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Lisa Marie Pagano’s House in Topanga, CA (Listed for $4.5 Million)

Probably recognized from the 2005 movie Hostage, Lisa Marie Pagano has put her home up for sale for a cool $4.5 million. Clearly showing the designer's influence and interior style, the home sits in a natural distint location with great views and style reminiscent of Southern California living in Topanga.

This beautiful cubist home has a large infinity pool at the back with a wonderful view of the surrounding green landscape that gives a lovely background contrast for the straight lines and cube structures of the beige house. Images courtesy of

While unknown may be 10 or 20 years ago, today Lisa Marie Pagano is an A-list name in the world of celebrity home designs and architecture. Because of widespread publicity of her work in the leading publications on custom home design internationally, Pagano is easily on the top of anyone’s list who is looking for an amazing, eye-catching home or villa creation that easily ranks in the millions of dollars.

No surprise then, the designer’s own home in Topanga, California, has recently listed for just as much, currently on sale for a cool $4.5 million, potential an amazing bargain in the world of luxury celebrity homes in Southern California.

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A Memorable Location

Pagano’s home should be familiar to folks, it was used as a film setting in the movie Hostage (2005). Folks will instantly recognize the landscape with the large rock outcropping the home is built under, looking like a mini-box complex versus just a singular structure. The entire property envelopes six acres of space.

With the outer entrance front facing visible eyes, one of the real treasures of the home is the backyard and disappearing horizon pool in the back, away from prying eyes but looking over the canyon in the distance. It’s a perfect setting for an evening party or group meal with stringed lights and tiki torches for a little summer fun.

Individual Style Apparent

True to her style, Pagano’s home makes the full effect of her trademark, utilizing different levels, layers, shapes, and structures to give a multiple object cubist effects to her overall home design even though the actual architecture was produced by the architect, Tom Edig, not Pagano herself.

The entire home system is simple yet complex simultaneously. The sheer white clearly allows the home to stand out against the setting, but it also helps keep the internal temperature down, reflecting light versus absorbing it.

Internally, Pagano’s home is more than capable of holding a large family or group. Three full bedrooms complete with their own individual balconies and two having primary suites are integrated. The facility also includes vaulted ceilings and fireplace benefits, a full dining room, a complete kitchen with its own space for eating as well, and a completely independent pool house.

Multi-Interest Benefit Combined in One Property

The entire property is secure and gated for subtle but effective security, and parcel includes a crop of fruit trees, trails, a bridge and creek, and fantastic views in multiple directions. And, for anyone with an interest in hiking or horse riding, Pagano’s home is an ideal location to converge multiple interests all in one home.

Pagano’s touch is all over the interior as well. The designer worked on the home for three years with a very clear and intentional approach for the desired outcome, including a distinct feng shui philosophy incorporated in the planning and placement. With a living space of 3,640 square space, Pagano’s home gives a visible sense of space and separate rooms.

As one travels from one to the next, different step levels provide natural borders as one transition from a formal room to a hallway or bedroom or kitchen. All of that said, the property is sizable and has more than enough room for modification and expansion by a new owner as well.

Photo credit: The ZenHouse Collective, Michael McNamara, courtesy of Compass


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