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NTD House by Pak Architects

NTD House by Pak Architects

Architect: Pak Architects
Year: 2019
Location: Nguyễn Thị Định – TP.Hà Nội
Area: 240 m6 Floors

NTD House is a 6-story home graced with contemporary architecture. It has a reverse floor plan where bedrooms are on the bottom and the living spaces are on the top floor. The ground floor is occupied by the garage.

The bedroom features a natural and cozy atmosphere boasting a mini garden encased in glass. It has decorative stones and a tall plant accentuated by ferns in a round, concrete bed. A private balcony accessible via sliding glass doors provide a nice hangout for a morning coffee.

The garden in the bedroom can be viewed from the kitchen and the living room. Contrasting cabinets create an interesting look while a retro fridge balances the contemporary look of the kitchen.

The living room on the topmost floor features a cathedral ceiling clad in rustic wood planks. A skylight crowns the interior garden from the bedroom while a bar nook enhances the entertaining on this level.