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Kendall Jenner’s House in Beverly Hills ($8.55 Million Beauty)

Kendall Jenner's House in Beverly Hills.

This 6,625 sq ft. Spanish style mansion in Beverly Hills cost Kendall Jenner $8.55 million.

We cover a lot of celebrity homes and based on our experience, $8.55 for a home like this in such a central area of affluence is a good price.

About Kendall

Kendall is part of the Kardashian clan who has managed to turn themselves all into celebrities without any typical celebrity vocation such as acting, performing, athletics, writing, etc. They’re famous for being famous.

That said, Kendall is a much in-demand model so one could argue she does have a typical celebrity vocation. There are many models-turned-celebrity so it’s not out of the question.

With great skill, they leverage their name brand into modelling, a TV show, product lines, appearance fees, and endorsements (especially via social media) to name a few highly lucrative revenue streams.

Along with her sister Kylie, Kendall is adept at attaching her name to a huge array of products such as beautify products which makes for a very lucrative revenue stream without having to all the traditional work it takes to run a business.

She’s not the first to do this of course; celebrities have long leveraged their name brand by attaching it to product lines for a piece of the pie.

The net result is that right now Kendall is enjoying an incredible amount of celebrity and financial success which makes it possible for her to afford this multi-million dollar Beverly Hills estate.

About Kendall Jenner’s House

Located in the Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills, it’s a modest-sized mansion (6,625 sq ft) but where it’s not massive, it makes up for in style. I have to admit that I think Kendall has great taste. I really like this home… both the inside and outside (see my list of of what I like below).

While Spanish style architecture isn’t my first choice, I think this home, which isn’t that old (built in 1991) showcases the Spanish style in a very tasteful way without being over done.

The exterior has a strong Spanish design, but the interior, while definitely Spanish, is both tasteful and simple throughout. The best part of the interior design is all the natural light the home enjoys.

What I like about this celebrity home

  • Natural light:  Many of the rooms have loads of light which I love.
  • Large and open:  The rooms are large and roomy yet the rustic elements of Spanish design give it a warmth many large, open rooms lack. When you see the main entry hall, the entire main floor looks like a Spanish castle with hall opening up to other rooms such as living room and kitchen. It’s really fantastic.
  • The grounds:  I love the park-like grounds and privacy. It’s a large lot with plenty of outdoor space (including pool and tennis court), but not dozens of acres that one must keep up.

Photo Gallery

Below you can browse through Kendall Jenner’s home’s photos. Enjoy!

Image source: Trulia

About Mulholland Estates

Mulholland Estates is a gated community in Beverly Hills. The homes range in size from 6,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft. Prices range from $5.5 million to $8 million plus. [source:]

Map of Mulholland Estates

Kendall Jenner’s Net Worth

She’s done well for herself having amassed an $18 million net worth. I think that’s very conservative given she earned $17 million in 2016 (before taxes). If she continues enjoying this level of success, she’ll be worth well into the hundreds of millions of dollars fairly soon.