efficient radiation heaters maintain a comfortable and warm atmosphere on cool nights both indoors and outdoors. The heaters are designed for installation at lower mounting heights to help maximize heat in the areas where you need it most. The parabolic reflector is made from a corrosive resistant alloy, which is an important feature for any windy areas or humid climates.

9. Fire Sense

Fire Sense Cimarron Stainless Steel Table Top Halogen Patio Heater

Fire Sense is the leading brand in electric fireplaces and outdoor heating. It focuses on innovative design, world-class customer service, and product quality. Fire Sense is the sister brand of Patio Sense. The Patio Sense brand focuses on original lines of cast aluminum and all-weather wicker patio furniture. Patio Sense products are made to compliment and accompany the Fire Sense products. All Fire Sense products are designed in the United States and then manufactured around the world. Each one comes with a one-year warranty. Fire Sense has a number of types of heaters available.

The portable patio heaters don’t have a  fixed fuel line and are designed to warm the area within a 20-foot diameter. Tabletop patio heaters can also be a good choice for the patio table and look just like an outdoor table lamp. In addition, there are pyramid flame patio heaters, hanging halogen patio heaters, and ones designed for commercial use. With so many different products from the brand, there is likely something for everyone and every budget.

10. Patio Comfort

Patio Comfort Patio Comfort PROPANE Heaters MODEL PC02CAB

The Patio Comfort brand is also by AEI Corporation and represents over 45 years of experience in the outdoor heating industry. It uses superior design and materials to create a circle of heat. The outdoor infrared patio heaters are designed and crafted to bring comfort and warmth to outdoor dining and entertaining. The efficient and clean infrared heat feels just like the sun and doesn’t waste valuable energy when trying to heat the air.

11. AZ Patio Heaters

AZ Patio Heaters 87" Tall Outdoor Patio Heater with Table- Hammered Bronze

AZ Patio Heaters was established in 2002 and has devoted a lot of time to developing its patio heater line. Over the years, the company has taken the necessary steps to ensure quality control and produce consumer-friendly products and that are trouble-free and reliable. AZ Patio Heaters is one of the only suppliers in the United States to maintain a complete line of replacements, as well as a complete repair center. The brand is currently selling patio heaters to several Top 10 retailers. The heaters are CSA approved and many can be moved to different locations thanks to their wheels. The heaters are made from heat-resistant materials and feature an additional foundation of bronze. Thanks to the beautiful glass case, you can enjoy the beautiful flame safely. In addition to heaters, you can also find fire pits, fire glass, and equipment for fire pits.

12. Mr. Heater


The parent brand of Mr. Heater is Enerco and it has been at the forefront of infrared combustion technology since 1957. This has allowed the brand to build expertise in consumer heating products and construction and commercial heating products. The Mr. Heater brand has become America’s most popular brand of heaters. From the patented Buddy Heaters to the original Tank Top series, the brand has provided millions of customers with high-quality heat.

The brand is known for different types of heaters but also carries patio heaters. One of the popular ones is the Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater for patios. You mount it on a five to 20-pound propane tank to enjoy comfort and warmth for hours. Since it weighs just one pound, it’s easy to move around the patio. There are plenty of different options, whether you want to use electricity, natural gas, propane, or fuel.